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Day 8: ANTI is PRO & Resistance is Futile | What we Resist will Persist

I have a friend whom I observed having strong reactions against system forces such as police and the like. What I noticed is a form of anger and hate come up whenever we come across such people in uniform. A couple of times already I had wanted to share my perspective and say that this approach is a form of judgment and blame, and that one has to investigate how these/such people came to be where they are now as well as investigate how the system creates people and what one's own role is within the whole pattern.

Well - firstly, I decided to look at the whole pattern for myself, to see why hate, anger or any reaction for that matter is a form of separation and a way of projecting blame and abdicating responsibility, as if these/such people are the representation of the system and we/one is not.

Looking at the whole world system, we can see that everything operates in polarities, and that it takes two to tango. Whereby this tango of the system is a dance based in fear, because the system 'educates' people and classes to fear each-other, to perceive each-other as threat and to boost their ego on the friction that is created through inequality and discrimination. If we take the example of police forces against protesters, both sides have a form of ego defined through the convictions and the perception that one's own 'side' is somehow better than the 'other side'. Instead of looking how to uplift everyone else to the value one is actually recognizing within oneself as being degraded by the way we live in this world - we are utilizing the same tactic of trying to take 'the opponent' down.

So here I'd like to look at how everything is part of the system and how it all -consciously or unconsciously- works together to maintain the one system. And fascinatingly enough it all 'works together' even within how people are 'working against each-other', because that is how we are actually proving that we are somehow unable to really, truly work together for what is best for all and therefore we apparently require a system to regulate our co-existence. So as long as we perceive ourselves as separate bubble-existences within the system and accept the 'survival of the fittest' to determine the future without taking the chance to utilize our intellect, compassion and common sense ("common sense wanted!"), the system can prevail as the directive-principle of life on earth, a principle that dictates the values of individuals and groups based on 'differences' in 'value' as 'money', supported by the holy trinity of consumerism, competition and fear/greed - because we ourselves do not acknowledge the equal value we all have as life.

The system is, as we see clearly in present day, based on profit: money is the profit/prophet of god/the system. In fact money as profit-creation IS god.

My friend once told me that...
Let me give some background information at this point so that we can have a better 'picture'. This friend comes from a background of punk and rebel culture and has experienced quite some harassment from state forces in the past, especially in revolutionary years around the 80s and 90s. So yes, it's only 'natural' that he has this anger and hate against the system and its uniformed forces that, granted, are often arrogant, violent and discriminating.

So he once shared with me that one day he went to take his son from school, and his son had a bruise on the face as he had fallen and hurt himself the day before. As they were approaching the school yard, two women saw them and asked my friend if he was beating his son. My friend in his surprise decided to pretend being a drunk and accordingly he gave a response to the two women. The story ends with the women sending the social services to his home to check up on the situation which could thankfully be resolved immediately, but that is not the point of the story.

The point I am seeing is, just like my friend reacts with anger and hate toward the state forces like police the moment the sight of them triggers his memory of his own experiences with such a point - the two women he came across may have had similarly bad experiences with drunken husbands or neighbors that would beat their children and therefore the sight of a 'punk' and a 'bruised child' immediately triggered the reaction of anger and hate and the above story took place.

We can also in such situations, and we should, ask ourselves the question "What is it about me that made such reaction/feedback to come up towards me? - Is there within this whole situation possibly a hint for me?"

Looking at my friend when he comes from work sometimes, where he works with several mostly male colleagues, I sometimes see a strong 'male side' meaning: that attitude of how men will boost themselves up when interacting with men. This 'man attitude' is so ingrained in most cultures that the pattern is like a universal attitude, and it is this attitude we can see for instance in rebels, anarchists, punks, (just to name a few 'revolutionary' groupings of people against the state) when they, together with (!) policemen or 'state forces' start 'getting into the dirt'. And it's really irrelevant 'who started the fire'. Because while in it, both 'sides' are driven equally by the same force of 'evil' and that is separation, from which is born fear, projection, blame, anger, hate.

And thus instead of that we LIVE, in equality, we struggle in survival within inequality - which is the opposite of life: EVIL.

So, in both cases / in both directions in the above example we see a generalization and projection of a 'label' onto a person, and we can see that in both situations the reaction is to 'take it personally' because in one's mind the definition does exist of a 'policeman' or a 'punk' or a 'drunk' and people are very quick to judge someone by appearances and place them into a category, concluding from that "who the person is".

