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Day 66: Puppets on Strings - The Automation of Consciousness as Energy

ART by Damian Ledesma

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How is Consciousness Energy?
How is Energy based on Polarity?
Why do we have the idea that Energy is something profound, beautiful or divine?

If we look at how we learn to communicate in this world, how we learn to think and create judgment: it starts at a very young age.
A child is born into this world without words, without thinking, without judgment – yet it communicates intimately with everything around it; no fear, no judgment, no separation.

The parent at some point starts showing pictures to the child and speaking words, and while doing so the tonality of the parent’s voice will signalize and encode an ‘energetic judgment’ in relation to the word/picture, according to how the parent ‘feel’ about it based on their own value-judgments.

The child concludes that unless it starts mimicking and adopting what it receives as input, it cannot produce an output that will be understood in this world. Thus it starts to adopt within and as a survival-mechanism.

So, where the child had a direct communication with the physical world all around it, it now starts adopting filters of perception ABOUT the world.

Within this we can look at consciousness as a meta-level of reality, separated from the actuality of reality and based on individual, cultural, and other interpretations ABOUT reality.

This meta-level is manifest as mental- and emotional-patterns, that we then submerge ourselves to and end-up basing our entire existence on, as if that were the actual reality.

What we ‘feel’ and ‘experience’ is always based on mental interpretations/definitions that we ‘think’, which are categorized on a scale between ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. In other words, what we experience is based on the ideas we develop and the value-judgments we assign to things in our world.

As the child starts imprinting word associations and adopting the adults´ interpretations of the world, it also starts adopting the mental and emotional polarity codes as presented to the child by the adult world.

Energy and energetic experiences is the result of such polarity codes/judgments.
Energy strings would be the lines between singular points that form a relationship, whereby such points can be beings or pictures or words or ideas in the mind.
The energetic experience of such relationships as connection-lines or assiciation-strings is based on how we define ourselves and the other in terms of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’.

In fact, we have mentalized our existence to such an extent, that we even see ourselves as a mere picture in our head.

The ‘fascinating’ thing about ‘energy’ is that we don’t see it, yet we have come to fantasize about it and make of it something profound, beautiful or divine. Why is that?

If we look at how we exist individually and within the context of our relationships, we will see that there are certain fundamental  things that we did NOT learn how to deal with:
We did NOT learn how to deal with our inner experiences and reactions as what comes up within us, we did NOT learn to communicate ourselves or to practically and effectively direct our emotions and feelings, we did NOT learn how to direct our thoughts and use the mind as a tool of self-support, we did NOT learn how how to manage conflict and communicate with each-other to bring-forth actual solutions that are best for all.

Conflict is seen as something ‘negative’ – both within (in our inner reality) and without (our external reality). More often than not, even these two realities seem to be in conflict.
How can we have two “realities” in conflict? How come the inner and the outer reality are incongruent?

What we DO learn to do, as shown to us by the adult world, is to hide, deny and suppress the ‘negative’, and use the ‘positive’ as cover-up and pretence.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the whole idea around Energy has taken such megalomaniac scope that all kinds of ideologies emerged from it, from the old religions to the new age spirituality.

If we look at spirituality (including religion) however, we will find the same basic pattern of Parenting that the child is faced with when beginning to ‘think’ and ‘perceive’: REWARD and PUNISHMENT.

Fascinatingly enough: another bipolar pattern, embedded within a hierarchy of authority. In sprituality we have god(s)/master(s) and followers/disciples, in parenting we have the authority of the parent as god/teacher and the child as the forced follower/pupil.

But does the LOVE of this world as applied in REWARD and PUNISHMENT really work? We all know it doesn´t. And yet, we even follow such bipolar tactics within ourselves and our own minds, where we reward ourselves and punish ourselves, according to whether we at a given moment judge ourselves as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.

What we can see is that we define things we ‘desire’ or ‘like’ as ‘positive’ while we define things we ‘fear’ or ‘dislike’ as ‘negative’. We then deny, suppress or hide from the ‘negative’ by overemphasizing the ‘positive’, often to such an extent that we completely blind ourselves to the actuality of reality.

Based on these considerations, we can say that Consciousness is the mechanism that emerges as the main idea/concept of Self according to the feedback we get from our environment, a mechanism that then filters the reality of the objective world into subjective interpretations ABOUT the world, using polarity to define its subjectivity into ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ attributes, with the tendency to ‘desire’/’seek’ the ‘positive’ and to ‘fear’/’avoid’ the ‘negative’ energetic experience - all the while it is ALL self-created, self-defined.

It is fascinating that we use the same words, yet our definitions of words vary according to the adopted patterns, experiences and judgments. Is it then at all a wonder that we fail to communicate effectively?

We can see that consciousness, as that which we define ourselves individually through and as, is never EQUAL to its interpretations of the world/things.
Rather, consciousness will look at things as ‘more than’ (‘positive’ / ‘superior’) and ‘less than’ (‘negative’ / ‘inferior’) in relation to itself. And based on this RELATION, it will induce different polarities of thoughts, feelings and emotions to develop a ‘world view’ that will ‘justify’ its existence and ‘explain’ its experience, which implies that consciousness is never responsible for its own experience, which is in fact its own creation, as it attributes its experience on external factors separate from itself, defined in bipolar terms of ‘more than’ / ‘positive’ / ‘superior’ and ‘less than’ / ‘negative’ / ‘inferior’.

Such bipolar thoughts, feelings and emotions would then be the STRINGS the drive us, direct us, determine and define us – in separation from ourselves.
These STRINGS become completely AUTOMATED and activate when triggered through external stimuli.
And what we do is start creating beliefs around such patterns of thought and experience, as we simply follow what comes-up inside without the application of any common sense. We then blindly accept that the reactions that come-up inside are ´who we are´ and we never question what creates an experience, a thought, a definition.

And thus we end up existing as PUPPETS on STRINGS - codes we have adopted, accepted, allowed or created throughout our lives in unawareness and fear, from the moment we submitted to the world consciousness that was passed onto us by the adults in our environment: the moment we gave up our own expression and self-trust as life and concluded that in order to survive in this world we have to submit to the ‘ways of the world’ as we know it.

…to be continued!

ART by Sylvie Jacobs

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