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Day 104: Fear and Desire as Energy Dictatorship | Characters Driven to Give-Up

ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

In my previous blog post I looked at how 'fear' and 'desire' exist together as one energetic polarity construct - and within that I saw that we often tend to give up on a point out of fear, not considering or seeing that the giving-up is a result of our self-abdication to energy.

Why do I say that?

When you want to do something or take on a point, and you end up giving-up before you even start, you'll realize that you've given up out of FEAR. What you can also see however, is that before the fear even came up, you create a DESIRE out of that one point which you projected into the future and within that separated from yourself.

Now - the desire is projected as 'positive' and is a positively charged energy, and with the creation of desire as ‘positive’ energy, its opposite polarity is created: the fear as 'negative' which is the negatively charged energy.

More often than not what then happens is that self will move in the mind between these two polarities, trying to 'decide' whether or not to take on the point. In reality however, it is not self that is moving self - because self has abdicated all directive-principle and authority to Energy, and thus any and all thoughts or 'logic' or decisions formed out of that starting-point: will be designed as 'excuse'/'justification' for the 'desire' and/or the 'fear', and self will end-up making no actual decision or making a decision by following either the 'fear' or the 'desire' yet not considering all the practicalities and consequences pertaining to the physical reality of taking on that point.

Whether then self makes a decision to take on that point or not, self-abdication is already taking place by the mere creation of 'desire' as a projection separate from self into which 'more' value is placed as 'superiority'; and simultaneously the creation of the opposite polarity as 'fear', the option of which is valued as 'negative'/'inferior'.

So - what can be seen here is that self has abdicated one's directive-authority of equality and oneness and has given-up one's value as life and thus given self’s authority away to Energy to decide and determine the steps that are to be taken –

and thus self is now in the hands of Energy and will accordingly follow the positive and/or negative thoughts and emotions that come up.

This results into unclarity, indecisiveness and often confusion. Then one will either become possessed by the desire and will pursue it, often without being clear about practical aspects or consequences; or one will become possessed by the fear and will not take on the point, often later going into guilt about the 'personal failure' one has accepted and allowed, simply due to giving up one's directive-principle to the mind consciousness energy as polarity.

What is fascinating is:

The only way we create FEAR is when we see or accept, even unconsciously or per implication, ourselves as Inferior to another / to a point separate from ourselves.

In fact, that separation ‘happens’ through that very act of assigning another/a point a ‘value’ as ‘more than’ or ‘less than’ oneness and equality, as ourselves.

The play-outs of polarity as energy are like a ping-pong game, where the same ups and downs play out repeatedly while the 'positive' and 'negative' cycle in the mind, and for a moment one side/polarity 'wins' until the other side/polarity produces a thought to claim its right - and self is again in the middle of the battlefield without self-clarity or self-direction.

What we do not realize within that, is that any decision based on Fear or Desire: is a decision based in Energy - and is thus not a clear decision of self as Who I am and what I stand for. It is a 'moody' decision that will not be able to stand the test of time.

So - even though one may not be the type to Give-Up generally speaking, this construct of Giving-Up as giving in to the mind and the energetic polarities that come up based on past conditioning: exists in all of us.

And each one is able to identify the small, seemingly insignificant moments where one gives-up one's self-directive power to the mind as energy, through assigning value-judgments of 'positive' and/or 'negative' charge to points one projects into some future and thus separates from the oneness and equality of self.

Then one is trying to 'achieve' this or 'avoid' that (based on 'desires' and 'fears') –

instead of LIVING every here moment in self-clarity through self-directive principle and practical common sense; no separation, no judgments, no confusion.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the application of 'giving-up' is something ingrained into ourselves from childhood, where we submit to the consciousness system presented to us by our world/environment and give-up on ourselves as life, give up our self-honesty, our self-expression, our oneness and equality.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed a world, a society, where children are faced with no other choice but to see the world as ‘MORE’ than self and thus go into a tacitly accepted ‘inferiority’, because the adults are trapped in the polarity construct of consciousness and refuse any other way for existing in this reality.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the Giving-Up Character will always see a point in separation from self as 'superior'/'MORE' than self here, and from that the acceptance is implied that self is 'inferior'/'Less';
and self then attempts to 'achieve' or 'gain' or ‘reach’ that point of perceived 'superiority', which only perpetuates the separation of self and 'validates' the accepted 'inferiority' as ‘real’.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that giving-up is a result of our self-abdication to energy - where we've given up on ourselves as life and have given our authority away to energy as the bipolar mind consciousness to direct and determine our choices and decisions in life; and thus we've only been following moods as emotional and mental patterns, but never actually been making decisions in self-clarity and self-integrity as life in oneness and equality.

