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Day 76: One Universe | The Only Real Thing is Consciousness?

ART by Kelly Posey

Have a look at this new age quote:

"Modern Science is now beginning to confirm what Spirituality, Philosophy, Sages, Ancient teachings and psychedelics have been saying for millennia, that the entire Universe is One and that what we think of as "reality" is just an illusion... And the only real thing in the Universe is Consciousness."

The first thing to observe here is the FEELING these words transmit. Look within yourself, when reading these words. Does hope arise? Are you becoming more optimistic? Why are no questions arising? You feel like all you have to do is believe and everything will be okay? Or perhaps you feel like meditating?

Let’s for a moment assume that the only real thing in the universe is consciousness. Now let’s use common sense:

Even if the only real thing in the universe were consciousness – what we then should be doing, is actually getting to know consciousness as ourselves – then we would see the polarity construct consciousness is based on, and we would acknowledge what consequences we are manifesting within and without by submitting ourselves to and (re-) acting out such polarity constructs. We need not look far: simply within ourselves, and at the world without.

If the only real thing were consciousness – we should look at the world, ourselves, our relationships, and ask ourselves where this consciousness is leading really, because both looking within and looking without: we can see that the automated course of consciousness is one of self-destruction, self-consumption, self-delusion, self-deception.

What we can also see is that consciousness cannot in fact be life, otherwise it would have already brought forth an evolution that would ensure a dignified life for every living being on earth; WE would ensure that our systems and all our ways of interaction are aligned to what is best for all life – the highest goal a divine consciousness (if it were so) would aspire to for our existence on earth.

Oh but wait, consciousness is somehow telling you that this existence on earth is not at all real, that it’s an illusion. Could that be the ultimate justification for the atrocity we are accepting and allowing here on earth while we dream of salvation in some afterlife?

Isn’t it obvious that while those trapped in consciousness ‘seeking’ and deluding themselves with illusions of divinity and grandeur, they in fact sit and wait and HOPE for something or someone or their ‘higher self’ to miraculously emerge and save the world?

It is obvious that we must stand together and work together in common sense, transparency and pragmatic considerations pertaining to the actuality of the one reality we all share here on earth:

The first question should in fact be – Why are we as humanity not able to do that? Why aren’t we doing that?

Understanding the evidence to this question would be in fact to understand consciousness – because then we would see, what is in the way of us actually taking things in our hands and working together in the interest of life: is consciousness.

To see that, self-honesty is required, because without self-honesty one simply deny the relevance of this physical reality, where 2/3 of the world population exist under atrocious conditions – starvation, poverty, war, violence, famine, exploitation; without self-honesty, one simply deny the relevance of one’s words and deeds in every moment and the outflows they have on one’s own life and the world as a whole. Without self-honesty, one tends to project blame (negative) and hope (positive) outside of oneself and abdicate self-responsibility, yet everyone still wants to have it all for themselves.

We exist in denial. But how much longer can one deny the failure of such survival mechanism? How much longer can one refuse looking at what is going on in the ‘secret mind’, what one is preoccupied with, one’s motives, one’s fears and desires, one’s suppressions, one’s defence-mechanisms and control tactics – all serving one thing: the separation of the individual from life as a whole, to ‘justify’ the fear and remain unchanged, stuck in survival mode within self-interest...

Looking at consciousness as our conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind – how much of it are we in fact aware of? How much are we aware of the interconnections, the relationships, the interplays within ourselves? Have we completely abdicated ourselves to this ‘consciousness’ to be our ‘godly’ driving force, even though it is self-evident that this ‘god’ does not have the interest of Life at heart?

Is consciousness really life? Wouldn’t life continue if the human were to vanish from the face of earth? Obviously. Death is not the end of the body, it is the end of consciousness. It is the end of all thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, memories, self-definitions – the end of the persona, the personalities, the images and ideas.

To think that somehow this consciousness (of which one does not even remember the conscious thought one has had at the end of the day, never mind the unawareness between conscious, subconscious and unconscious influences, never mind where thoughts, feelings and emotions come from) survives death is really a ridiculous projection of hope – a delusion of grandeur really, nothing more and nothing less.

How can we claim that this physical universe be an illusion? Does everyone have to go through loss, starvation, horror to realize that this is real – that this is what we are doing to ourselves and each-other in actuality?! How much worse must it get? What are we waiting for?

We are waiting for ourselves... deliver ourselves from evil –

Evil being both what we do to each-other and ourselves in this physical reality, as well as what we do behind the corners of our mind, hiding behind delusions of grandeur and divinity, waiting in vain while we in fact accept and allow the world to continue as is.

Is the One Universe really consciousness, or is it perhaps physical? Is the physical perhaps even consisting of multidimensions of relationships that we are not able to see because we only see through the filters of consciousness?

