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Day 17: Remain Pre-occupied or Occupy the Space you Breathe in

We are so often pre-occupied with a 'problem' instead of realizing that once we see the problem we are actually also able to see the solution – as a problem always entails its solution.

Seeing a 'problem' seems to trigger our perceptual filters of judgment to such an extent, that we often become the problem the more we look at the problem.

That's where the thing starts to cycle, where we go from seeing a problem, judging the problem, judging ourselves, going into self-judgment, self-pity, self-loathing, and within this perpetuating the problem and becoming it even more...
Or we deny the problem, we try to act as if everything is "okay", thinking that if we do not look then there is nothing there, just like sheep that run into a bush when a fire starts, feeling ‘safe’ when they don’t see the fire.

"We didn't start the fire!" Really? Anything we recognize in our world and are able to name, we do so because we can personally relate to it, in one way or another. This in fact implies our responsibility for all problematic situations we are faced with or witness in our world, and it is only common sense to look at how we would resolve and correct a point within ourselves once we acknowledge its existence within our world.

Back to the point of pre-occupation.
I have been asking myself quite often lately how I can be the best I can be in my world. For some reason, I looked at what I can 'do', and it didn't occur to me that it's not about 'what I do', it's about who I am within everything I do.

I was so pre-occupied with feeling inferior within my current position in the world, judging what I do, my job, my lack of money, the fact that I have degrees that don't seem to have enough value in the system; I was so pre-occupied with the 'problem' I was perceiving that I failed to see that it's not about the job I do, the degrees I have, the opportunities that exist or don't exist for me to 'do something of value' - but rather it's about who I am within every moment of my actual reality, regardless where, what, with whom.

So from one perceptual judgment about my 'place in the world' I've created a whole idea about what I'm doing, what I could be doing, what I should be doing - as if that would make 'me' any better, any more worthy, any more meaningful. And I've measured myself based on what I do, what I don't do, what I can't do - instead of realizing that it is who I am within whatever I do that gives meaning to the point and determines whether my presence and participation in my world is of support for life.

I observed a similar point within my relationship. I have lately been realizing the main patterns I've been existing within, however instead of taking one point at a time and taking each point to a solution, a corrective-application, I allowed myself to be pre-occupied in the mind with all of it at the same time, making a mountain out of it and back-chatting about how "bad" I am, what a "horrible person" I've been, “how can anyone love me” and similar thought patterns, as well as focusing on the points that are not yet to my satisfaction.

Within this, I missed everything that is good, everything that is of support, the points that I HAVE been able to change or correct. I failed to see the actuality of my reality because I had placed in front of it a mountain of shit.

So it's easy to see that being pre-occupied with something is when we make 'more' out of a point than what it is. Being pre-occupied occurs when we are fixated on 'the problem' within our mind, and even though we may believe we are 'working on it', we are in fact only mentally turning it around without any actual effective direction in the physical.

That's where writing is such an excellent tool, because in the physical it's difficult to fool ourselves when we can see right in front of us, black on white, what we are doing, step by step. In the mind it’s easy to 'forget' - and we fail to see how many times we actually repeat a point or how many times we make the same ‘commitments’ mentally without any actual change.

‘Forgive and forget’ is a saying that applies here, because really, that which we forgive we must also be willing to immediately let go. That is the point of forgiveness. No more debt, no attachments, no left-overs. It’s a clean slate, and therefore immediate directive solution-determination is required to 'fill the gap': that which we de-program requires to be re-programmed in self-honesty, with a new script, a new pathway to walk and apply as resolution, as solution, as actual evolution.

So, whenever I find myself pre-occupied in the mind, I can be certain that the point I'm looking at has not yet been effectively resolved and directed, or I have not yet effectively willed myself to let it go.

It's quite fascinating to see the nature of self-consciousness as what we have become: it desperately tries to hold-on to anything that it's used to identifying with, and it really has difficulties letting go of that which it 'knows' as the definitions of itself, regardless whether 'positive' or 'negative'.

So the question we are all faced with is:

Will we be equal to and one with the box of self-consciousness we've become and remain limited to its habitual patterns, remain limited to only the 'known' and accepted definitions of ourselves and our world?
Or will we stand equal to and one with Life as all that is here and therefore stand-up for life to no longer accept limitation and abuse, to no longer accept life as ourselves and each-other to be enslaved to preprogrammed patterns and definitions that result into the exploitation and discrimination of life in this existence!

I commit myself to training myself to take directive action in every moment, to no longer blindly follow the preprogrammed nature of my self-consciousness in its limited and restrictive patterns of thoughts and reactions.