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the consequence of existing as energy is deterioration and depletion - as energy is in its nature limited and always requires a source to generate more energy -
and that that source for the mind: is the human physical body -
and for the money-system which is an externalization of the Mind: it is the physical planet Earth.
(Study the desteni material and look into relevant eqafe products to read up on and understand the relationship between the mind and the physical and how it came to manifest the way it is.)

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that we have been consuming ourselves, our children and our home planet in the name of ENERGY as the momentary rush of ‘MORE’, and that within that we’ve abdicated our value as life as oneness and equality for fake ‘values’ created through and as energy;

and that every Character that is formed as a personality in this world: has particular energetic addictions – and that it is the nature of our addictions to energy that determines and ‘evolves’ the characters and personalities we will embody in this world just to get our ‘high’ on energy, yet in essence we in fact exist in the FEAR of not getting it, fear of losing it, or fear of others having ‘more’ /being ‘better’ /getting ‘higher’.

I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to see, realize and understand that the starting-point of our existence is and has been: FEAR – which is what we use to ‘justify’ our separation, our constant competition as the ‘human race’, our world systems as survival mechanisms, our money-system which we base on ‘scarcity’ and polarity...

And that therefore we have in fact subjected ourselves as human beings and humanity collectively: to FEAR as our directive-principle, as that which drives us; and possessed by fear, we exist in the anxiety of losing our possessions and that which we think we OWN or have the right to, in spite of the fact that we can obviously take nothing of all that with us at death and yet we spend a lifetime ‘protecting’ our OWN while we turn our backs on LIFE and let the world suffer in the name of OUR self-interest.

I commit myself to showing that fear is always self-interest.

I commit myself to showing that we create fear through our self-abdication as life.

I commit myself to showing that the only actual value is LIFE which is equal in all.

I commit myself to showing that polarity is a trap of the mind, and that the only way out is the practical self-realization of oneness and equality as life.

I commit myself to investigating all ways in which I allow myself to give-up on myself as directive-principle and to give in to energy of the mind – so that I may stop accepting and allowing myself to trap myself in polarities as power-games of energy, and establish myself as the directive-principle of me in self-honesty.

I commit myself to investigating and exposing the Characters of CONsciousness that we have accepted and allowed to possess this existence as ourselves, Characters through and as which we participate in life as if it were a game while we act out our caprices through power-games in a quest to WIN, caring only for our OWN self-interest, disregarding completely the fact that we are ALL here on this ONE planet together, EQUALLY needing the same air to breathe and the same water to sustain us, returning to the same dust at death, where nothing of what we’ve been fighting for is any longer relevant.

I commit myself to stopping myself from being a slave to consciousness as energy, thus stopping myself from following the bipolar patterns we have conditioned ourselves through – and to instead forgive and let go of my addictions, so that I may stand accountable, equal and one, in self-acceptance and self-worth as LIFE, directing myself in self-honesty and common sense in such a way that I purify and dignify my existence –
to no longer accept or allow myself to separate my world through fears and desires;

and to show that it is possible for us to exists in oneness and equality as life: all we have to do is give up the fake ‘values’ we’ve defined ourselves as and acknowledge our VALUE as LIFE – because within that we will also realize that if we claim the value of life for ourselves then we must also give it to ALL EQUALLY –
this is the only way to manifest actual peace, freedom and dignity for LIFE as ONE, as ALL of us Here as Equals.

I commit myself to showing that the equal money system we propose at desteni is the only common sense step to take as a first step towards restoring the value of LIFE for ALL and for our home planet, a first step towards ensuring equal access, equal rights, equal power to ALL – so that we may get ourselves to actual democracy where everyone is included in the decision-making for all practical matters of our Co-Existence on Earth.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that LIFE is interconnected and interdependent – and that thus all the harm and abuse we accept and allow is and will be affecting us equally;

And that the only way to ensure a WIN-WIN existence on Earth is to Give equal as we would like to receive, and to ensure that ALL Have all we need for a dignified living.

I commit myself to showing that it is possible to manifest a world where each child born into the world will have the equal opportunity to expand to its utmost potential without fear;

and that it is possible to support life to develop and flourish as LIFE in self-expression and self-will, no longer imposing con ways and fake characters onto our children, no longer playing games and acting in roles, no longer having hierarchies of different ‘values’, but instead acknowledging life as oneness and equality and from this starting-point manifesting new ways of life and new systems of actual life-support that will ensure the freedom and dignity of LIFE as a matter of FACT.

ART by Kelly Posey

Relevant Read-Up: Humanity is ONE Body, One LIFE

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