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Day 84: Deconstructing Characters – The Self-Righteous

ART by Ingrid Schaefer

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One of the main characteristics of characters as the personalities we develop to çope’within this world consciousness, is that of self-righteousness.

Beginning with the parents imposing their expectations, their fears and desires, their value-judgments, their entire world view onto the child – within this being self-righteous about what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’, about when the child ‘deserves more’ or ‘deserves less’, about who is ‘superior’ and who is ‘inferior’- to the child rebelling and within that creating its own point of self-righteousness, whether that is acted out or not.

So, even though there exists the personality of/as ‘the self-righteous’, which some people develop and become more than others, this point of self-righteousness is in fact one of the basic characteristics of any personality/character building.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from myself as life, and to in life’s stead develop a mind consciousness system through my reactions towards my environment, in an attempt to ‘fit into’ the world consciousness system as it is presented to me upon my birth into this world.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that even the ‘rebel’ is in fact trying to somehow ‘fit in’ and find his/her place in this world – and that even if one’s place is seemingly outside the ‘normal’ or accepted parameters of society, the ‘rebel’ is still a product of society as a consciousness system and will as such develop their point of self-righteousness to for instance ‘justify’ why their choice is ‘superior’ or ‘right’ or ‘better than’ any other choice in the world.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to go into rebellion against the system when growing up – not realizing that I was within that in fact creating a value-judgment about the world as ‘less than’ and attempting to create “me” as ‘more than’.

Within this I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that every point of judgment in fact reveals a point of accepted fear – and that I was only judging the world as ‘bad’/’less than’/’inferior’ as a projection of my own accepted and suppressed ‘inferiority’, not realizing that I was in fact fearing the world and attempting to deny that fear through superimposing a character/personality of ‘superiority’, and this to do this, a point of self-righteousness is created which one will defend at all cost to not have to face one’s own suppressed and denied fear and accepted ‘inferiority’, to not have to change but instead keep on blaming the world/others.

I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to consider that this survival mechanism I had created would in no way support me in changing the world into a place I’d like to exist in – because what I was not understanding is that in order to change/direct a point, I require to stand equal to and one with the point and change/direct it AS myself.

I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to consider that as long as each one of us exists in self-righteousness – we all exist within and as EGO, and that that is no starting-point that would allow any form of change/direction in the world that would bring forth a solution/transformation that is Best for All.

I forgive myself that I hadn’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that within self-righteousness, we merely perpetuate our separation from LIFE, from ourselves, from each-other, and only support the consciousness system that keeps the world as we know it.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that it is imperative that we all investigate How we exist within and as self-righteousness, and identify the points we are self-righteous about –
as these points will reveal to us the suppressed and denied fear, separation, and abdication of responsibility that we have accepted and allowed;

and within that is the opportunity to get to self-honesty and give ourselves the chance to take back the responsibility we have abdicated through our projections of blame and judgment in separation – and within that we take back the power and authority we’ve abdicated to the systems, so that we may finally place ourselves in a position to give ourselves and our world direction towards solutions that in fact support LIFE as all as one as equals.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that it is imperative that we investigate the personalities we access and act out – as that will reveal to us points of self-righteousness and accepted judgments of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’ that we have adopted/developed/accepted about ourselves and our world –

in the realization that as long as we view ourselves and the world through the filters of consciousness as the polarity design of ‘superiority’/’inferiority’: we are not equal to life, we are in fact in separation from life; because if we were life we would acknowledge ourselves and each-other as life and would thus honor ourselves and each-other as equals of life, and all the power-games and polarity constructs would be seen for what they are:

mental projections through which we abuse and exploit LIFE, both within ourselves and our direct relationships as well as within our world and all the systems we create to manage our existence.

I commit myself to showing that the equal money system we propose will not only be of great support in equalizing LIFE back to its actual value and bringing forth the equilibrium we all actually wish for; it will also support the actual evolution of the accepted ‘human nature’ from its pettiness, self-righteousness and inferiority to actual growth, self-honesty, self-worth as LIFE.

I commit myself to showing that desteni is currently the only group of people in the world – and the first one in the history of mankind – that is daring to challenge both the system and the accepted human nature, in the realization that the one determines the other, hence the vicious cycles of abuse, exploitation and deception we’ve trapped ourselves in as we keep history repeating.

I commit myself to calling upon everyone that is able to hear the common sense here, that the time is here for us to stand together and change the course of history through restoring the value of life and redeeming ourselves as HUMANITY Here on Earth, for ALL the Earthlings including ourselves to EQUALLY have a dignified life from birth to death.

No gods, no masters, no slaves – No more abuse, exploitation, deception;
Instead: a world of self-willed equals that take it upon self to dignify our existence so that ALL LIFE may be FREE to express and expand and dis-cover what it means to LIVE, to CARE, to LOVE.

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