Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Day 91: Characterized Fuzzy Logic

In the context of the discussion on how we exist as characters in a movie rather than physical beings on this one physical planet we share, an interesting thing to observe is how the self-consciousness each one develops and becomes through the ‘education’ one is exposed to in this world consciousness system will develop its own fuzzy logic with which to ‘justify’ one’s individual existence.
Such fuzzy logic is created to form a world view that allows one to ‘live one’s life’ while the world is in flames. Such ‘logic’ is characterized by the characters/personalities one adopts / forms / develops and is specifically designed to ‘justify’ and ‘validate’ exactly those.
The fact that one is not aware of how such personalities are developed or that one is, in one’s interaction within one’s world, merely acting out different characters in different situations while no sovereign being exists that would acknowledge its value as life in oneness and equality: reveals to what extent we are but organic robots conditioned to function in a system that places profit before life and has replaced the value of life with fake ‘values’ like self-image, ‘power’, status, success and other attributes of self-interest, wherein our accepted and denied ‘inferiority’ is attempted to be covered-up through mental concepts of ‘superiority’.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a world, an existence, where self-interest is not equal to the interest of life and where we have separated ourselves from life to such an extent: that each one has developed a consciousness that has its own self-interest which mostly is in conflict with the interest of other beings; and not only that, but one is not even aware of how such consciousness was formed and developed.
I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that in a world where each one claims their own truth and the right to something called ‘opinion’ when clearly the situation in the world where all of us are affected reveals a truth that cannot be opinionated without prejudice: we are damned to eternal conflict and war – the war of egos.
I commit myself to showing that opinion is a matter of upbringing and thus subject to the beliefs, fears and desires of the forefathers – and that by following and supporting the conflict of opinions we simply keep history repeating and the world as we know it.

I commit myself to showing that our opinionated existence is the manifestation of our separation from life and into mind consciousness singularities that deny their interdependence and interconnectedness for the sake of Ego, believed to be ‘superior’ when in fact it exists from the starting-point of fear and accepted ‘inferiority’.
I commit myself to sharing the common sense that as long as we place value in opinion and fight for our differences: we cannot stand together as mankind and manifest what is best for humanity, for life as a whole.
I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself and my world in investigating the opinions we subject ourselves to and understanding why we do so – because within that we have the chance and the opportunity to stop our self-delusion and get to self-honesty in humbleness: the only way to self-realize life and set ourselves free from the prison of the mind.
I commit myself to sharing the message of equality and oneness with my world and practically living the principle of equality and oneness into beingness through who I am and how I interact in my world – because for our oneness on earth to be dignified and manifested as what is best for all: we have no choice but to acknowledge our equality as life and live/apply that equality in all practical ways, within and without.

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