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Day 59: DARE to CARE | Caring for Myself as Life

Within this process of realizing that we've never actually CARED for life, because if we had, then this world, this existence, would be an entirely different place, and us human beings would be entirely different expressions -
I am taking the point of CARE back to myself to Live care/caring AS myself, as who I am; becoming CARE as a living word - so that I may be/become a living example for what it means and what it entails to CARE for ourselves as life.

I realize CARE starts with myself, as I am the starting-point of my experience, my existence, my consequence; I am the cause and effect equal and one of what I exist as, what I experience and what I manifest as the consequence of myself.

Imagine a world where each living being would practically, actually live CARE as living expression. Would we create mental concepts such as ‘love’, ‘light’, ‘enlightenment’? Would we create relationships of dependency? Would we allow abuse in any form in our world? Would we manifest a system like the current consumerism system?


So why is it that we seek fulfilment, completeness, understanding and caring from 'others'?
Why is it that we do not act in the interest of life?
Why is it that we seek self-interest, making it all about "me, me, me" while we fail to actually CARE for life beyond the self-interest of Ego?

To stop existing as ego, is to stop existing in separation from Life.

To self-realize life is not a mental or spiritual concept, it cannot be. It must be an actualized living application within and as who I am in every moment of breath.
Thus, to self-realize life, I must give life to me; I must care for me as life, as I would like life to be cared for.
Therefore, I start here with myself.

I commit myself to establishing and living a relationship with myself wherein I practically and in fact CARE for myself as life.

I commit myself to giving to myself everything that I've ever wanted or expected from 'others', everything that I've ever wished for in a relationship with another -
because I realize that unless we develop and establish an actual self-support relationship with ourselves in self-honesty: we cannot ever support another as ourselves, we cannot ever remain self-honest with another, we cannot ever have an actual relationship with another without creating unnecessary dependencies and abuse.

We have been conditioned to exist within 'doing' to such an extent, that we have forgotten about LIVING -
and we tend to define ourselves through what we 'do', disregarding the importance of who we are within what we do.

We tend to place the value in what it is that we 'do', in spite of the obvious common sense that it is 'who I am' that defines what I do; it is 'who I am' that gives value to whatever it is I do.
For example: a doctor is not a doctor just because of the 'label' as such. It is who one is within being a doctor that makes 'being a doctor' valuable as support for life or not. And so it is with everything that we do.

The starting-point determines the outcome, and the starting-point is determined by who one is, whether in awareness or not.
For example: a doctor that works as a doctor in order to accumulate reputation and wealth, whether consciously or unconsciously, is equal and one to this starting-point, as that is who he/she is.

So - who we are is always the starting-point for what we do.
The question is:
Who are we? What created us? How did we come to be who and what we are today? And what defines our starting-point? Is it possible to re-define our starting-point?

We are in all ways responsible for who we are:
Either through acceptance and allowance, in unawareness, and thus in self-dishonesty; OR in awareness and thus in self-honesty, wherein then the question arises:
How do I re-define my starting-point beyond the influences and controls that have thus far determined and directed my life and who I am?

The first step is to recognize and understand the forces and influences that have through my acceptance and allowance defined me.
The next step is to acknowledge how I have given such forces/influences authority and why;
To recognize and name the fears, desires, beliefs, definitions through which I have defined myself, consciously or unconsciously;
To investigate the practical implications, wee through the polarity play-outs, realize the consequences and see how I have been limiting myself by abdicating my directive power to systematic value-judgments of this bipolar world system;
To forgive my acceptances and allowances and let go of any mental or emotional attachments I am still holding onto;
And finally, to align myself with life in oneness and equality and re-script how I will practically direct myself so that who I am reflects in what I do and how I do it, so that the effect of my cause is something that supports life, aligned to what is best for all life.

(Note: To practically look at the process of walking the above steps in the detail of one's individual experience, see Earth's Journey to Life)

I commit myself to re-scripting my practical living in alignment with self-support and self-care -
so that I may break free from my preprogrammed patterns of self-negligence and self-sabotage based on which I would previously 'justify' seeking for 'care', 'fulfilment' and 'completeness' through another/a relationship.

I commit myself to living a self-honest relationship with myself wherein I in fact CARE for myself in all practical ways, within this establishing self-trust and self-clarity, from the starting-point of which I will then be able to support others as me to equally develop and establish a self-honest relationship with self as the solid foundation for life to be birthed in existence for real.

I commit myself to sharing the understanding of what it practically entails to set oneself free from the preprogrammed conditioned patterns of one's existence wherein one only see through the filters of 'superiority' and 'inferiority' - so that we may rebirth self as life in oneness and equality.

Within this I commit myself to stopping all self-judgment and letting go of the fear of making mistakes, as I realize that in this process we will make mistakes: the challenge is to actually learn from our mistakes and to not keep repeating the same mistakes as a 'justification' or 'excuse' to not change.

I commit myself to investigating my mistakes to understand how I create them - so that I may in fact learn from my creation to not keep repeating a creation that does not support myself as life.

I commit myself to myself as life - and within this self-commitment, I commit myself to all life as one as equals, as I realize that what is best for all life, is best for me.

Therefore I commit myself to aligning myself and all practical aspects of my life to what is best for all, because that will ensure that my decisions and practical living application will equally be best for me.

I commit myself to bringing forth a new world system of actual life-support that will ensure that all living beings are equally cared for in all practical ways; a system that will give us the time and the freedom to actually care for life, for ourselves, for each-other; a system that will base its functionality on supporting the oneness and equality of life.

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