Reacting towards a 'label' (whether when oneself is being labelled or when one perceive another through/as a label) and taking the point personally is an indication that within oneself there exist value-judgments about oneself and/or others in one's world and a certain unconscious acceptance of the 'label' (both in relation to 'self and in relation to 'others').

These value-judgments undermine our self-trust to such an extent, that we feel 'hurt' in 'our honor' whenever an external point questions our integrity or our benevolence, because somehow we always question others' integrity and benevolence too, thus we expect the same to be done unto us.

There exists no trust between equals of life; and we either place ourselves as 'superior' (which is mostly only when one have a kind of 'power' in this world as money, dominion, status) or we see ourselves as 'inferior', and out of this accepted 'inferiority' an anger is born, and the only way we know how to deal with that is by projecting a 'superior' image / personality, or by bullying others back and projecting war, whether acted-out as violence or charged within one's mind as blame, spitefulness, hate.

And so we can see how 'inferiority' and 'superiority' always exist together, creating an infinity cycle that is an actual trap. And fascinatingly enough, the way to break the cycle, the way out of the cycle: is equality.

We human beings have to truly actually understand what equality implies and entails. The whole Desteni research is demonstrating how equality and oneness is the directive principle of existence, in most peculiar ways, yet without doubt. It is obvious common sense and absolutely self-evident once one start seeing through the patterns of our existence.

I am not saying the situation is easy. I am saying however that we mostly do not consider that by sustaining and justifying such 'mental wars' within ourselves and our interactions with our world, we are in fact perpetuating the current system of separation, war industry and mistrust, in which we all play our part.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to accept a system that divides and conquers people through the separation of people in classes, groups and categories based in unequal value-judgments; wherein the highest value is placed in that which supports and works for the system to make sure the system is maintained, and not life.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that even those people and groups that do not directly support or work for the system are equally part of the system, as they allow themselves to polarize themselves as 'against the system', not realizing that whatever we resist persists and that therefore the more resistance we force against the system, the stronger the system must get.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that anger and hate are projected reactions, whereby we project judgment and blame against everything in relation to which we've accepted ourselves as 'inferior', thinking and believing that our 'inferiority' and 'powerlessness' is to blame on others - when in fact it is ourselves that is accepting and allowing an experience of 'inferiority' and 'powerlessness' through the acceptance of inequality, value-judgments and separation within ourselves;

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see and realize that regardless of our status in the society system, we are all equally parts of the system that constitute the system, because if all would take responsibility for creating and manifesting a system that is best for all and supports all equally, we would not have to exist within a structure of inequality and limitation, within a system of reward and punishment and imposed 'scarcity'.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to utilize a system of reward and punishment in my personal interactions with people (my own children, my neighbors, groupings such as 'the police' etc) - not realizing that by doing so I am in fact tacitly accepting and perpetuating the world system as we know it; a system that thrives through manipulating its people with reward and punishment tactics, within this also brainwashing people to accept certain value-judgments about themselves and the world, resulting into oblivion about the actual value of life - the value that equally inhabits all - so why is it not seen within our habits? Why are our habits the opposite of LIFE/LIVE which is EVIL?
...while the value that inhabits all bodies is equal as the air we breathe, the breath as substance we require to sustain our lives on this one planet we share. So why isn't it the same value that inhabits our minds?
Is everything in reverse?

