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Day 30: Filled-Up with Fake Fulfilment | Hu.Man.I.Ty’s Energetics of Self-Sabotage

Within walking the point of self-fulfilment and how I have attempted to ‘find’ fulfilment in life through external factors (which is what we are all ‘educated’ to seek for through money, sex, relationships, validation, reputation, ‘power’ as defined in this world) – I ask myself the question of How to live self-fulfilment in self-honesty as life.
It is easier to begin answering this question by looking at and recognizing what self-fulfilment is NOT.

In ‘modern society’, we don’t learn how to simply be with ourselves, be with each-other, be with the physical reality as nature, animals, and all that is here. We are in fact brainwashed robots designed to seek for ‘value’ and ‘fulfilment’ by filling ourselves up with whatever promises to take us ‘higher’, give us ‘more’, make us look ‘better’ in the eyes of the world – after all such ‘qualities’ is what will ensure our survival as the ‘fittest’ when we present our ‘advantages’ against the ‘competition’.

And so we exist in a constant race seeking for ‘fulfilment’, while we miss ourselves HERE – we miss the breath that gives us life in every moment while we are preoccupied in the mind conspiring against the rest of the world and planning ways to ‘win the jackpot’.

And so we exist in a constant race seeking for ‘fulfilment’, instead of giving ourselves and each-other the gift of life, and the opportunity to live to the fullest of our potential so that we may fill our lives with actual happiness and enjoyment through living to the best of our abilities and working together to bring forth the best this world can be: for ALL equally.

Looking at the word Fulfilment – we see the words ‘Full’ and ‘Fill’.

Placed in the context of this world, the two words reveal how we fool ourselves while we ‘fill’ ourselves to the ‘full’; they reveal the exploitation of life that we’ve been accepting and allowing while we exist in survival-mode in competition with each-other, whine and blame the system while we in fact participate in the system and thus validate the system with every thought, word and deed, with every thing that we buy and every relationship we entertain.

In this survival-mode driven by self-interest, all that seems to matter is getting ourselves ‘filled-full’ with the best we can get, and we can see this over-consumption everywhere: food/nutrition, clothes/fashion, make-up/beauty, health/anti-age, sex/relationships, drugs/medications – everything we do we try to ‘be more’, ‘get more’, ‘have more’.

We have defined ‘fulfilment’ in this world as an energetic experience that ‘feels good’ in spite of the evidence that for us to have the ‘best’ in the current system others must have ‘less’, as we exploit the natural resources and the money-system to our advantage.
We have defined ‘fulfilment’ in this world as an ‘energy reward’ at all costs, in spite of the evidence that we in fact make WAR in the name of reWARd, and we ‘justify’ this in all possible ways, just to not have to see what we are doing, to not have to change, to not have to take responsibility.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to define ‘fulfilment’ through and as the energetic ‘reward’ that is triggered when ‘getting more’, ‘getting higher’, ‘getting better’; as we exist in a constant back-chat about how to manipulate our reality to our ‘advantage’ and how to out-win others to get to the ‘jackpot’ – while we don’t give a fuck about half the world starving and suffering poverty, famine, war.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to define ‘fulfilment’ through and as the energetic ‘reward’ that is connected with ‘getting more’, ‘getting higher’, ‘getting better’ at out-winning others and getting to the ‘jackpot’ – when in fact this ‘feeling’ is but a temporary ‘remedy’ while the real-me dies as we waste time and breath accumulating illusions to satisfy our delusion, because we have separated ourselves from the physical reality to such an extent, that we exist merely as mental projection that only see that which they project –

and thus we fail to see reality and deal with reality in a way that brings forth a reality that supports life; but instead, trapped in our mental possessions, we bring forth a distorted reality of mental delusion on the one hand and physical suffering and abuse on the other, and we allow the exploitation of life to continue, refusing to see, realize and understand that we are doing it to ourselves: we are depleting ourselves and our planet and are inevitably faced with death, causing the death of millions of other life forms in the name of ‘fulfilment’ as self-interest and greed.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that ‘feeling’ as ‘energetic reward’ is something that must be constantly generated, re-generated, fuelled and charged – and so we keep consuming and keep wanting more and never stop, while history is repeating and we are faced more and more with the manifested consequences of our own negligence, arrogance and greed.

Did we really think we can get to real Advancement through each manipulating reality to one's own ‘Advantage’ only?!

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that Greed has become our very nature, through our acceptance and allowance, through our fear of death which we fail to address and investigate in common sense and through our desire for ‘fulfilment’ defined in separation from ourselves as life:
We have become the living-manifestation of Greed within everything we think, say or do, how we eat, how we consume, what we wear, how we present ourselves, the medications or drugs we (ab)use, how we spend our money, what we spend our money on, how we interact with each-other, how we think about others, what we ‘care’ about and why; Everything is driven by our desire of getting ‘more’ energy, getting ‘more’ filled-up, getting a bigger ‘mouth-full’ of everything, and within this we for a moment cover-up our fear and deceive ourselves into ‘feeling fulfilled’ –

which again goes to show the deceptive nature of emotions and feelings, which are nothing but polarity-playouts of consciousness based on ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’ in the nature of ‘energy’, and so we abuse the physical to satisfy the mental and have become literally life-suckers sucking ourselves and our planet dry, deliberately blind to the physical consequences, as long as we can cover it up with ‘beauty-products’, ‘anti-age surgeries’, ‘health remedies’, ‘green parties’ and other ‘political promises’.

