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Day 85: Deconstructing Characters – The Victim

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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What is interesting within the process of getting to an understanding about how we exist merely as characters/personalities, emerging in our formative years from a point of accepted inferiority towards the world wherein we separate ourselves from ourselves as life and align ourselves to the world consciousness as a coping-mechanism to survive in this world system; 

Whereby we from that point of accepted yet suppressed and denied ‘inferiority’ attempt to ‘equalize’ ourselves by jumping to the opposite polarity and creating personalities/characters that are seemingly ‘superior’ so that we can at least get a sense of control, a feeling of justice –
When obviously that ‘control’ only exists within compromise and limitation, and justice… how can justice ever exist within a system of separation and polarity…

What is interesting however, is that there exists such thing as the attempt to derive that sense of ‘power’ and ‘justice’ through creating and accessing the character/personality of ‘the victim’.

The victim will always blame others for its experience/existence, and will underline and emphasize its ‘victimization’ in order to get attention, which is in essence energy, and thus within that feed its self-definition as mind consciousness.

The victim will indulge in self-pity and will present itself as a victim in an attempt to find others who will ‘agree’ and ‘validate’ the victim’s point of view – usually it’s gonna be characters/ personalities that see themselves as ‘benevolent’ and ‘understanding’ that will tend to pity the victim and ‘agree’ to ‘validate’ the victim’s position.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that there is no actual benevolence within that, because ‘validating’ the self-pity and self-victimization of a personality traps it only further in its construct of ‘victimhood’;
and that actual benevolence would be to in fact point out that ‘the victim’ is abdicating its responsibility through projections of blame and thus abdicates its power by making others responsible –
and that that is in fact not only deception and abuse, but in essence self-deception and self-abuse.

I forgive myself that I’ve ever accepted and allowed myself to feel ‘victimized’, not realizing that I was in those moments abdicating my power and responsibility, choosing to be a ‘victim’ because then I can blame others and indulge in self-pity instead of finding practical ways to stand in self-dignity and direct myself and the situation in self-honesty and common sense.

I forgive myself that I’ve ever accepted and allowed myself to pity another that is presenting themselves as a victim, thinking and believing I am doing another a favor or I am being a ‘good person’, instead of realizing that I was within that only perpetuating the ‘victim’s’ self-dishonesty.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that personalities/characters of mind consciousness in this world ‘help’ each-other in self-dishonesty, self-deception, self-abuse – and that this is the main ‘service’ offered by friends and also family, which is a service to the mind, instead of standing up in self-honesty and doing a service to LIFE:

equally assisting and supporting another to realize their self-dishonesty, self-abdication and self-abuse, to acknowledge the consequences such self-separation is manifesting and the harm done unto their world as well.

I commit myself to showing the common sense that even the ‘victim’ or the ‘inferior’ is in fact an equally evil part of the power-game of polarity that we accept and allow ourselves to play both within, in the mind, and without, in the world;

and that as long as we separate ourselves from our physical equality and oneness into the mental as a consciousness of power-games: we cannot be equal to and one with life, as we are in fact abdicating our right to life by placing more value in ‘winning’ the game we set our mind on, whether it’s about ‘winning’ as ‘the victim’ or ‘winning’ as ‘the victor’- it’s all about the EGO.

I commit myself to stopping myself every time I find myself going into a feeling of being ‘victimized’- and to align myself in self-dignity to take responsibility for myself and the experience of myself, so that I may direct myself and the situation in self-honesty and common sense.

I commit myself to stopping myself every time I find myself going into pitying another or wanting to show ‘understanding’ when another is presenting themselves as a ‘victim’- and to instead stand in the shows of that person and share how I would bring the point back to self and take self-responsibility to no longer abuse my world through projections of blame, to no longer abuse myself through indulging in self-pity and thus self-dishonesty.

I commit myself to showing how all personalities/characters of this world in fact ‘work together’ through silent agreements of consciousness to perpetuate and keep in place the current world consciousness system that manifests the world as we know it:

where we exist in separation from life, from ourselves, from each-other, only communicating from that starting-point of separation which results into power-games, blame, revenge and all the nasty stuff humanity is capable of.

Within this I commit myself to sharing the common sense that characters/personalities as what we exist through as mind consciousness systems: serve only the mind and thus separation, and not life as oneness and equality.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that if we really want to restore LIFE on earth for all living things including ourselves: we have to realize that we cannot afford to continue existing as characters/personalities as EGO, and that we will have to identify and remove all such constructs from ourselves and our world, so that we may get to self-honesty and actual communication about what REALLY MATTERS, giving Life the value of Life so that all matter is honored and respected equally and we no longer allow mental constructs and power-games to direct our existence into such atrocity as what we currently witness in our world.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that to do so, we’ll have to stop our addiction to energy – the energy we get from attention, validation, righteousness, attainment, winning, being ‘something’, being ‘someone’ etc. – and we’ll have to find it within us to actually CARE for LIFE instead of caring for our self-interest, to actually LOVE LIFE instead of loving that which gives us what we call ‘power’, ‘satisfaction’, ‘validation’, a sense of ‘value’;

This is the only way to ‘prove’ that we are worthy of life, the only way to stand equal to and one with life, and stop all polarity value-judgments and mental games – they have never ever served LIFE.

It is time to do ourselves a real service and walk ourselves out of the Ego and into LIFE as oneness and equality.

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