I commit myself to training myself to walk in real-time breath by breath, stopping pre-occupation in the mind and instead applying direct and directive resolution-methods to any point that comes to my awareness, so that the result is directed and resolved in the physical where it can be tested and measured - the physical as the actual reality we all share and have an impact on, and not the mental.

I commit myself to stop wasting my breaths to the mind where things are turned around and filtered through the laws of one's self-consciousness, and instead: to direct things in the physical through practical common sense, direct communication, writing, self-corrective application - making sure that I invest wisely the time that is given to me on Earth and is measured with every breath I take.

I commit myself to stop my pre-occupation with 'the problems' and instead to focus on living-solutions that can be applied by all and anyone in this journey to life as freedom and dignity for all.

How much time do we waste on the mind, how much time do we waste 'thinking' the same things over and over again, trapping ourselves into pre-occupation without any actual directive solution or change?
How many breaths do we waste looking at a problem, while we even make it bigger and bigger the more attention we give it?

Is it coincidence that 'distraction' and 'destruction' sounds the same?

While we are pre-occupied in the mind, we cannot occupy the space we breathe in.

It's important to use the mind wisely and constructively, in self-honesty and practical common sense.
That is the way to be and become the directive principle within/as self - otherwise what we tend to do is surrender ourselves to the mind and let it 'guide us' like an auto-pilot. All the while, the 'routes' and 'simulations' the mind is set to follow: were not programmed-in by ourselves in self-awareness. They were programmed-in by the impulses we received through our environment which is subject to the world-system and the accepted 'ways of the world'. And so we transmit what we receive - input equals output - and end up re-creating the same system we are all enslaved to, in the inner as in the outer.

So the choice we have - each one individually and collectively as humanity - is clear:
We either continue acting out the preprogrammed 'simulations' and follow the 'routes' that were paved by those who have gone before us and resulted to the world as we know it; OR we stand-up in self-honesty and use practical common sense to re-form our existence, both in the inner and in the outer, into equality and oneness of life as actual life-support systems in all possible ways of our existence.

To do that, we must OCCUPY THE SPACE WE BREATHE IN in every moment; we must be HERE in full self-awareness; we must question our own acceptances and allowances, question the definitions we subscribe to about ourselves and our world; investigate the patterns we participate in and the outflows thereof; and educate ourselves to be able to make informed decisions and actual choices in life that are rooted in self-realization as life, not in the fear-based and limited patterns that our conditioned consciousness is wired to exist as.

The choice is: to either remain in limitation, separation, enslavement, while we allow things to 'flow' in their preprogrammed pathways OR to break free and expand, transcend our separation with everything that is here, realizing we are an equal part of the whole and as such we have an impact on the whole and a responsibility for the whole – and therefore by making directive choices and living life-support solutions into creation: we are in fact able to 'stop the train', stop history which has been a story of ‘divide and conquer’, and write OUR story as Earthlings, to re-from and re-direct this existence into something that is truly worthy of being called LIFE.

I commit myself to exposing the nature of ourselves and what we have become as this world through the relationships we entertain, so that we may all see the opportunity of changing and transforming our 'ways of living' in our relationships on the smaller scale, in the realization that who we are and how we participate in the small is what creates the 'bigger picture' that is currently enslaving all and everything.

I commit myself to exposing the nature of preprogramming that we are all individually and collectively subject to (this nature to which we are inferior yet attempt to act superior to) and sharing the practical steps of standing equal to and one with this existence as ourselves: which is to self-realize the current consciousness to see what we have been creating through the accepted mechanisms of the mind system; to stop the self-dishonesty, stop the fear, stop the inner wars and the accepted division within self and get to a point of self-equality and oneness through self-honesty and self-forgiveness; and from the understanding of the role we each play within the whole to stand-up and make the choice of who we are going to be, which is equal to and one with what this existence is going to be.

I commit myself to bringing forth awareness of LIFE in all possible ways by investigating and exposing where and how we limit, separate, abuse ourselves; so that we may stop the accepted ways of limitation, separation and abuse and find practical ways to live that which will support all life equally to expand and express, so that each living thing may blossom to its utmost potential.

I commit myself to bringing into humanity’s awareness our interconnectedness and interdependence as life, so that all may see and realize that no man is an island and that what we do to each-other we do to ourselves, and what we do to ourselves we do to our world. Therefore we are all equally responsible for what is here, and changing what is here to be what's best for all will be what is best for each one individually as well.

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