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Day 95: Illusion and Reality – The Physical and the Mental

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a world where we create ourselves as mental personality consciousness competing for ‘excellence’ as ‘profit’ within ‘survival’-
when in fact no actual excellence is ever existent within consciousness, as the physical reality is disregarded and no understanding or awareness is developed about our actual physical existence as physical bodies on a physical planet; no realization of the interconnectedness and interdependence of the physical universe and therefore no respect for the bodies that are REAL HERE as the planet, nature, the physical bodies of all living beings.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a world where we create mental values that are apparently ‘more than’ life, manifested in what we call MONEY with atrocious consequences for life on earth including the human –
yet the fear and self-interest is so extensive that the human hides from its responsibility as creator in the secret chambers of the MIND, pretending to evolve into grandeur when in fact we are devolving into hell, depleting ourselves, each-other and our home planet in the name of energy as profit, self-interest and the illusion of feelings/emotions that are but conditioned energetic responses designed to serve consumerism and keep the system running within and without. (Watch the documentaries The Trap  and The Century of the Self )

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the entire consciousness matrix exists within and as the MIND through which we attempt to create reality yet only create hell based on illusions of ‘power’ and ‘magnificence’ while we hide from our fear -

and that this matrix is programmable as each one is able to see through common sense, evident in the fact that no child is born into this world with thoughts, feelings or emotions and yet a child is able to communicate directly and self-honestly with everything around it until the brainwashing imposed onto it by its environment starts possessing the child’s brain, creating a personality that is designed to adapt to the already existent system/matrix of what we call ‘life’ on earth, which is however not life/living but merely survival in a virtual reality of minds where it’s always about ‘winning’/’losing’ in an infinity loop of polarity where no love exists without hate and no peace without war;

thus the human is trapped, and so possessed with pursuing the ‘positive’ and denying the ‘negative’ that it refuses to see the only way out = to break the spell of the mental polarity system, stop both the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ illusion of energy, and get back to the actuality of the PHYSICAL REALITY where, through common sense, we would be able to implement simplistic solutions for life on earth to the benefit of ALL LIFE EQUALLY, and humanity could live within and as real ONENESS based on the value of life as equality, in actual freedom and dignity.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that a MIND will always claim that the physical is illusion and the mind is real, because the MIND always exists from the starting-point of fear and will thus attempt to ‘justify’ and ‘validate’ its existence by clinging onto its self-definition, fighting for its limitation and claiming its OWN truth, while disregarding the TRUTH of reality where in actuality the consequence of the MIND’s reign on earth is the exploitation and depletion of life in the name of PROFIT –
profit being that which every MIND always seeks, within and without, as a MIND only exists as the pictured super-hero character in the head, even abusing the body that hosts it in the name of self-importance, self-image, self-interest as EGO.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that the physical is real and the mental is the illusion that ends at death, even though in the time between life and death the mental acts like a dictator and attempts to exploit the physical in self-interest while doing nothing in the interest of life but whining, judging, blaming and making others responsible for the atrocity manifested on earth –
in spite of the evidence that every MIND exists within and as the exact same matrix of polarities, individualized in various combinations of personality traits that make it look unique, however it is evident that no uniqueness exists; only Zombies racing for survival like organic robots following the same consciousness programs – ALL equally responsible for what is HERE.

I commit myself to showing how each MIND will even create its own world view, which is always designed to make the individual ‘feel better’ or have ‘hope’ or ‘justify’ one’s acceptances and allowances –
and that the MIND will never consider life as oneness nor equality as the actual value of life, because the MIND always exists in fear/’inferior’ and must thus ‘protect’ its self-interest at all cost and project an apparently ‘superior’ self-image, existing thus only in pretense and make-believe states of mind while missing the actuality of reality that is physically HERE with every breath in every moment –
yet a person as MIND is not even aware of every breath that sustains it.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that if we want to self-realize LIFE and get to what is REAL, we require to stop the dictatorship of the minds and get to self-honesty in humbleness; to walk ourselves out of the prison of the mental and into the physical reality in actuality –
so that we may, breath by breath, stop the programs that dictate who we are and how we are supposed to exist and interact, and start purifying our existence in self-responsibility, step by step breathing in awareness as life, as all that is HERE;
to bring forth an existence that is Best for All, and thus equally best for you and me – as ALL LIFE must be EQUAL in value and dignity for life to be FREE.

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