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Day 26: OWN IT! Greed and Elitism emerge from Fear of Loss

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to fear losing what I perceive I own.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that what we 'own' must inevitably be lost for us to realize the ridiculousness of the concept of 'ownership' and 'possession'.
I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that we are 'possessed' by what we think we 'possess' - and that our desire to 'own' and 'possess' emerges from the fact that we do not 'own' ourselves in equality and oneness;
but we define and accept ourselves as 'inferior' in this world, we have separated ourselves from our own value and worth as life, and we then set out to 'own' and 'possess' that which we've defined as 'power' in this world as money, sex, status; in a pursuit to 'add value' to our 'worth' so that we may feel 'better', 'more', 'powerful' and 'superior' – when in fact the resulting 'superiority' is equally fake as our starting-point of accepted 'inferiority', as both polarities are based on mental concepts of the bipolar consciousness we are all subjected to; and both polarities have nothing to do with the actual value of life.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand the bipolar nature of the consciousness we exist within and as – where we manifest greed and elitism out of fear of loss, both polarities in fact representing self-interest in separation from life;

because if we were in fact life, if we in fact stood as equal to and one with life, there would be no need and no requirement to desire the 'more' or to fear the 'less', but we would be accepting life here as ourselves, we would be accepting ourselves as worthy and valuable as life, and therefore we would be living the value of life as who we are, unique in its individual expressions - yet equal in all.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed a world where we are trapped in self-imprisonment within a system of inequality - a system that forms 'who we are' so that 'who we are' in turn re-creates the system in our image and likeness which is the image and likeness of the system;
and so we are imprisoned within our own creation, refusing to take responsibility for our creation as ourselves, while we project ideas and concepts of a ‘savior’ or a ‘doomsday’ depending on our individual inclination to either 'positivity' or 'negativity' -
but we fail to stand equal to and one with the actuality of reality of ourselves and our creation, see things for what they are, understand cause and effect, and make informed decisions about how we are able to re-form and re-create ourselves and our world in a way that is best for all.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed a world that 'educates' us with 'reward' and 'punishment' to have self-interest be the directive consciousness of mankind, supporting consumerism as profit for the big brothers to satisfy their greed for 'power' and 'status' manifested as money as the representation of the mental, while consuming the living physical of all those that are not born into positions where they can exploit others for ‘power’.

Within this I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed a system of polarity where for some to 'have' others must 'have not' - and so it is a constant competition and struggle between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots', while none in fact determine the conditions one is born into.

People simply come into this world and take on the positions they are born into, without much choice but the choice their money (or lack thereof) gives them;

which shows that we are all simply pawns of the system, all serving the system and none serving life, seen in the fact that life is denied and disregarded not only in the allowance of starvation and poverty collectively but also in the individual acceptance of consumerism, the beauty-system, the education-system, the fame-contests, the science-community, all systems based on profit through the constant competition of the human RACE against each-other for survival of the fittest - 'fittest' in terms of the system, as being 'fit' to survive through money and serve the system for profit.

And so ‘reward’ goes to those that serve the system best, while ‘punishment’ goes to those that fail to serve the system - a method seen in parenting within the family-system as well;
which goes to show the self-interested nature of the consciousness system we have accepted, allowed and created in our image and likeness as Ego, as Profit - in the world as the money-system as mental 'value' that possesses and dictates the world order, and in the individual as the self-consciousness that exists through the mental where it can be 'god' and 'own' and 'possess' and 'win' and 'dominate', in spite of the obvious fact that all such 'gods' fail to produce results that are best for all, results that would free and empower life as all as one as equal;

because in the mental as consciousness we exist in polarities of fears and desires, of 'have' and 'have-not', of ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’, of 'superiority' and 'inferiority' - while the physical in the end proves that we 'own' nothing, we 'possess' nothing, and all ideas and perceptions of our self-consciousness, all that we hold dear in the corners of our mind: is lost in one breath at the moment of death.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that all points of fear reveal greed and elitism, because that which we fear losing shows us what we have defined as our 'possession' and 'ownership'.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that even the most 'powerful' in this world as the elite of the system exist in FEAR, fear of losing 'power', fear of losing what they 'own' and 'possess';
And this bipolar polarity friction manifests in the expression of greed; greed being something that exists not only in the world of big players 'out there' but equally also in the minutest notions of ourselves, where we for instance wish for 'more': more money, more time, more friends, more attention, more influence, more results, more reputation, more importance, more value.

Now - there's nothing wrong per se within the point of 'more' - it is the starting-point that determines what that want is actually about:

Wanting 'more' from the starting-point of accepted 'inferiority' within self so as to 'gain value', or from the point of jealousy through comparison so as to be 'better than', or from the point of satisfying the ideals of the world and society so as to be 'worthy enough': such starting-points indicate self-dishonesty and are the cause that effects greed, exploitation and inequality in the world and within ourselves /our relationships.

