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Day 54: The Value of Equality within our Oneness on Earth

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that, once I make the decision to stand as life, I will be the same yesterday, today and tomorrow - meaning that: I will in every moment act and interact based on the common sense of what is best for all life, regardless of where I am or who I am with; thus I will assess the actuality of the moment /the situation based on common sense, instead of assessing the person /the situation based on self-interest, judgments, preferences.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the current system of favoritism and nepotism is disregarding this very principle of common sense as the value of life - and that is why no-one in this system can be trusted with life, because dependent on where one is and with whom, one will follow a different 'logic' and different 'morality', within this trying to serve another's self-interest so that one's own self-interest may in turn be served - instead of serving life as the common interest we all share.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that within the current consumerism system no-one can be trusted with life, as one will only 'respect' that which promises to 'respect' one back - instead of realizing that this has nothing to do with respect for life but is in fact the silent agreement of "I will allow you your dishonesties as long as you allow me mine" and the very 'logic' that keeps the system running - the world as we know it.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to resist standing in self-equality and oneness, out of fear of being alone with this in my world - instead of realizing that it is in fact within the current accepted system that we are alone as each one follows self-interest only;

whereas, standing for life as all as one as equal, one actually stand all-one, and there is already several people standing together and walking this process for life. And yes, I may initially have to stand and withstand the reaction or rejection by those defending their limitations and self-interest, until more and more people start to see the common sense and the necessity of standing as life in integrity, start standing-up to stop supporting the deception of the current world consciousness and instead start supporting life in common sense - realizing and acknowledging life as the only real value.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to resist equality, thinking and believing that equality is yet another concept just like communism - instead of looking at the principle of equality in self-honesty and realizing the practical implication of what equality entails:

namely that all parts of this Oneness that is Life have equal value as Life - and therefore any system we create to support life should be supporting all life equally in all possible ways and should be allowing all life equal power as equal is the value of life - then we will have an existence with no gods, no masters, no slaves; yet all will be able to get to self-mastery and be like gods on earth, expressing and expanding each to one's utmost potential and working together to manifest what is best for all.

I forgive myself that I haven't yet allowed myself to investigate the practical implications of what self-equality and oneness entails:
namely that I stand as One expression of Life, wherein all my parts as thoughts, words, deeds are equal within and without and express as One; and that I in every moment/situation apply common sense in self-honesty and act/interact in a way that is best for all.
Within this, life is my starting-point and therefore my cause and thus equally the effect I will have in my world.

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to think and believe that equality implies sameness - brainwashed by the consumerism system that promotes 'uniqueness', refusing to see that the 'uniqueness' the consumerism products provide make us all the same dolls and robots, while we suppress our actual real expression as life and instead mimic and copy what we see in movies, stars and fairy-tales, as we pursue self-interest through constant comparison, competition and consumption. And within this, we all become the same fake images like puppets on strings, while we disregard ourselves and each-other as life, let alone the planet, nature, the animal kingdom that have to suffer so that we may enjoy our personal pursuits of 'happiness' as pictures in a picture world.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that equality refers to VALUE - and that it is the only way to redeem ourselves as life and restore life on this earth, by stopping the fake value-system imposed onto us by all systems of this world as we've accepted it.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the basic problem of this world is the value-system it operates on, which is based on the basic polarity-design of 'superiority' and 'inferiority', 'more than' and 'less than', 'higher' and 'lower' - designs we adopt and apply both within and without, as we exist in constant competition with each-other and in constant comparison to the pictures/ideas/concepts we are impulsed with by the system (education, media etc.), allowing the concepts and values of the system to define who we are: as we define ourselves through comparison based on the very polarity design of 'superiority' and 'inferiority' and the fake 'values' of this world system, while we completely abdicate our self-worth as life and therefore end-up denying the value of life as we buy into the power-game that has literally become the human race.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realize that equality begins within self, wherein I in self-equality acknowledge my value as life and stop myself from being determined, defined and directed by external value-judgments driven by the 'values' of the current consumerism system based on 'superiority' and 'inferiority' through comparison, competition, survival;
wherein I stop the comparison and competition within myself and accept myself as life - so that I may stand in self-trust and self-dignity as life and really get to know myself and see what is real.

