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Day 19: Fear needs God; God needs Fear

In this system, where Fear needs God and God needs Fear, both fear and god are trapped in a relationship of dependency where 'value' is defined through polarity in such a way, that abuse is allowed as the only way to sustain both Fear and God through infinite cycles of power-games;
power-games being the fuel that creates the friction that keeps the system going. This polarity friction that can be seen manifested both in the money-system as the world and the mind-system as the individual.

Friction generates cycles of energy ad infinitum, manifested within the individual as the thoughts and bipolar reactions as fears and desires of the mind-system; and within the world as the bipolar money-system of rich and poor.
Power-games is the basic energetic state of existence - within as without.

Religion has used both God/Heaven and Fear/Hell to its own benefit.

Religion is a consciousness system that has institutionalized itself to such an extent that it managed to benefit from both points: the mind-system /the individual and the money-system /the world - and has within this become one of the most powerful systems in this reality.

Religion has (just like all world systems: education, media, science, technology) used the money-system for profit/self-interest to maintain control over the 'poor souls' of the human, promising salvation and eternal life in some 'afterlife' while doing nothing to empower the human in this life for real in a way that all souls are supported and able to live without fear.

The money-system system functions just like a religion:

Religion has used fear to promote slavery to a god in the hope for salvation just like the world-system uses fear to promote the purpose of serving the system in order to survive.
It is a pyramid scheme.

Within Religion one fights other belief-systems for the survival of the ‘one true god’. Within the world-system one fights against each-other for the ‘survival of the fittest’.

Both Religion and the money-system utilize concepts of ‘sin’/’debt’ and ‘forgiveness’ linked to a 'higher power': 'god' / 'money').
A ‘higher power’ that is given the authority through belief to decide the fate of the individual, while the individual abdicates his/her responsibility to a 'higher power' - be it god, money, status, technology; it doesn't matter, as long as that 'higher power' is seen as and believed to be the 'savior' of the human, the human remains a slave.

Within Religion, dependency is created through the inner friction of fear of death/fear of loss and the desire for ‘eternal life’/’salvation’.
Within the world-system dependency is created through the friction of fear of survival/fear of loss and the desires of self-interest: the desire for a ‘better life’/‘safety’.

What is fascinating is to observe that the money-system has taken on the nature of fear as hell on earth; while the mind-system takes on the nature of god, where one utilize beliefs through which to project heaven/salvation to feel better while distracting oneself in denial of the actuality of reality.

Both Religion and the world money-system promote through belief an allegedly 'higher purpose' manifested as the hierarchies of both systems, the stairways of which the human is brainwashed to seek to ascend as if that were the actual value of life.

We can see that the current money-system as the world is in fact in its nature a religion; a religion that promotes consumerism, greed (the nastier side of fear) and delusion through belief, while it sells an illusion of 'free choice', since in actuality choice in this system is always determined by the power/money the individual is able to mine.

And the human that is born of this system and brainwashed by the system buys into the 'free choice' presented to it, because this 'free choice' gives the human the 'opportunity' to create its own self-religion as world-view and beliefs – which gives the individual a means to 'justify' his/her existence and lifestyle and why one never question what one serves while one follows fake values like 'money', 'god', 'power' – all of which are based in fear, wherefrom emerge separation, competition, deception, manipulation, abuse; wherefrom emerge an existence where we consume ourselves and each-other trapped in a feverish race for survival: the human race.

I commit myself to exposing the nature of religion for what it is: a belief system through which to keep the human enslaved to concepts and hopes of a 'higher power' that will forgive one's sin/debt and will take one to 'salvation' and 'eternal' life without the individual getting to 'know thyself' or taking responsibility for its existence and the existence of the group that is humanity here on earth, because apparently "god knows you" and "god will save you" and so the human abdicates its responsibility to an invisible 'god' just like we abdicate our responsibility to an invisible pyramid of a system to which we subscribe the power and the authority to manage our relationships, to determine our choices, to guide our will, to fulfil our desires.

I commit myself to exposing Religion for what it is: just another consumerism product that sells promises of 'salvation' through the 'forgiveness of God' without ever allowing the individual to acknowledge the power to forgive themselves and stand equal as life, because 'god' is placed 'more than' life;
and so the individual is not allowed to empower themselves but 'through god', which exists only in the mental, and so we have an existence of individuals with mental disorders unable to stand in integrity and self-trust and empower themselves through knowledge and understanding of the actual physical laws of this existence such as cause and effect as the outflows of our actions which are always a reflection of who we are.
And instead of supporting the human to see and understand that who we are manifests the world as we know it and that it is thus up to us to change our existence into an existence that supports life, Religion will demonize the world and the individual through a concept of 'sin' and will have the individual in fear through ideas of reward and punishment through a 'higher power' which one must worship and serve in order to receive the award at the end of the race as the promise of 'eternal life' and abundance in the 'afterlife'.

And so Religion has the individual focused on the 'afterlife' and distracted within mental concepts of a 'promised land' for a select few that are somehow 'special' in the eyes of god (not to mention the absurdity of different gods having different groups of people as their special 'chosen ones' and putting up wars against the 'chosen ones' of other gods!!!);
Religion has the individual trapped within this distraction in the mind, focused on projected fear-based ideas of 'grandeur' in some 'afterlife', and so the individual is divided within itself and unable to effective participate HERE in this reality we all share to make it into an existence that supports all life equally and leaves no space for fear, abuse, separation, war.

I commit myself to standing up and exposing all beliefs for what they are: concepts created to divide and conquer both the individual and the world.

I commit myself to standing for life and supporting my world to stand-up from fear and empower themselves to take self-responsibility as life and stand as one group - the one group that really matters: Humanity as life, all as equals in one world.

I commit myself to supporting my world to realize that we as humanity require to stand-up from fear, break the chains of enslavement as imposed through the current money-system of consumerism and exploitation, and bring forth a new system of actual life-support for all.

I commit myself to exposing all fake values to which we as humanity buy into and submerge ourselves to - so that we may all recognize the value of life as the actual value that is currently being exploited and abused in the name of fake values and profit.

I commit myself to in all possible ways honor and support life as the actual value that matters, so that I may be a living example for others to reconsider what they place value into and whether it is really worth abdicating our directive-power as life here on earth for some promised 'power'/'reward'/'salvation' in some 'afterlife'.

I commit myself to exposing the deception of Religion demonizing the world as if it's not us the people that create the world in the image and likeness of ourselves.

I commit myself to exposing the deception of Religion promising ‘salvation’ from this world and not allowing the people to realize that a 'salvation' that is 'given' through a 'higher power' in fact equals enslavement, because real actual salvation can only emerge through self transcending fear ad breaking free from the chains of the inner and outer systems; can only emerge through the self-will of a human that knows oneself and realizes its role within the whole as cause and effect and thus takes responsibility for its creation, by directing itself to live and co-exist in ways that will bring forth actual freedom for all and a fear-free society based in mutual recognition as life in self-dignity.

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