Wanting 'more' from the perspective of responsibility for life, realizing that in order to change this world we have to stand equal to and one with the world and utilize what is here to take more responsibility and reach more people with common sense so that together we may move towards equality and oneness as self-realization of life: that is a different starting-point – a starting-point aligned with life as equality and oneness, and therefore such cause will have an entirely different effect and impact on the whole.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand the deception of the current polarity system of capitalism/consumerism/self-interested profit that 'justifies' fear of loss by supporting competition as conflict and war, and within this supporting greed as the 'protection'- and 'defence'-mechanisms the big players use to 'protect' what they 'own' through the abuse and corruption of law and the legal system as the 'agreements' of regulation of humanity;

and within that to see, realize and understand that we individually in our relationships apply the exact same polarity system of/as competition and conflict out of inferiority /fear of loss, and thus we 'justify' our greed and self-interest by accepting fear of loss as 'given' and 'irreversible', while we abuse ourselves and each-other through 'agreements' of deception, where I'll accept your shit as long as you accept my shit, I'll respect your beliefs as long as you respect mine, I'll be good to you as long as you are good to me - and within such 'agreements' of apparent politeness and fake respect we leave ourselves no window of opportunity to challenge ourselves and each-other beyond the rules of the system, to call each-other out when we witness behaviors and attitudes that harm life, out of fear of being called out for our own deception, our own abuse, our own acts of exploitation.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that conflict and war is ‘needed’ in this current polarity system as the friction-generator to keep the system going and its people competing, while the big players compete for the 'most' profit;

and the same individually, as we participate in comparison, fear of loss and greed/desire of self-interest: we are generating friction within ourselves and our relationships while we compete against each-other for the 'most' of energy/ attention/ 'power' to satisfy our self-interest, while we've lost all sense of what is really good for us and what support us as life;

Because if we were able to see in common sense what is best for us, we would be able to see what is best for all - and that what is best for all life will be automatically best for each individual as life.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that we've abdicated our right to life and have become systems in a system, existing in the image and likeness of the system, blaming and whining and feeling 'powerless' without realizing the simplistic common sense that 'who we are' manifests the world as we know it and therefore to change the world from a profit-based abuse-system to a life-based support-system: we have to inevitably investigate and re-evaluate how we exist within ourselves and our relationships, realizing that who we are and how we co-exist is in fact the building-blocks of this world.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that greed is in fact fear.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that Elitism is in fact fear.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that fear is in fact self-interest;

because if we were equal to and one with life, connected with our origins as living flesh that is born of the earth and returning to the dust of the earth - if we were not manifesting ourselves as separate mind bubbles that exist in fear of loss (fear of loss: possibly exists out of some deeper unconscious understanding that all mind bubbles end at death while the body returns to its source as living soil/soul) – if we were one with and equal to life as who we are:
there would be no necessity to create a self-consciousness of self-interest that exists in separation from life; there would be no requirement to deny the common sense of what is best for all on earth; there would be no requirement to create illusionary projections of an 'afterlife' in the hope that our mind bubble may exist 'forever'...
We would live and participate in life as equals, just like in the best case scenario the cells in our body work together as Equals to live as One body.

And while we each have a whole universe to manage as our human physical body, we fail to get to know what we are as a body and how we function in all multidimensions of the physical; and instead we look to the stars 'out there' and create theories about universes ‘out there’ while we fail to manage the One universe that is given to us Here: our self/cell as our physical body individually, and collectively our earth as the one physical reality we all equally share.

I commit myself to bursting the mind bubble I exist within and as, so that I may see and realize the actuality of reality as What is Here.

I commit myself to investigating and stopping any and all points of comparison, competition and greed within myself and my participation in my world – so that I may be able to embrace my world equally, stand in the shoes of another, realize how we are all interconnected and how it is really not possible to gain anything while taking something away from another.

I commit myself to investigating and exposing all things I believe I ‘possess’, to see, realize and understand how I am in fact possessed by my perceived possessions and equally exist in fear of losing them – so that I may stop the polarity within myself, stop all perceptual value-judgments of ‘more’/’less’, ‘superior’-‘inferior’, ‘have’-‘have-not’; so that I may stand in self-equality and oneness in self-acceptance as life, and live life as equality and oneness within my participation in my world –
realizing that all bipolar value-judgments are a creation of the mind as self-consciousness out of its accepted ‘inferiority’ which it use to deceive and manipulate in competition against others, in comparison to whom it attempts to ‘gain value’ and act as if it’s ‘superior’.

I commit myself to stopping elitism within myself, by investigating and exposing all points of self-interest that I’ve made ‘my own’, to stop self-interest and start cultivating an interest for life, for that which is Here, for that which is Real;
to stop the mind bubbles of self-consciousness, stop myself from existing in polarity friction trapped in vicious cycles of fears and desires based on my accepted ‘inferiority’ and separation from life –
so that I may piece myself back together and stand in wholeness, integrity, self-dignity as life.

Within this, I commit myself to standing as a living example that we are able to piece ourselves back together in self-honesty and practical common sense; piece ourselves together to get to actual PEACE about ourselves and within how we live and participate in our world –
so that by standing together for life we may piece our world back together, stop the accepted separation and exploitation of life, and bring forth actual PEACE as a world that works together for what is best for all, a world that embraces all its children with equal care, providing equal opportunities, equal access and equal power for all
so that we may empower ourselves in getting to know ourselves as the universe that we are, and equally our earth as our home-planet, finding and implementing practical ways of co-existence in a way that all life is equally supported and cherished.

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