Therefore, standing in self-equality and oneness as life, I direct who I am in every new moment - yet the principle I base my existence is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow = it is the value of life. And therefore from this starting-point, I will express uniquely according to the moment /the situation I am facing, yet I will be the same, I will be who I am as life, acting/interacting in common sense as what is best for life.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense of what it practically means to stand in self-equality and oneness, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I commit myself to redeem myself as life through removing any and all judgment within and without and stopping all comparison and competition within myself.

I commit myself to live the decision of ‘I am Here as Life’ in every moment, and thus I no longer accept or allow myself to be influenced or defined by the judgments of this world that are always in the eye of the beholder as 'superiority' or 'inferiority';

And I commit myself to look at and address the very life spark in each being in my world – so that an opportunity is here for one to see self as life beyond the concepts of ‘superiority’/‘inferiority’ and the fake ‘values’ we’ve been brainwashed with.

I realize that concepts of 'superiority' and 'inferiority' are mental concepts of the world consciousness / mind consciousness based in survival fear and separation of life, designed to keep the human race in constant competition as rivals, so that we never stand together as brothers and sisters of life and pose an actual threat to the system that abuses and exploits life for profit.

I commit myself to showing that in a new system where profit as abuse is taken out of the equation and the only profit allowed is that which will be profitable for ALL LIFE EQUALLY : everyone will be "the same yesterday, today and tomorrow" – as we will no longer have to bend ourselves to fit into a system of deception, manipulation, abuse; we will no longer have to pretend to be something or to be someone, but we will be free to be and express who we really are, each one doing what one is best at and enjoy doing, within this joining our forces to manifest a world, an existence that truly is in the image and likeness of god, stopping the evil of man that is greed, fear and profit and becoming in fact ManKind based on the one principle that has actual value: the principle of LIFE as oneness and equality.

I commit myself to demonstrating how Oneness without Equality is deception - obviously evident in the current world system as the Oneness of polarity where some 'have' while most 'have not', when the resources of the earth are provided unconditionally for all, yet man refuses to manage the fruit of the tree of life to what is best for all, and instead uses the rotten fruit of the tree of knowledge to manipulate information and create dysfunctional minds that are driven by self-interest only, based in fear and suppressed inferiority thus always secretly trying to be superior, trying to be more, have more, get more –
while LIFE is left to deteriorate, both within and without, in the most atrocious ways imaginable.

I commit myself to showing that all men are created equal, from the dust of the earth, with the same requirements for food, water, shelter, warmth, the same physical sensations of pain and pleasure, comfortability and discomfort, and all equally return to the same earth at death.

And while each life expression may be unique, the basic equality as life we all share is being discredited and disregarded and made to be feared by the instruments of the current consumerism system which will place emphasis on the 'uniqueness' and create the fear of losing that 'uniqueness' to 'justify' why the system does not align the value of money, resources and power to the basic equality of life.

And the system will create our desires and sell us concepts of fake 'uniqueness' for us to buy into, out of fear of not being 'unique enough', and has made of us all organic robots that follow the system in an illusion of 'uniqueness', while that which could, if it were allowed to unfold and express, be truly unique as an expression of life, the spark of life as the actual living-force within everything and everyone: is suppressed and denied.

I commit myself to bringing forth a new system of actual life-support and sharing the common sense that a new world is possible if we, the people, realize our responsibility and thus our power as self-willed equals in life, stand together and find within us the common sense we’ve been missing to make life worth living on this common ground.

We only have One planet. There is no Planet B. So let’s correct our Oneness through equality as the value of life.



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