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Day 36: Debunking that One Point of 'Higher Energy' | Has God become Consumer??

So in previous blog posts I looked at the points of Hoping and Waiting, Fear of Change, as well as how Wants emerge from our self-consciousness as a picture in a picture-world, where words and pictures are connected to energetic experiences and so we define our world and ourselves in polarities between 'positive' and 'negative', ‘want’ and ‘need’, forever trapped between desires and fears, actually the projections thereof, while we miss the actuality of reality and abdicate our authority of self-determination and self-responsibility.

Today I listened to two Life Review interviews which I suggest everyone dealing with or looking at relationships Hear (for Links see bottom), and through the interviews I saw further aspects that I had not considered thus far; especially and specifically in relation to the word 'Care'.

While I did look at how to practically live self-care, bringing the point back to self to stop the separation I have manifested toward the word and experience of 'Care' - what I had not applied thus far was the realization that Living is here in every moment. Therefore it is not about creating a new 'concept' of 'Care' which then gets projected into the future, manifesting again separation - but about Living Care in the small things, in every moment, Here.

It can be small things from how I breathe, how I hold my posture, how I relax within my physical body, how I eat, the company I keep to myself, my practical self-application of for instance stopping thoughts of self-doubt or stopping myself from into back-chat about what I still require to do, change, stop, transform; so that I may instead Be Here in every moment, living breath by breath, Giving me back to me, Giving me the gift of life in every breath.

I even noticed how I myself was through this point as the want /need /desire for care and the experience of being cared for: possessed within my mind, and not in a position to actually care for another the way I would like to be cared for.

This goes to show the possessive nature of the mind consciousness where it's all about 'getting' and 'receiving' and 'having' and in essence 'possessing' that which we separate ourselves from and then look for it to be given to us from others; wherein in the end, instead of me possessing or having or getting anything, I become possessed with this one point - which, looking at it now, I can see has been determining my entire existence since I can remember. And I have accepted myself to define myself through this point so extensively, that I've allowed this one point to infiltrate and determine all aspects of my life, my decisions, my choices, and foremost: my relationship with myself.

An important point within this whole pattern, aspects of which I described and investigated in previous blogs (see hyperlinks top paragraph) is the point of energy and the polarity friction as the mental and emotional energetic experiences and value-judgments through which we perceive and define our world and ourselves.

If we look at this point of the Want, Need, Desire to be 'cared for' and experience 'care': it has a 'positive' charge to it. This however implies that for me to want /need /desire the perceived 'positive', I have perceived me here as the 'negative' thereof.

This creates a loop, literally like an infinity symbol, within which self is trapped in a carousel of energetic ups and downs, none of which actually real, substantial, or related to the actuality of the physical reality, but defined and played-out within the mind, creating an alternate reality which becomes the experience of oneself and the filter through which one will approach one’s reality, with the result that self never gets to the realization of that point of for instance Care from a starting-point of equality and oneness with the actual living application of the word.
Who am I within and as Care?
How do I practically define Care?
How do I care for me?
How do I care for life?
How do I care for others?
What does that practically, physically entail?

In the same way, within realizing that one has defined Care within a 'feeling' as a projected 'positive'-charge of an idea: one is able to ask oneself:
What is that feeling I am searching for really?
Where did I see it, witness it, observe and define it?
Why does this ‘feeling’ have a ‘negative’ counterpart?
Is it real or is it only an idea, an image, a Hollywood concept?
Will I ever be able to 'have' and 'maintain' such 'feeling'?
What is the nature of feelings?
Why does 'feeling' exist within and as polarity?
Why and how is 'feeling' connected to the mental?
What does 'feeling' through the mental imply?
What have I missed?
When is feeling real?

The answers are often more simplistic than expected, because it is the mind that is complex - it has to be, because it has to create all that reasoning, justifications, excuses, filters, perceptions, veils to make sure it gets to hold on to and 'possess' that one point of Want /Need /Desire, because that is how friction within self is created, through constantly thinking and turning that one point around within the mind, and the friction keeps the energy running, up and down and up and down: and that friction is what preserves the energetic persona /personality as the self-consciousness within the mind that has taken over the being and replaced all common sense and self-honesty with the fuzzy logic of the consumerism system, where it’s all about 'winning' and 'losing', all about "me, me, me" and my self-interest.

Ironically, self-interest is not even in the interest of a being as such, it is only in the interest of a personality, a want, a need, a desire, and in essence in the interest of the system, because that is what the system wants:

consumers preoccupied with consuming more and more and more, consumers in fear of loss, consumers in competition, consumers possessed with their apparent possessions, consumers blinded in the mind and trapped within themselves, because that will make sure that the system is not challenged, that will make sure that the energy-game continues within and the power-games continue without; and as we consume ourselves and each-other, the system consumes the earth and the resources that are here for all through logistics of inequality and disregard for life - and it won't stop UNLESS we stop.

So - even though it's a simple point and actually self-evident if one in fact observe the actuality of reality within and without, it's not going to be easy to re-educate the world about what energy is and how polarity energetics operate, especially due to the brainwashing done through preying on man's delusions of grandeur:

where not only the money-system with money as energy, but also spirituality/religion and science/technology: present 'energy' to be something 'miraculous', something 'out there', something like 'god', something that promises 'higher dimensions' and transcendence to multiple universes –
when in fact we do not even understand energy within and as ourselves and this one universe we find ourselves in; we fail to regard and common-sensically study the multidimensional physical laws of this one existence as our world, of the one universe each has in its custody as our physical body; and yet we 'reach out to the stars' and have all these great hopes and expectations and projections of dreams and desires about some profound experience 'out there' somewhere...trying to possess ‘more energy’, but the more we try to possess, the more we become possessed: by and as energy.