And so we buy into and equally sell each-other PROMISES only, mental projections of FULFILMENT while we manipulate the energetics of existence apparently to ‘our advantage’ – yet what we do not see within this: is that we are in fact equally manipulating and deceiving ourselves.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a world where we’ve separated ourselves from life as the physical to such an extent, that we have become our own enemy; and we’ve allowed the king of thin-king in the mind to become the dictator of life and impose its self-interest onto the physical, disregarding the common interest of the physical of which we are all equally part of.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand the deceptive and manipulative nature of energy as emotions and feelings, despite the obvious evidence in this world that it is through our fears and desires that the system is able to manipulate and brainwash us into further and further control through consumerism and the ‘survival of the fittest’; and we even utilize the exact same methods of manipulation to ‘educate’ our children and to manipulate our reality to satisfy our self-interest: which is to get the energetic quick-fix and ‘feel good’, ‘feel better’, ‘feel something’, ‘feel valuable’, ‘feel alive’.

How can we be alive when we are not Giving Life to ourselves and each-other?
How can we feel good when all we do is bad, when all we do is in the name of self-interest only?
How can we be valuable when we abdicate our value as life?
How can we claim we feel something, when we do not feel the earth being sucked dry, when we do not feel the child dying of starvation and other preventable causes every 5 seconds?

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a world where we define ‘fulfilment’ in separation from life and in disregard of each-other, where each one exists within and as a separate bubble of self-interest creating conflict for fake ‘values’ as we’ve defined them through the mental, seen in the whole world and especially within and as the current money-system:

where we have imposed the energetic polarity attributes of the mind onto the physical reality and have completely missed the value of life as what we all share here, have completely failed to consider and acknowledge the actual reward we could all have, if only we would work together for what is best for all! Then we would have heaven on earth as life without fear, without abuse, without exploitation. We would have a society where we wouldn’t have to exploit and consume ourselves and each-other in our personal quests for ‘fulfilment’ –

but would self-realize fulfilment as Living Here to our Fullest Potential and giving everyone equally the permission to Live their Fullest Potential, at the same time managing our common ground in a way that it may flourish to its fullest and distributing the goods our Planet Earth unconditionally provides us with equally to all, in equality and oneness as life.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to be so mesmerized by the energetics of the mental, that I have superimposed the mental onto the physical despite the evident harm, while I have no clue whatsoever how the physical reality really functions, how my physical body operates, or how everything is interconnected with cause and effect.

And while we claim to or at least attempt to be ‘creator’ of self-interest in the mental, we have no clue about this physical creation we are born of and return to, we have no clue about ourselves as a physical creation, we have no clue how we manifest this world as we know it – yet we’ll delude ourselves with illusions of grandeur in the mental and claim all kinds of ‘theories’ and ‘discoveries’ that rarely have anything to do with the actuality of reality.

I commit myself to stopping my accepted concepts of ‘reward’; stopping myself from existing as energy through the mental only, always needing the next quick fix to ‘feel better’, and thus being distracted and destructed by the energetics I follow and give power to, while I miss the physical Here and my opportunity to get to know myself and my world as a physical reality of interconnectedness.

I commit myself to getting to know myself and my world through and as the physical; to see, acknowledge and understand the interconnectedness of life in all possible ways – so that I may live in ways that honor the interconnectedness of life, ways that stop the abuse and exploitation that is being allowed.

I commit myself to investigating and exposing all fake ways to ‘fulfilment’ as we’ve defined it in this world, and showing in common sense that actual Fulfilment can only be the living result of who we are and how we co-exist.

I commit myself to, as I stop the abuse through/as energy, get to know myself here as the physical, by walking my reality breath by breath, directing myself in practical common sense, and dis-covering the actual values in life as oneness and equality and thus dignity for life coming from self-dignity in self-realization as life –
self-realizing the value of life as the only thing that can bring forth actual Fulfilment: which is then within who we are within ourselves and with each-other and how we participate in our reality; hence Self-Fulfilment, as the result of who I am in every breath, as I walk the process of assisting and supporting myself in becoming the directive-principle of myself in every breath, standing up in self-equality and oneness, and stopping all energetic dependencies both within and without.

I commit myself to investigating and demonstrating how energy is in fact like a drug, like sugar, which, in spite of the temporary ‘feel-good’ for the mind, has long-term consequences for the body. The same with energy and energetic addiction: energy only serves the mind – while it is depleting the body and the planet, using mental concepts and emotional responses within and the ‘values’ of the money-system without.

I commit myself to showing in common sense that Energy only serves the Mind (which is the head of the body and has become a dictator) and the System in the bigger picture (which is the head of society and has become a dictator) – and that is why the ‘problem’ we are facing as humanity collectively and individually is called Mind-Control, which, fascinatingly enough, can only be stopped from the inside out!

I commit myself to living the realization and showing also for my world to see: that Energy only serves the Mind which is the system within, and Money which is the system without – while depleting the physical body of each one and the physical body of the whole as our one planet;
And therefore while we stop the mind-control from within, we also require a new money system that will stop the control through money, stop the deception of fake ‘values’ while correcting the misaligned distribution of resources and wealth, and re-establishing the value of life as oneness and equality through equal money, equal power, equal access, equal opportunities for all, from birth to death.
So that even the less fortunate and the less educated may be an equal part of Life, while we give ourselves and each-other the chance and the structural support to start-over and empower ourselves as life, to live to our fullest potential, while we start facing ourselves and each-other in self-forgiveness and forgiveness of the ‘sins of the fathers’, so that we may once and for all stop re-creating the history of mankind as we know it, and instead bring forth the world we would all like our children to be born into.



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