Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Day 38: Give me more, more, more Energy

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed an existence where we exist only for 'more'; where all our actions, thoughts, words are set to get us 'somewhere', where we miss the moment that is Here by following the mind that's trying to 'get somewhere', 'get something' - more, more, and more.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed an existence where we create relationships only to get that 'something more' - all the while we miss ourselves, we fail to be Here for real as complete living beings, equal and one with the physical reality that is ourselves.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed an existence where we do not live self-honesty, because we do not have an actual relationship with ourselves other the one that is dictated and driven through the backchat in our mind, where we THINK things ABOUT ourselves and others, but we do not allow ourselves to develop self-intimacy, self-acceptance, self-equality, to get to know who we really are.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a society where we are so bombarded with images and concepts of 'happiness', 'love', 'fulfilment', that we are always in a pursuit to make such images and concepts ‘real’ - but we can't, because we are trying to make something ‘real’ in separation from ourselves. We are only building illusions and are deluding ourselves into alternate realities, projections of our desires and expectations that are not even ours: but programmed and conditioned into a personality with certain backchat-thoughts as a framework based on which we then approach our world - to get that ‘something’ that will apparently ‘fulfil’ us, and within that we only fill ourselves up with energetic illusions, more, and more, and more.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed an education system that develops us into competitors striving to conquer the world through our 'ascension' in all kinds of hierarchies - whether it is the job, the peers, the money, the sex, the image, the 'power'.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed the brainwashing of self based on concepts of 'power' that place power more than life –

thus we have a money-system that places money more than life, a religion-system that places god more than life, a production-system that places profit before life, a science-system that places knowledge before life, a technology-system that places information before life, an education-system that places performance before life, a family-system that places competition before life, a media-systems that places idols, images and sensationalism before life;

and a society that places the ‘values’ of these systems before life, resulting to a society of individualized conquerors, where we'll divide to conquer what we can get, to get that ‘sensation’, while we exist in fear of each-other, jealousy and greed, in constant comparison and competition, unless we have 'found' the fellow preys that will validate our delusions as we validate theirs, and then we'll fake happiness and fulfilment because our life goes by 'our rules', but in fact it is the rules we are subjecting and limiting ourselves to: as the conditions we place for our conditioned 'reality' to continue existing as if everything is 'okay' and no change is required.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the conditions we place unto others: are the conditions we tacitly imply for ourselves equally –
yet we do not see the self-compromise because we do not look in self-honesty; we only look through the 'I' of the conditioned self-consciousness and its wants, needs, desires designed as a system by the system to keep us 'comfortably numb'.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to create 'rules' and 'conditions' for my happiness, my fulfilment, my existence - and within this I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to imprison myself within my own rules and suppress myself under my own conditions; allowing my own limitation through the concepts and ideas I have accepted in my mind ABOUT myself and ABOUT happiness, fulfilment, existence.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to let go of the accepted concepts and ideas of happiness and fulfilment, let go of the rules and conditions I've placed upon my existence - and dis-cover self-fulfilment within who I am, within what I GIVE, within giving me to me and living in a way that establishes self-fulfilment rooted in self-honesty, self-intimacy, self-discovery.

If we can see that what we call ‘life’ cannot really be what life is about - then we must be willing to let go of everything that is part of the matrix of what we call ‘life’ and be willing to discover ourselves from scratch; from the simplest things like breathing, touching, tasting, communicating.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed an existence where we try to communicate with our world through the mind, through programmed and conditioned pathways of information wrapped in labelled boxes of knowledge with a price-tag; within this communicating only about knowledge, about information, about labels and values in separation from ourselves as life -

instead of establishing genuine communication with ourselves to begin with: who am I as a physical body, who am I as breath, do I breathe with my body or do I allow an automated existence while I play god in the mind, imposing the wants and desires and fears of the mind onto the physical and thus instead of using the physical to communicate and interact with ourselves and our world: we abuse the physical to 'get what we want', to 'get more', and more, and more.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the mind ALWAYS wants 'more' - it is the nature of the mind to never be content, never be Here, but to always run around in circles searching, wanting, desiring, looking for: "something" out there somewhere - something that will give it more 'value', more 'power', more 'validation'. It is the survival-tactic of the mind to preserve itself as a persona, an idea, an image, a personality, a role in this game we call 'life' - a game where millions of lives are sacrificed in the name of profit, self-interest, greed.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that we never learned to nurture and sustain ourselves as physical bodies, because we have instead been taught to feed the mind: through patterns of thoughts, backchat, pictures and words, as we create alternate realities through projections of energetic experiences of polarity;
and the mind feeds on all the energy it can get, and keeps generating friction bringing up the same loops of bipolar thoughts, re-creating beliefs and experiences over and over again: and we still buy into, we 'feel' it, we follow it, we are overpowered by it, we are driven and directed by it, as we have given away all our authority to the mind to get us 'forward', and in this: we are possessed by an automated pilot that has only one thing in mind: MORE for ME.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that instead of actually moving forward, we loop within our quest FORreWARd – REWARD - creating only WAR within and without; as we seek our 'evolution' through the mind, through technology, through depictions of reality, never getting to know the actual reality that is Here as ourselves to begin with.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see that we have not in fact brought forth any evolution, any transformation, and that the evolution of mankind is but a mutation where nothing has in fact changed in essence; whereby we don’t even understand energy, yet we follow its transformations from the 'positive' to the 'negative' in infinite loops, abdicating ourselves to the mercy of the energetic polarity forces within (mind consciousness) and without (money system), getting ourselves into more and more intense spirals of war and peace, love and hate, dominion and slavery.