This shows the extent to which we exist in the mental and manifest our world through the mind, imposing our mental wants, needs and desires onto the physical reality both within and without – in spite of the evidence that nothing we've ever created has made any real, substantial difference or has brought any break-through in terms of the veils we've covered-up our existence with, both within and without.

And the more we seek and try to find, the more we delude ourselves and the further we distance ourselves from the answer - the answer which has always been here: as ourselves and this existence as our creation.

I commit myself to exploring and investigating in self-honesty and common sense how energy functions and operates, so that I may understand and expose the energetic traps we have deceived ourselves into, both individually and collectively as humanity;

to re-educate ourselves and each-other as to how we can take back the power we abdicate to the mental through our existence of separation, fear, self-interest and greed;

to re-educate ourselves as to how we’ve used and abused words to mislead ourselves and each-other with energetic experiences of ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’, ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’, ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, ‘positive’ and ‘negative’: towards only 'our' individual desires created and supported through this consumerism system in separation from life where we create our relationships in separation from life as ourselves and each-other and only from the starting-point of our wants /needs /desires -

so that we may see how we have been manifesting the experience of ourselves individually and collectively as this world, and finally begin to develop and establish actual caring relationships with ourselves to begin with, with the physical, the earth, each-other;
through self-honestly investigating how we came to be who, what and how we are within ourselves and our participation in all our relationships in the world, investigating how we abdicate our authority and responsibility to others whom we then spite and blame when we don't get what we want - but never consider giving it to ourselves, becoming it as ourselves, living the solution as ourselves.

I commit myself to investigating and forgiving = giving back to myself: all points I have separated myself from through 'positive' or 'negative' interpretations as energetically charged experiences that I either seek/desire or fear/avoid:

because such energetic relationships indicate that I am making myself subject to relationships /to 'others' to fulfil me and will blame others/my world when I don't get what I want.
When in fact I am the one making myself subject to such defined polarity points and am thus mind-controlled by my own hand, through my accepted and allowed definitions, interpretations, perceptions, through a mind that was conditioned and formed not by me myself but by the rules of this world, this system, this energetic prison of existence to which I have subjected myself - instead of utilizing the mind to create me in self-awareness as life, as self-creation, in self-responsibility, in full regard and consideration of the whole as my context of existence, thus also investigating, understanding and considering the cause and effect of my existence not only for myself, but also for all that is here.

I commit myself to living the realization and sharing the understanding of what Jesus showed: that if you are found wanting, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Why? Because you are wanting the kingdom of heaven, yet you do not give it, you do not become it, you do not live it. And because when you want, you're saying that you do not have. Thus you cannot give. And a want is by design always remaining a want, a need, a desire, a projection; because one has already defined and accepted that one does not have.

I commit myself to bringing forth a new way of life, a new world system based on the principle of oneness and equality – so that we may GIVE to all what we would like to receive, love our neighbour as ourself, and become like the children in expressing, exploring, sharing, embracing all that is here, living in every moment, having FUN!

I commit myself to bringing forth a new system that will assist man to let go of the delusional and abusive ideas of ownership, possession, wants and needs, desires and fears – a new system that will show that fear is a deliberate and deceptive creation used and abused to manipulate and justify the inequality and exploitation of life that is being accepted and allowed.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that in a world system based on the value of life, where the oneness and equality of life is practically honoured and applied in all possible ways: all can have and all can give, all can participate equally in the formation and transformation of our world into what is best for all, all can be Here as equals of Life in this One reality we all share;
and that within this, each one can be the best one can be, realizing that equality and the value of life are not measured through what one do or the abilities and talents one have, but through who one is within every moment of participation, who one is in the context of the whole, who one is in the face of everyone, who one is in self-realization as life.

I commit myself to bringing forth a new monetary/management system for our world, where money is no longer an energetic thing that we try and possess and end-up possessed and governed by; but instead a system where we transform money into a tool of equal distribution, equal access, equal opportunity, equal power = within this giving money the value of life and transforming money from a tool of abuse and inequality into a tool of life-support and equality. That is what god would do, that is what Life what want.

So why are we not stepping up as humanity to do what it takes to take back the power we’ve abdicated to the systems of this world? The answer is simple: as long as we, within ourselves, are governed and driven by the same principles that run the world out there: we will continue pursuing self-interest in greed, we will continue existing in accepted fear and power-games of ‘superiority’-‘inferiority’, we will continue with our delusions of perceived ‘control’ or ‘power’, waiting for the world to change before we change.

I commit myself to stopping this self-delusion within myself, and aligning myself to my decision of who I am in the face of existence, standing-up to live and bring forth: oneness and equality of life as the highest possible condition for the birthing of LIFE in this existence.
I commit myself to sharing the common sense that it is time we re-consider what we place value into, re-evaluate the ways of our participation in existence, and re-form our world within and without so that we may give life back the value it actually has – give ourselves and each-other the value of life.

Obviously, that would be best for all, and best for each one individually. So let’s get real, let’s make ourselves real as life, that is in fact the calling of life, that is what self-realization is about: the actuality of who we are, the actuality of our reality, the actuality of our creation.

It’s time we take responsibility for our creation and the effects of our cause. Is this really what we want to leave behind for the children to come? Is this really what we want to return to?

Time to become self-honest; time to look ourselves in the ‘I’ – and See what is here, blatantly manifest in this world for all to See.

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