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Day 83: Deconstructing Characters – The Philosopher

ART by Ann Van Den Broeck

For context please read:

When looking back at my life, I see how throughout my studies, especially through meeting new places and new people, I started expanding my view of the world, and at some point I developed this personality of a ‚philosopher’, seeking to understand my existence and my experience.
What I had not considered back then, is that I was in fact developing theories that would VALIDATE my experience/existence, within this completely disregarding the implications that would emanate from my theories.

Since I came across the desteni group and started questioning how I created my beliefs and most of all WHY, I realized that the starting-point of it all has always been one point: that I did not have to change. Now I realize that any world view we develop, is aimed at ‘justifying’ our existence as is.
Some theories I had developed included that the world needs to change, but somehow I hadn’t count myself in, nor had I considered in what practical ways the world needs to change or how such change could come forth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a personality/character as ‘the philosopher’ in a quest to explain why my experience was what it was – within this in fact projecting all responsibility to my world/environment, never considering that I, too, require a self-responsible direction towards change.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that my theories as ‘philosopher’ were based on my desire to see a world united and a human race dignified, yet I was projecting the whole point far too far from myself and from common sense practical application, so much so that any theory would become like a utopia, a dream, that could only be accomplished through some miraculous way.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that going into spirituality and trying to ‘find’ something there, was in fact a continuation of my philosopher’s trip, in fact further and further away from myself, as I gave my responsibility and directive principle away to concepts of ‘divinity’ and ‘salvation’ that would miraculously take place someday, somewhere, somehow.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that through that character/personality as ‘the philosopher’ I looked at existence in separation, and never consider what outflows, effects and consequences MY actual practical application in every moment has on existence as a whole;
nor did I consider that I was responsible for the experience of myself and that I had in fact played an equal role in the creation of my experience/existence.

I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that I was creating this personality/character to in a way ‘elevate’ myself from the actuality of my reality into a ‘superior’ position from which I could talk about everything without placing myself as part of it all.

Within this I forgive myself that I had accepted and allowed myself to deny my self-responsibility and instead to create theories that would ‘validate’ my experience as if it were real, instead of investigating and understanding how I myself was creating my experiences through my own acceptances and allowances, and also through the suppressed fear and ‘inferiority’ which I had attempted to hide from, and to do so I had projected a certain ‘superiority’ just to ‘feel better’ while I deny the actuality of my reality.

I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to consider that all philosophy has thus far brought no substantial change or evolution within our world, because no philosophy has thus far questioned the system it its entirety – which would include self as equal and one to the system.

I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the human, which includes me, exists in the image and likeness of the system, and that everything that we see ‘out there’ in fact exists ‘in here’, within ourselves, as ourselves – yet we have separated ourselves to such an extent that we claim this cannot be, and we use the layers of deception and pretense as beliefs, fears and desires that we hide behind to ‘justify’ why we are not responsible.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to consider the consequence of my application as ‘philosopher’, wherein I not only held myself within a position of believed ‘superiority’ without actually contributing to a better world, but have at the same time allowed others that ‘agreed’ with me to remain trapped in the same constructs as well, as we have mutually ‘validated’ our ‘purpose’ to each-other, just to not have to deal with the fact that we never actually brought forth practical solutions in self-honesty:
we merely talked and talked and talked our minds out, never in fact questioning the system, refusing to see that the only reason we were able to do so was because we had the money that paid for us to waste our time while feeling ‘good’ about it.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that since no philosophy has thus far brought forth any substantial change toward the betterment of life for all of humanity – then we must have missed something substantial on the way: that we have missed ourselves and our responsibility for life, as life.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that if we do not care for life in fact, care enough to question the current system of exploitation and consider practical ways to change the system to the benefit of LIFE as best for all: then we are not equal to life, we are not life, we are less than life – and yet each one of us that has money in their pocket and food to eat is so preoccupied in the mind with ideas of grandeur and profoundness, trying to be MORE than life.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that self-interest (which manifests in the world as the current system of consumerism where profit is placed before life) is not life, it is merely a survival-system which we in our acceptance of fear and ‘inferiority’ have become, and in order to deny this fact we have projected all kinds of ‘superior’ ideas and created systems and concepts to help us pursue these ideas as if they were real – all the while we trap ourselves in an illusion from which it’s gonna take great effort and self-honesty to break free.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that responsibility is in fact power – and that we only refuse to take responsibility out of fear, and only if the current positions of power allow us some level of ‘freedom’ and ‘profit’ while billions suffer.

I commit myself to showing that we only create philosophies to ‘justify’ or ‘explain’ our OWN point of view, without questioning the system, otherwise all wisdom of the world would already have effected a substantial change toward the betterment of life for all, even within the limitations of this reality.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that even our science is in fact not much more than mere philosophy, since the scientists developing/applying science are equally human beings like you and me, trapped within and as a mind consciousness system that is based in fear, denial, and self-interest and thus fails to include self in every equation to see and realize the responsibility each one and all of us together hold for LIFE.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that science and philosophy look ‘out there’ to find answers, while the real questions and answers are right Here, within ourselves and our world, throughout all our relationships; and that if we do not manage to sort THAT out to the benefit of ALL LIFE, then any progress in science or philosophy is but a sort of mental masturbation, an alternate reality luxury while 2/3 of the world suffer –
2/3 of which any ONE could be you or me, since we are born into this world without choice and our survival and opportunities in life are subject to the conditions of our immediate environment.

I commit myself to showing that the time is here to develop a practical philosophy in the interest of LIFE – a philosophy that will go beyond fear to include ALL life in its considerations; a philosophy that will question all current beliefs and will make sure it is not based on belief or mere ‘wishful thinking’; a philosophy that emerges from the actual understanding of this world and how we came to be what we are here now as humanity on earth, the actual understanding of consequence from which would  emerge the solution of how to proceed or what to change in order to no more create such atrocious consequences for life; a philosophy that can be practically applied by anyone and that would be mathematically certain to manifest what is best for ALL life because it has its starting-point in the interest of life as a WHOLE.

To understand more about how we’ve been creating consequence through acceptance and allowance, investigate desteni – to see why we propose an equal money system as a first step towards an actual change in this world, investigate the objectives we present on the website

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