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Day 21: The Rotten Fruit of Evil is Rooted in Fear

Last night I was reading the newest blog posts on the Rotten Child Syndrome* and the picture of the Apple came up in my mind - the Apple that corrupted Adam and Eve and symbolized the end of Paradise and the beginning of Hell on Earth.

What is peculiar within that story, is that even though it is a snake that offers the 'rotten apple' to the human, it is in fact the knowledge of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ as a mental concept that is symbolized through the apple as the ‘temptation’ that is responsible for the downfall of mankind. Yet it is presented as if the snake is evil; the snake’s image as part of nature and the animal kingdom, part of the beasts of the earth, is abused to create the belief that nature/this world is somehow evil - without questioning the source of evil in the first place.

When in fact, if one self-honestly investigates the nature of the mental as a separate alternate reality based in fear and self-interest, one can see that that is in fact what the snake represents: the mind as the mental alternate reality-bubble of the human, wherein the human is following its own temptation. The human as snake, as a mental interpretation of itself, is biting its own tail trapped in self-interest, while it brings forth the destruction and annihilation of life through following the evil nature of self-interest - instead of realizing life as all as one as equal and living in ways that support all life equally as best for all, in the understanding that what is best for all will be best for self, as life is interconnected and interdependent as oneness on earth, and therefore to honor that oneness of life, equality of the value of life in all practical ways should be common sense.

Another interesting question that the story of Adam and Eve opens up is the source of the concepts of 'good' and 'evil'. We act as if 'good' and 'evil' always existed and as if that is the inherent and irreversible nature of things. Or did god create evil? Why did god create evil? Did god suddenly fear that his creation might become ‘more than’ him – and in the image and likeness of that fear he created the tree of knowledge of 'good' and 'evil' to deceive man? And if god created evil, where did god create evil from? Was god evil to create evil, since he created all things in his image and likeness? And if god did not create evil but evil was there in the first place ...then who created good and evil, who created god and the devil?!?

So there are many points not considered within how we approach the old scriptures, let alone the point of considering that obviously it wasn't god himself that wrote any scriptures, Jesus did not write scriptures, man did. And man is driven by fear: an undeniable fact that we can see not only in the world today, but also in the stories of the bible depicting the reality of a world more than 2000 years ago.

So a fearful man seems to need a god - be it the god of religion, or the god of power through money and wealth and dominion. The fearful man needs some kind of god to 'elevate' him and support his dominion over others, over the earth, over this world. So that begs the question: How come god and religion is not something that supports the equality of life on earth? How come the god of religion does not value all of his creation equally?

This brings me back to the human mind consciousness, which, given that it’s used in self-interest based in fear instead of being used in common sense based in life, reveals the real evil of existence: the secret mental planes of human alternate-reality bubbles, in the separation and seclusion of which man takes the 'freedom' to judge upon others and fear others and create mental values of things as fake gods and idols that only serve one's self-interest created through the mind while disregarding the common interest of life as the physical paradise reality that is possible on earth and would be best for all life.

It is self-evident in this world that we fail to see things for what they are based on rational deductive thinking and an understanding of cause and effect so that we may prevent consequences of abuse, exploitation and enslavement.

So - if we don't see things for what they are, then HOW do we see things?

We see things through perception, the filters of which have been conditioned and designed through consciousness systems of polarity, even though Jesus said "Judge not lest you be judged" - and yet in our fear we create judgments ABOUT things in our mind, and so we do not see things for what they are, but we only always see our own judgments, in polarities of 'positive' and 'negative' according to what will 'justify' our fears and what will 'serve' our self-interest.

So where does this need to judge come from? Did we possibly maybe judge ourselves to begin with? We must have: because if we hadn't judged ourselves as somehow 'inferior' (and thus InFear / in-fear-I-or), if we had accepted ourselves as creator 'in the image and likeness of god' and had taken full responsibility for our creation in all possible ways: the need would not emerge to pose as 'superior' and attempt to take dominion over others, over the earth, over the world.

Only that which is not equal of LIFE has the need to ‘prove itself’ better through imposed ‘superiority’.
Only that which is not equal of LIFE/LIVE is EVIL as the opposite of life, as that which opposes life; as that which, instead of serving life as all as equal as one, serves self-interest only through the pursuit of happiness as profit, dominion and supremacy at the cost of life.

What we can also see within this world is that mankind is not equal to the mind consciousness system it exists within and as. Man does not 'know thyself'. Man exists within accepted ‘inferiority’ and tries to superimpose ‘superiority’ through a system of abuse and exploitation as we see it reign on earth today - not realizing that what one does to others and the whole, one is doing to oneself.
And so consume ourselves and each-other in a constant race for domination, not even realizing how we deceive ourselves and each-other, how we betray life and make ourselves unworthy of life forever more.

So FEAR then must be the real evil. And fascinatingly enough, not only man has fear, also god has fear, otherwise there would be no religions or different gods or ways and methods to threaten man unless he becomes subserviant to an apparently almighty god the savior...!!!

So if FEAR is the real evil, then the question should be asked: Where does fear come from? Where is fear generated? Where does fear exist?

Fear exists in the mental. Each one is able to observe for oneself in self-honesty: what one will judge, one actually fears.

