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Day 81: Characters in Power-Games | Humanity as World-System

ART by Matti Freeman

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The basic point that is evident within the context of character building, is that the development of characters as personalities in this world is in fact the building of constructs through and as which we try to ‘cope’ in this world –
and that already when a child is born, its environment will anticipate and project concepts amd constructs of definitions and value-judgments, according to which the child will develop systems of mental and emotional reaction-patterns which in turn form characters as personalities through which the child manipulates its interaction within its world to get what it wants.

Within this it is obvious that all characters as personalities on the stage of this world are based in the separation of the being from itself as life, as every child develops its characters from the starting-point of self-interest in an attempt to cope with its environment – and because its environment already functions through manipulation (first of all the ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’ tactics the parents utilize) and presents no practical ways of equal and direct communication that would support the child in developing self-acceptance, self-trust and self-honesty, the child will equally start developing manipulation tactics in its attempt to stand up to the insensibility and inequality it is exposed to.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that the family is the first environment within which such constructs are developed, and the ‘love’ that is claimed is actually related to the fulfillment of certain roles through developing the respective characters so that the child ‘fits in’ and pleases the family members –
and so within that, the characters and personalities of the child to be serve the maintenance of the patterns the parents/family had already established as personalities within the context of the world system; and within that, such patterns only perpetuate the world as we know it.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that all love of this world is conditional – as it is always about validating one’s own self-created character/personality as self-image. Within this, a child is created to do exactly that, and friends and ‘loved ones’ are selected always from the starting-point of self-validation as self-image.

I commit myself to showing how as characters we not only trap ourselves within constructs that serve ‘values’ other than LIFE (ideas of image, power, status, success etc.) – we also trap everyone around us to remain in THEIR characters/personalities, because as long as personalities ‘validate’ each-other: the ‘harmony’ is maintained and all can continue living the lie of being ‘something’ that is apparently ‘valuable’ when in fact the actual value of life has been abdicated as less important /less valuable.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that our world as we know it – where everyone plays a role like a character in a movie – is in fact evidence that we have lost touch with life, we have disregarded the value of life and have created ‘value’-constructs that replace life, seen in the fact that in our actual living application we place more value in such fake ‘values’ (ideas of image, power, status, success etc.)

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that the constructs we have created through and as consciousness are always based on polarity and can only exist within and through polarity, seen in for instance the constructs of love/hate, reward/punishment, superiority/inferiority, power/powerlessness etc.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that an existence of characters as personalities is always about the MORE – where we play the game to get more love, more acceptance, more money, more sex, more fame, more satisfaction, more power, more control, more validation, more feeling, a higher kick, more experience, more importance.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that within such equation where each one is always only pursuing self-interest as MORE for ME or MORE of ME – it is no wonder that our world has become what it is today with all of our systems based on one thing: profit, which in itself is based on the concept of MORE for ME.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that the existence of characters is in fact an existence of deception – because if everyone is existing for the MORE, then one will have to find ways to deceive because everybody else also want MORE, but within a construct of polarity: for one to have MORE, others must have LESS.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that within this we are in fact deceiving ourselves – deceiving life – as we follow fake ‘values’ and ideas of grandeur, yet we only want the GOODIES for ourselves, and thus fail to CARE for LIFE as all as one as equals – and therefore we are deceiving ourselves as life as what we really are, and make ourselves ‘real’ only as characters in a virtual reality that is our mind where we can hide and plot the ways to get MORE to satisfy our addiction for more, which is actually based in our accepted inferiority/fear and the separation of ourselves from ourselves as life.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that if it weren’t for our accepted inferiority and fear – there would be no need to create ideas and concepts of MORE and to then go into the human RACE of survival where we are constantly comparing ourselves and competing against each-other, against ourselves, against all odds – because in the end everyone bites the dust and returns to the source that is the physical, yet that is too late as consequently at death one has no awareness, because all attention, all awareness, all energy was invested in the inhuman race for MORE as mental concepts and ideas of grandeur while disregarding our physical bodies, our neighbor as ourselves and the earth that feeds us, disregarding all life as a whole and the fact the 2/3 of the world population exist in atrocious conditions, yet we didn’t give a shit, because we were busy following the shit that the consumerism system serves us on shiny golden platters.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that the development of characters as personalities is in fact a malevolent possession of the human body through the mental, where the physical is forced to embody the mental concepts and characters of this world consciousness, in spite of the pain, abuse and deterioration that this results into.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that even though we are born as a physical body without a ‘character’, without personalities and concepts of consciousness – the body in this world is not allowed, not supported to embody an expression of life, but is forced to embody systems of consciousness as coping mechanisms to survive in this world consciousness system; and that characters as personalities are thus but a survival systems within, to cope with the survival system that is this world.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that as long as we create ourselves as personalities only and identify ourselves with ‘who we are’ as personalities, caring only for the preservation of such constructs: we abdicate our right to life and thus deny ourselves and each-other access to life, which is in fact the physical reality that we all share.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that characters as personalities are based on mental concepts of ‘grandeur’ – yet seriously: how can we expect of ourselves to be anything ‘more’ in any other reality/realm, if we do not even manage or care to make the best for ALL of this ONE simple reality we all EQUALLY share HERE!

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