Whatever we call it, one thing is clear: this universe is real, but we are not – we are but ideas and constructs imposed onto the physical that is forced to embody our consciousness; we are but concepts fighting against each-other in self-righteousness; we are but trolls wanting to believe we are somehow divine, thinking of consciousness as something profound – when in fact the inner conflicts we all exist within reveal the actual nature of consciousness as a bipolar trap of the mental, which, instead of using it as a tool to support ourselves as life, we have abused it to impose ourselves as mind onto the physical through a morality of exploitation seen in our money-system, our education systems, and all the ways of our world.

If the entire universe is One – then our responsibility here would be to understand all interconnections between all parts of existence, see and realize cause and effect, acknowledge consequence, and ensure an equally dignified existence for all parts of the One. As long as we are not doing this within this one physical reality we share – How can we expect to do this or for this to be given to us in any other realm?

It is easy to speak beautiful words, it is easy to create hope and delusions. It is easy to sit back and make up all kinds of wonderful ways of saving the world or ascending to some special place. But the only thing real is what we make real, and currently we can see on the face of the world that what we are making real is a truly nasty scenario of power-games, struggle and deception, manifesting merely our own demise.

What happens to a cell in the body that fails to realize its place within the One Universe that is the whole physical organism? It surely doesn’t make up ideas of divinity, higher purpose, or the American dream. Each cell realizes its existence in relation to the whole as One. Perhaps the cancer that eats up humanity is an externalization of what we are doing to our-cell(f)s and each-other...?

Modern science is still not in the position to explain how the mind works or what consciousness really is. Consider that scientists are viewing reality through the same filters of consciousness like everybody else. Consider further more that the science of this world, just like everything else, is subject to the money-system and the political agenda of consumerism. It is obvious that religion and spirituality have fallen victim to consumerism and have failed to pose the questions that would allow for common sense and self-honesty to emerge. Now science is taking a similar position in the world: it follows and sells concepts and ideas of grandeur and divinity to have the human dreaming and hoping, never questioning, never considering standing-up in self-responsibility.

We are trained to easily believe and follow what is served to us on golden platters. We only question things from the one perspective that gives us the answers we want to hear. Thus, we only ever hear or see ourselves, our own minds, our own delusions.

The only illusion in this world are the concepts we base our existence on. The only illusion within ourselves is our consciousness – programs that we create, accept and allow in unawareness, that end up running automatically, passing on from generation to generation, while we fail to direct ourselves and our existence to outcomes that would benefit life.

So are we puppets on the strings of consciousness? Yes we are. Are we driven and directed by consciousness? Yes we are. We make our ‘free will’ subject to consciousness, and we have lost all self-directive. We never actually make choices: we have our fears and desires make our choices for us.

So are we trapped in an illusion? Yes we are. But that illusion is not the physical universe – it is the mind consciousness.

This world is not an illusion – the physical is real. But the systems we have created to manage us, systems that should be in fact tools for life support, are mental constructs for the exploitation of life through a propaganda based on illusionary concepts of ‘power’, ‘happiness’, ‘love’, ‘success’, ‘divinity’, ‘progress’. All the while the only thing progressing in this world is evidently our own destruction and the destruction of our home planet, the universe that gives us life.

Consider that the only ‘ascension’ possible in reality is the purification and re-definition of the accepted ‘human nature’, and simultaneously the purification and re-definition of our systems, towards an existence that functions in ways BEST for LIFE in all possible ways, from the smaller to the bigger. To do that, we have to come to the realization that for our Oneness to be worthy of Life, we have no choice but to Live equality and give all parts of our Oneness equal access, equal power, equal rights, equal life. Instead of trying to ‘enlighten’ ourselves in self-interest and separation – we should rather walk practical ways to ‘enlighten’ our common world, our common ground, our common sense, and live Real Love for Life as Life into beingness, into creation. Deliver ourselves; in self-responsibility. Deliver Life; in responsibility for Life, as all as one as equals. Then – we may truly have heaven on earth.

To ‘get there’, to bring heaven to earth, we’ll inevitably have to understand consciousness – as what we have allowed ourselves and this world to become.

The tools for lifting the veils and bringing all parts of self to the surface to be faced and taken responsibility for: are shared at desteni and specifically within the desteni I process – the journey to life.

Consider that if the only thing that is real is what the human calls consciousness, and if what this refers to is the One Universe we are all part of – then clearly we are not equal to consciousness, otherwise we would see and understand all the interconnections and consequences of all relationships within the One – but we don’t.

In fact, we don’t want to see, we’d rather make up illusions of divinity to believe in, projecting delusions of grandeur to seek out for – instead of investigating who we are as consciousness, how everything works together, how is the deception and abuse kept in place and how we are in fact all equally responsible though acceptance and allowance. If we wanted to SEE, we would see that we’ve been manifesting this reality through our suppressions and denials – through our self-dishonesty and cowardice and pretence. If we wanted to SEE the whole and realize the universe, we’d have to see ourselves – and face ourselves.

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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