I commit myself to investigating the polarity forces I have subjected myself to as I've followed the backchat and energetic experiences emerging from the mind as program - so that I may understand the program, stand equal to and one with the program I have become, and start using the mind in self-honesty as self-support, in realizing all that which is Not life, acknowledging where I have NOT been the directive power of me, and giving that authority back to myself to self-honestly determine a directive that will redeem life as myself and all that is Here.

I commit myself to showing how our world is subject to polarity forces we have created through the mental and imposed onto the physical, manifesting inequality and exploitation, disregarding the value of life, betraying life for 'energy', for the feeling of 'more', when we haven't even accepted ourselves Here, we haven't recognized ourselves as Life, we have only been existing within and as a matrix of words, pictures and polarity-energetics, that has been our mind-control, equal to and one with the money-system as world-system we have manifested as a reflection of ourselves:

as money is the energy everyone is trying to get 'more' of without, and 'value' is the energy everyone is trying to get 'more' of within.

I commit myself to bringing forth an existence, starting with myself, where we realize the value of life as who we are, and thus form our ways of life in honor of life as the actual value - as equality and oneness - to no longer accept or allow the separation of life and exploitation of substance for 'energy', because we are only consuming ourselves and each-other in a game where there can be no winners.

I commit myself to showing that a win-win system for all life is possible and simplistic, but it requires us to stop the game and re-educate ourselves, re-evaluate our 'values', learn from our mistakes and let go of the want /need /desire to control and dominate and abuse life in the name of self-interest /profit / 'power'.

I commit myself to showing that we have created false 'values' and false concepts of 'power' in this world, which we believe are 'infinite' in spite of the evidence that that is not so, shown by death, at the moment of which the personality, the possessions, the concepts no more exist and the body returns to its equality with earth, with it all our memories gone with the physical- and what remains of the personality is but a picture in the minds of the loved ones. Dust to dust.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to consider the symbolism depicted in the creation of man from the dust of the earth and the fact that man returns to the dust of the earth; and that if god created man in his image and likeness from the physical – then why does man not honor the physical as the substance we are all made of? Why does man not create with the physical a creation that will support all physical bodies including our planet, but only abuse the physical to create the illusions of the mind?

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that if we place the mind as god - then we are its slaves.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that in order to transcend the mind, to transform the mind into a tool of life-support: we have to understand the mind, how it functions and operates, how we exist through the mind and the implications of existing through the mind.

And that equally to transcend the money-system and transform money into a tool of actual life-support: we have to understand the laws and silent agreements /acceptances /allowances through which we have manifested the current money-system over time, how it operates and the implications of such a system as the consequences for this world, this existence.

I commit myself to never stop exposing the atrocity of the system we have accepted and allowed and the deception on which it is based - wherefrom we are manifesting only an illusion of 'life', betraying life in the name of profit, exploiting the very hand that feeds us because we want more and more and more, never considering ourselves in the context of the whole as a physical universe but only our self-interest in the mind-bubble we exist as.

I commit myself to bursting all my bubbles and getting myself Here, equal and one with this physical reality, my body, and every body else - so that I may self-realize life as what is REAL in fact.

I commit myself to getting to know and understand the physical through lifting the veils of the mind, stopping the ingrained mind-control through self-honesty and self-forgiveness, and establishing a self-honest communication with myself, studying cause and effect, and walking breath by breath in self-respect, until every thought, word and deed is aligned with my decision to stand for life, stand as life, and be the creator of myself in self-dignity – so that we may manifest an existence of dignity and respect for life, as it should have been from the beginning.

I commit myself to investigating and stopping all points where 'I am found wanting', all points where I see myself 'wanting more', all points where I have separated myself from the value of life, all points where I've abdicated my authority to the mind to tell me what I 'want', 'need' and 'desire' and what I must 'fear' - so that I may free myself from the conditioned mind-control that keeps me limited to a only a persona, an image, a picture in a picture-world; so that I may make myself REAL as life.

When and as I see myself going into 'wanting more' or following an energetic experience in the hope/need/desire to 'get more' and 'be more' and 'have more': I stop and I breathe, and I remind myself of the illusion of the mind in its constant and never-ending quest for something to feed on.

I commit myself to nurturing myself as life through self-honesty, self-intimacy, self-acceptance; and through slowing down to the breath, walking breath by breath and not rushing into the mind, establishing an actual relationship of self-honesty with myself so that I may give me to me, so that I may give life to me, so that I may give myself the right to life and birth myself as life from the physical, to LIVE -

and from here to establish our relationships of self-honesty and self-support, so that we may get to know ourselves and our world as the mind we have become, to understand our creation, acknowledge the consequences of inequality, separation and the infinite desire for ‘more’, and stand-up to transform our existence into LIFE, in equality and oneness so that we no longer compromise life as ourselves and our existence.

I commit myself to bringing forth a new system of equality that will allow all human beings to do exactly that, to no longer be preoccupied with competition, survival, and the quest for the false 'values' we buy into within the current consumerism system –

a new system that will give us all the time, the freedom and the support to deal with what really matters, to deal with the matters at hand, which is the human psyche and its creation that allows for half the world to exist in suffering and lack while we exploit the natural resources of our planet that are given unconditionally for the nurturing of all living beings if it weren’t for the dictatorship of the mind that has monopolized the distribution of resources, goods and knowledge to serve the false concepts of 'power' and 'value' as promulgated in this world system.

I commit myself to not stop until all life is free and the systems we create to manage us do so in a way that support all life equally.


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