Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Day 39: Don’t believe everything you THINK

The mind speaks what it wants to hear.

So in other words we talk to ourselves in the head.

And that talk, whether positive or negative, will always be about ‘being right’. And depending on the conditioning, each mind will tend to either have positive backchat manifesting illusions of grandeur and magnificence, or negative backchat manifesting delusions of powerlessness and self-victimization.

So it’s always about manifesting and maintaining a certain preprogrammed self-image, with which one identify and then use to ‘justify’ one’s participation (or lack thereof) in this world.

So the preprogrammed mind consciousness is always busy ‘validating’ itself through self-talk, whether positive or negative.

In essence we are deceiving ourselves through the mind as a deliberate way to exist in denial and ignorance, pretending it is ‘bliss’ because we are the 'hero' in the alternate-reality bubble of our own mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed a world where ignorance is bliss, and where we are taught to delude ourselves into alternate mind realities, creating personas of ourselves as self-image which we will defend at all cost, just to not have to take self-responsibility.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see that within our existence as self-image, we are creating a society, a world, based on imaginative ‘power’, manifested as money, through which we try to control our existence – when in fact we have become slaves to our own creation, slaves to our self-image within, slaves to the money-system without.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to realize that both and within and without: it’s always about energy – getting ‘more’ – where we’ve defined energy as ‘power’ and we always seek out for ‘more, when in fact we have become slaves to energy, following energetic-experiences up and down up and down, but in the end it’s always round and round.

Within this I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a world where we ignore and disregard history repeating, instead of realizing that we in fact keep history repeating: we do not stop within ourselves the patterns of our individual existence as our endless seeking for the ‘high’, the ‘more’, the ‘positive’ , all in self-interest and in disregard of anything else but “me”.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to define energy as ‘power’ and ‘control’ – instead of seeing the obvious: that we have accepted energy to have power over us, we have allowed ourselves to be controlled by energy as the bipolar mental and emotional patterns we subject ourselves to and keep repeating.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to in the moment I see myself following energy as the backchat in the mind or reactions/emotions/feelings, whether positive or negative: stop and realize that I have the choice to stop following the conditioned programs that come up and keep replaying, as if that is all I can be, as if that is who I really am.

When and as I see myself going into following the backchat in the mind or energetic reactions as emotions/feelings: I stop and remind myself of the consequences, namely that I am abdicating my directive power to the conditioned consciousness of my self-image to create my ‘reality’ –
Therefore in that moment I slow down, and I take back the directive principle so that I may deal with the actuality of reality, and not with the mental projection of a persona as self-image to ‘validate’ who I think I am and what I think the world is.

When and as I see myself going into backchat trying to ‘validate’ my ‘experience’ as self-image and the image/idea I have of my world: I stop, and I let go of my ideas, concepts, expectations, and all points of self-righteousness, so that I may deal with the actuality of reality, in self-equality and oneness – not allowing myself to go into ‘superiority’ or ‘inferiority’, neither toward others nor toward myself.

I commit myself to stopping the backchat through immediate self-direction – because I see and realize that backchat only moves in bipolar patterns, either glorifying self/situations/others or inferiorizing and blaming self/situations/others just to have it “my way”, just to ‘validate’ “my view of reality”.

I commit myself to stopping myself from enslaving myself into self-talk in the mind – and to utilize writing as self-support tool to see things for what they are, self-forgive and let go of my delusions, and become the directive principle of myself in self-honesty.

I commit myself to stopping myself from following emotions and feelings, stopping myself from allowing them as conditioned responses/states to determine my decisions and who I am.

I commit myself to exposing the self-delusion we each in our ‘unique’ way exist within and practice in our world – so that we may free ourselves from the accepted mind-control and bring forth a world of self-dignity as life; where each stand in self-equality and oneness, in self-acceptance as life: then there will be no need to create ideas/concepts of ‘power’ and ‘powerlessness’, ‘high’ and ‘low’ and all the bipolar concepts and energetic that we’ve based our entire existence upon, manifesting such atrocious consequences for life, animals, plants, the planet, everyone and everything that is here.

I commit myself to taking back the power I’ve been abdicating to self-interest as energy, so that I may return myself to substance, earth myself, and walk in humbleness and equality with life.

Within this I commit myself to supporting the transcendence of our society through a new equality system that will assist us in letting go of our concepts and ideas of ‘energy’ as polarity – through equal money, equal access, equal participation, equal power – so that we may self-realize the value of life and give it to all that is here equally, bringing forth substantial and sustainable solutions for all matters at hand that we as humanity are facing, and substantiate ourselves within and as who we are as self-willed equals on this one earth: through practical common sense, self-honesty and self-realization as life, establishing systems of actual life-support that will support Living and not ‘surviving’, with money as a tool of equal distribution and participation and not as a tool of control and exploitation.



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