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that by exerting blame and anger against the system I am actually only stating that I am a slave to the system, whereby I may try to see myself as not being part of the system but I'm somehow 'outside the system' or 'beyond' it - a belief I create because I hate the system for what I see it does to people, yet I do not stand up to support common sense as the end of separation, the end of inequality, the end of all abuse once and for all.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to use and utilize the very tactics and methods of the very system I hate in an attempt to find 'justice' for myself - instead of realizing that no justice can ever exist in a system of polarity, a system of inequality, a system where for some to 'win' others must 'lose'.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that everyone is a product of their environment and that the choices we make in this world are based in fear of survival - and that many have to compromise themselves and their values of life in order to sustain their families; and that to change this, we must change the system.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to label and categorize people based on their job, their status, their position in the system - never questioning that I may have done the same had I been in their shoes.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that the brainwashing we are subjected to through the 'education' we receive within the system is forming people into 'soldiers of self-interest' in a system where one has to fight against others to survive, a system where one has to 'prove' one's value in order to be supported in the system, even if the ways through which we 'prove' our value are harmful to life/others.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept a system in which we are forced to 'prove' our value and 'earn our right to life' - and that I have accepted this system as if there is no other way, instead of standing up to expose the manipulation (man.I.pull.ate) that rules the world and the lack of common sense in our habits.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to perceive myself as 'powerless' and 'inferior' in this world, not realizing that this accepted powerlessness and inferiority is only the result of consumerism and competition as a 'way of life' as taught through brainwashing as 'education'.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that through revolting and protesting 'against' those whom I perceive as 'powerful' or 'superior' - I am only stating that I wish to be in a 'powerful' and 'superior' position myself (and how often do we do that: elevating ourselves in the mind to be 'better', 'more', 'high'), not considering that there is a way that will bring forth a win-win scenario for all, a way that will eliminate the need to fight against each-other, a way that will stop the mental value-judgments we create about ourselves and each-other based on fake values imposed onto us by the very system we despise.

I forgive myself that even though I witness and experience the spite of the system against me/against life, I have accepted and allowed myself to 'fight back with the same weapon': a bullying spite - instead of realizing that me projecting spitefulness and blame only perpetuate my enslavement, because as long as inequality exists in any way, I cannot truly and freely express and enjoy my value as life.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to consider that I get what I give - and therefore if what I give is judgment, blame and spitefulness, I will be receiving judgment, blame and spitefulness: a vicious circle as we see in history repeating.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to consider that there are ways to bring forth an actual solution once and for all - and that in fact a solution cannot come from what we already know within the system; the solution has to transcend the system - in order to create something new that will in fact support and honor all life equally in all possible ways.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that everything toward which I experience a dislike or despise against is the result of a system - as I am the result of a system - and that therefore if I want to change my experience and everyone else's experience in this world, I have to change the system.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that we people are made 'who we are' by the system and as such we in turn support and perpetuate the system through how we exist as 'educated' by the system - and therefore if I want a substantial and radical change of the world I live in, not only the system must change, but I must change and everyone must change through self-honest self-education in common sense; in order to change the ways of our co-existence into dignified practical-living that is truly in support of life - all life equally.

I commit myself to investigating the ways in which I (through my participation and all the reactions that come up within me and I accept/give permission for) support the current system of separation, inequality and abuse - to start stopping the ways of the world within myself and my personal relationships/interactions first.

I commit myself to stopping the judgment and blame I exert towards the world and the system and/or myself, realizing that it is us, the people (who we are individually and within our relationships) that constitutes the system and thus it is US that create the world as we know it.

I commit myself to investigating how the system exactly functions and operates and what it is that has to change in order to stop all abuse, all separation and exploitation of life and to come up with a solution that will be best for all and will put an end to this existence of constant competition for survival.

I commit myself to finding ways to expose the patterns of this world so that all may see and understand how we are all equally part of 'the game' and that we are able to stop the game and change the rules of our coexistence in a way that will give all equal freedom, equal dignity, equal value.

I commit myself to stop seeing people in categories and labels, but to investigate how each person I meet came to accept such labels and categories for themselves and their world, so as to find practical ways of freeing ourselves from the limitations of fake value-systems as imposed onto us in this world system, and to find practical ways of bringing forth real value as life for ourselves and our world.

I commit myself to investigating myself every time I take something personally or react to something in my world - realizing that my reaction is an indication that I am placing myself as 'inferior' or 'superior' in that relation/context, and that such 'inferiority' or 'superiority' is a concept of the system and is not in fact in any way relevant to the actual value of life.

I commit myself to investigating how every person I meet came to be where and who and what they are, so as to make sure that the I/we walk a solution that makes sure such atrocity and disgrace will not be re-created.

I commit myself to educating myself and my world as to the patterns we've been accepting and allowing ourselves to exist within, so that all may see clearly that it is the accepted human nature and what we call 'life' (=our 'way of life', our system) that is creating this world as we know it THROUGH us, and so instead of taking the opportunity to use our intellect, our evolution, our technology as the 'right hand of god', we are the 'left hand of the devil' in this world!

And therefore if we want to change the world, we require to change both ourselves and how we co-exist: our systems within and without.

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