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Day 78: Our Evolution is Mutation and Devolution - Have a look

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the insight from any spiritual quest will inevitably be that: we´ve been searching, yet the more we search the further we get from what we search for: because it´s ourselves.

from this insight emerges the realization that I am Here.

from the realization, acknowledgement and acceptance that I am Here -
the question arises:

where am I going?
how did I get here?
where do I stand?
who am I?
how did I become?

it is the answer to the question of our becoming that is the key to creation. and if I will it, the key to freedom.

here is the paradox:
freedom requires me to will it.
yet how free is my will to will freedom?

a trap within this all has been: that we´ve been asking for and searching for freedom for self only - in self-interest.

somehow we refused to consider: if I am to be free, must not all be free? am I really free if not all are free?

so now we are here.
we realize: our will is not free. our will is trapped. where? how? what is pulling the strings of our decisions, choices, ways?

let´s look at the polarity within this world and we as humanity are existing as -

let´s look at our evolution on an individual level - what becomes of a human being:

the mutation of the mind consciousness
the devolution of the physical body

and the spirit?

the holy spirit of life has become de-man

`demonic´ as the actual nature of the human psyche

`angelic´ as the delusional ideas of grandeur of the human mind

the body trapped within the battle of the two, inspite of the fact that both polarities are but illusion -

yet made real -

the`demonic´ rules within the physical world as a externalization of the secret mind where we always try to get `our way´ (self-interest) and thus manifest hell on earth;
and to not have to face ourselves we dress it up in beutiful words and colors, and it looks `angelic´ but behind the pretended (and often believed) `benevolence´ hides the motive of self-importance that disregards the interest of the whole as life, acting always in self-interest, driven by fear, based in separation from life.

the positive and the negative exist as consciousness and cannot exist without each-other, yet compete for survival and divide the individual that is trapped within the cycles of polarities -
not really moving, rather being driven through the same energetic patterns, which often mutate with time - the personalities may change, but the name of the game is the same.

what is the name of the game? what are the power-games we play, both in our relationships and within ourselves in the mind?

the world is the manifestation of that struggle, those inner bipolar conflicts

they express through our politics, our education systems, our money system, and all externalizations of our nature, which, how long can we deny it, is rather disgusting.

yet fascinatingly enough the most negative message is the most positive message

a global orgasm of energy that is waiting to be directed

a reflection of ourselves

in a world trapped in fear, consumption, greed

ourselves: lost

we´ve been searching

but in self-interest

we´ve been looking

but outside of ourselves

our evolution has proven itself to be a problem

in the past 100-200 years we have been rapidly 'becoming' - yet what have we become?

organic robots hanging on strings of emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, projections -
driven by self-interest in fear, separating the singularity as consciousness from life as the whole

within that, in word, thought and deed  we `evolve´ into an enemy to life, an enemy to ourselves, seeking but never finding, and the more desperate the seeking becomes, the more nasty our ways become in how we try and 'get' what we think we are seeking.

god - success - power - control, - satisfaction - validation - revenge - the ultimate jackpot?

what we are in fact seeking is life - is ourselves. nothing and no one can give it to us. we must give it to ourselves, but for that we must give it to everybody else.

that is the chance that the manifested consequences of our evolution as humanity collectively and human beings individually reveal to us.

thus far, our evolution was taking place quite slowly and in unawareness, and within that, slowly but surely exposing the nature of our evil ways rooted in fear and set to self-interest - a slow survival struggle with lots of ups- and downs that were taken for granted.

all the while much blood is shed in the name of this `holy war´.

religion and spirituality failed to show a common-sensible way towards a betterment of what has become 'humanity'.

we have been seeking, but we got lost in following projections of 'grandeur' and 'divinity' as one can see within new age; and lost in the chambers of our secret mind where we've been suppressing and denying the 'evil' nature of ourselves - our fear and self-interest, our abuse of energy -


not only our relationships have suffered from our addiction to energy - we haven't even been able to have a self-honest relationship with ourselves within ourselves and how we participate in our reality in every moment, such that the body would not have to undergo such traumas, because we do not get to actually CARE for ourselves as life, get to know ourselves as life, and live so that the body flourishes a stable health instead of deteriorating with every breath.

so the time is definitely here.

call it revelations, call it judgment day, call it armageddon, call it the number of the beast, call it the end times -

it is about each and every one of us and all of us together as one humanity, one body, one universe.

we have the chance to take evolution in our own hands. the how is currently being understood like never before, seen in the global arena in a small group of people like you and me -desteni-, that redefine the starting-point of living in self-honesty, in self-forgiveness and through self-corrective living application. we train ourselves in becoming the living solution for ourselves, away from concepts of superiority/inferiority, god/devil,love/fear, power/powerlessness, more/less; stopping the addiction to the positive/negative energy cycles, and substantiating ourselves within the physical reality we all share - which includes every single being we meet and every cell in our bodies.

it's not what we do that defines who we are. who we are shows within what we do. and it´s about who we are within whatever we do.

the starting-point defines everything.

the starting-points determines the outflow.

the starting-point from which we´ve been existing has proven intolerable, an enemy of life, a fake trophy on a podest in the name of which we kill.

it is time to stop our separation, individually and collectively, and find back to substance, back to life, back to living.
stop survival and waging wars - start living and manifesting life as equality, freedom, peace, expression; an equilibrium in oneness with all.

a global change will require each and every one of us - standing also for those that are not able to stand for themselves: the animals, nature, the starving, the children, the exploited.

as consciousness we´ll keep on fighting trying to win, to be right, to be validated, to find, to ascend, to be enlightened

as life we will stop the game, and stand as self-willed equals to `enlighten´ our existence as a whole.

we have no choice as life but to stand for ALL LIFE to be ONE - and for LIFE to be ONE all abuse and exploitation must stop; all polarity and thehiearchies deriving therefrom must stop; all greed and self-interest must be transformed to expression worthy of life that are lived in the interest of life.

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