And so instead of eating from and living as the Tree of Life, we have become subjects to and consumers of the Tree of Knowledge – Knowledge in this world being the tool through which to mind-control and exploit life in the name of profit, as we can clearly see in the world as a money-system and within how education, science, media and all subsystems of this world operate.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that our education as accepted and allowed in this world is set out to produce system robots that exist in fear, so that the one god – money – and those that worship that god can be served.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that knowledge of this world has always existed in polarities to create friction and conflict and not allow man to ‘know oneself’ because that would be a threat to the control and dominion of the elitist system.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that fear is an irrational creation of the mental that feeds off the physical and keeps man in check so that man does not stand-up for life but remain slave to fear, trapped in self-imprisonments by one’s own acceptance and allowance of fear to be the driving force of man.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that only fear needs god, and god always needs fear, because without fear, there would be no gods, no masters, no slaves.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the value judgments we are educated with do not reflect the actuality of reality, but only the mental concepts of our forefathers based in fear, separation and greed; and therefore judgments is always connected to fear and we are quick to judge what we don’t know or don’t understand (let alone the fact that we have veiled ourselves so badly with knowledge that we only see what we already know) –
And within this I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as judgment based on mental concepts of separation in ‘good’ and ‘evil’, even though Jesus warned us to “judge not lest we be judged”.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the real evil in this existence is fear – fear as the starting-point of judgment, of separation, of all those ‘protection’- and ‘defence’-mechanisms we barricade ourselves behind, to such an extent that we have troubles finding ourselves, seeing ourselves, getting to know ourselves beyond such mechanisms and systems behind which we hide in fear.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that such existence of fear manifest in ‘exclusive’ bubbles of separation as alternate mental realities, where we exist in self-interest mining for our profit and minding only our own, without realizing that any group is as weak as its weakest member, and that therefore if we allow other parts of ourselves as humanity to exist in struggle and suffering, we are not doing ourselves a favour, we only deceive ourselves in thinking and believing we are serving our interest as we have lost our identity as life and only remained as a mental identity based on fake values, while we ignore and disregard the life in ourselves and each-other.

I commit myself to investigating and exposing all mental concepts created from the starting-point of fear and judgment, and how such concepts are used and abused to manipulate reality for self-interest, starting within the family and parenting, creating bloodlines of manipulation and deception patterns rooted in fear.

I commit myself to stopping fear within myself and stopping myself from following fear as my directive-principle, so that I may be/become the directive-principle of myself to practically apply my understanding of how fear works and to demonstrate that the human consciousness has been programmed through the world system based in fear and can be re-programmed through self-will in self-honesty and self-responsibility, and that through this we are able to change the world consciousness into something that will require no fear and will support all life equally.

I commit myself to exposing the trap of polarity as presented within the ‘knowledge’ of this world and to show that we in fact know very little about who we are, how we function, what drives us, how this physical reality functions and on what physical laws it operates.

I commit myself to demonstrating how the ‘knowledge’ of this world is designed to promote and support consumerism while it divide and conquer human beings so that they consume themselves and each-other instead of nurturing ourselves and each-other – thus human beings do not empower themselves to stand for life as all as equals as one, because they follow the tree of knowledge of this world instead of realizing the tree of life through common sense.

I commit myself to exposing how the evil of this world’s ‘exclusive’ groupings, be it religious, or political, or societal – because this application of ‘exclusivity’ goes against the very nature of life which is all inclusive – and if we really want to make a difference in this world and bring about a change that will benefit all life, then we must start including everything and everyone in our considerations and manifest a solution that is all-inclusive.

I commit myself to demonstrating how the real evil is FEAR: as those that try to convert others to ‘their’ religions and ‘their’ belief-systems out of self-righteousness and the fear of being wrong, and those that -in spite of seeing and understanding what is going on- are doing nothing out of fear of losing the support they have in the system; so that we all may see and realize that so much more is possible once we stop giving-in to fear, once we stop being driven by fear as auto-pilot.

I commit myself to bringing forth an existence where no gods, no masters, no slaves are required – an existence where all life is regarded and supported as equals and given equal power, equal access, equal life, based on the fact that the value of life is life.

I commit myself to demonstrating that we have to work together to bring forth a new system that will actually support such principle of ‘no gods, no masters, no slaves’ because that will give everyone the opportunity to re-educate ourselves and walk ourselves out of fear, out of survival and into living as the directive-principle as who we really are as life.

I commit myself to exposing the illusionary and abusive nature of the mental as it exists in the back-chatting of each mind and how we separate ourselves from life through mental values and concepts of separation based in fear; and that fear exist of and as the mind, and has become the very nature of ourselves that eats off of our flesh sucking us dry while we follow the mind as god, as master, and so we are slaves within our very self, existing in accepted self-imprisonment and utilizing beliefs and concepts of saviours to ‘set us free’ without considering that that would imply further enslavement, as actual freedom must be self-realized and self-created through self-honesty as ‘man know thyself’ and self-will as creator as man of god that takes full responsibility for his/her creation that is this One physical reality here that we All share Equally by the very air we breathe, the water we resonate as, the dust we return to.

I commit myself to demonstrating that this world could be Paradise for All if we will it – and to do that we have to stop the ill will of man that is determined by fear and manipulated by the fear-doctrines of a system of profit and consumer-Ism.

I commit myself to exposing all Isms as Schisms that divide men to conquer the world by promoting fear and mental concepts of exclusivity and separation and thus abuse life in the name of profit and domination that some even dare to call 'love'.

I commit myself to training myself in self-will through self-honesty and practical common sense, so that my practical living in every breath may be/become an example and support for my world, demonstrating that change is possible, that we ARE able to take response-ability and respond to What is Here with common sense and rational deductive thinking to bring forth solutions that will measurably have a benefit for all life equally and will transform our Here into Heaven on Earth – a Paradise where All may Equally Live, Express, Expand, Explore and have FUN!

*On the Rotten Child Syndrome read:

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