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Day 212: Be_Longing | PHYSICAL Dimension of the Mind Construct #3

by Sylvie Jacobs

This is in conclusion to my previous blog posts on the physical dimension / physical consequences of the mind construct that I’ve been looking into from Day 186: Name the Game - Laying out the Mind CONstruct
Day 187: Be_Longing | The Absurdity of Longing to Belong
Day 188: Be_Longing | The Trap of Infinity
Day 199: Be_Longing | Life or System?
which you can read for further context and background understanding.

In this post I am specifically continuing from

When I look at the physical systems and behaviour dimension / manifestation of the mind construct, I see that it is governed by judgment, comparison, competition, self-righteousness, self-abuse.
What this also implies is that we use the mental to identify with and we abuse the physical for the self-interest of the mental. This in itself is sick.
No wonder we are not at ease, we are in dis-ease as human beings, as what we have accepted and allowed to become of ‘human nature’.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist as a mind only, in separation from myself as life and from life as a whole – where I’ve developed and conditioned myself as a mind consciousness throughout my participation in the system of judgment, comparison, competition, trying to ‘make myself worthy’, not seeing and realizing that already within that is implied my abdication of my value as life, with the consequence of an existence in self-righteousness and self-abuse, as I have identified with and followed the self-interest of the mental patterns on which this world consciousness system is based, patterns that lead us to identify ourselves within Ego and separation, causing dis-ease not only in our world but also within ourselves as physical beings.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to submit to the accepted ‘human nature’ as if that were something that cannot be changed, when in fact ‘human nature’ is the result of conditioning and indoctrination (I suggest watching the documentary series Human Resources to understand how the system creates the human in a way that human ends-up recreating the system, hence we have history repeating not only in the bigger picture but also within the interpersonal relationship patterns of the individual.

What I’ve seen through my investigations within writing, using the tools of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, and practical common sense, is how mind constructs literally DEFINE, FORM and MOVE our physical.
(See how in various schools and methods like for instance kinesiology the PHYSICAL dimensions of/as behaviour, illness, reaction manifestations are seen in relation to the UNCONSCIOUS MIND. For more detail and in-depth elaboration on this subject see the Quantum Mind series at
In fact, we give the mind-system the power to determine, define, form and move the physical - the physical has literally become the externalization of the mind. What can be seen here is that it is OUR power that we abdicate to the mind, it is through OUR acceptance and allowance of ‘the game’ that we call ‘life’/’living’ that we give permission for ‘human nature’ as we’ve accepted and defined it to continue as is, thus equally for this world, this existence, to continue as it.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to abdicate myself, my responsibility and thus my power to a system of mental constructs that does not even care for all life equally, a system that is based on self-interest / profit and that will exploit life for profit in all possible ways – and this can be seen within the world system and money-system as it currently exists, as well as within interpersonal relationships.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself as a physical being, as an Earthling, to be defined, formed and determined by a mind-system of self-interest/profit, resulting to my separation from life, my separation from myself as life, and the abdication of my self-determination to a system that only exists within and functions through polarity, resulting to inner conflict within and war without, as we struggle to ‘win’ and ‘gain’ “value” all the while we are disregarding the value of life within ourselves, each-other, our world.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to go into powerlessness / accept powerlessness and see myself as powerless in relation to the system – instead of realizing that it is I that abdicates my power through abdicating my responsibility, it is I that accepts my participation in the system through the mind thus allowing the mind/system to have power over me and determine ‘who I am’.

I realize that in essence, it is always I that determines who and how I am, whether in awareness or not – and therefore I commit myself to walking breath-by-breath in self awareness as life, to make sure that I slow myself down and take the time here in every moment to direct myself as best for life (which is best for me equally) and thus determine who I am through self-directive will.

I realize that it is our words and deeds that determine who we are – and therefore I assist and support myself to live my words practically and apply the common sense realizations within practical-living, making sure that my actions are self-directed as best for life, no longer accepting and allowing myself to simply follow and submit to the mind consciousness patterns of this power-game we call ‘life’.

Living should not be a struggle, it should not be a race, nor a competition.
Life is interconnectedness, and it is absolutely worth looking at what life on earth would look like if we all would LIVE this realization and would practically co-exist as equal parts of Life, in mutual support and respect, which is in fact how everyone would like to be treated.

I see, realize and understand that through our self-abdication to the mind as the conditioned consciousness patterns we accept, adopt, develop, become, we allow the mind to have authority and to literally possess the physical, manifesting consequence: dis-ease, illness, depression (because if you really look at it depression is a physical manifestation), rage, etc.

Therefore I see, realize and understand that it is imperative to investigate and understand the mind constructs we have accepted, adopted, developed, entertained, become - because it is only through understanding the mechanisms that drive us that we are able to set ourselves free and take back the power we abdicate to consciousness patterns, take self-responsibility and stand as the directive principle of self, to really in clarity and self-honesty determine who we are, and what is acceptable for life, as life, and what not.

And thus I assist and support myself in doing so, to no longer accept or allow the abuse of the physical actuality of myself and my world through the alternate-reality-existence of the mental, into and as which we have separated ourselves from life, from each-other, from ourselves as physical beings of life.

I see, realize and understand how all our physical behaviors, experiences and expressions are determined by and through the mind: our experiences are always according to how we define things, and that definition: we are responsible for.
Regardless whether it´s about definitions that we determined and formulated ourselves, or definitions that we adopted through others - it is our ACCEPTANCE of a definition that ALLOWS it to define self, to determine self, to move self;

Therefore I commit myself to investigating the definitions I have accepted, adopted, developed, and allowed to define me – to purify my living words and make sure that the world I live are define in the context of life and thus in support of life, instead of how our words are defined in the context of the mental and thus in polarity, inequality, thus supporting the system of self-interest/profit rather than supporting life and who we really are as life.

Investigate the process of purifying words and practically re-defining existence as best for life, as we’ve been walking and sharing it throughout blogs, forums, interviews, etc. This process if also part of the Desteni I Process courses, where one has the structured support of the course with skilled facilitators to assist one in the process of lifting the veils of the mind system and taking back directive-principle, so as to stand-up in self-responsibility and support self as life.

Because the consequences we are currently facing in our world, within and without, is that we have abdicated ourselves to the mental, to definitions of this polarity consciousness that governs this existence, a consciousness that is always about ´survival´, hence the ´Human Race´, and for what: we remain trapped within constant competition in the game of ´winning´ and ´losing´, of ´superiority´ and ´inferiority´ - all but mental constructs that we have placed value into and have allowed to supersede the actual value of life, wherein and as which we are all equal.

I commit myself to share the common sense that the system exists because of the human, as a manifestation/externalization of the accepted ‘human nature’ and who we are within, and that however life and humanity does not have to exist this way, life does not have to be about survival, we can stop playing this game and in fact establish a win-win situation for all life on earth so that all that is here is equally supported.

Investigate the solution of Equal Money – and investigate the self-realization support offered with the Desteni research, material, and courses, that are available for anyone realizing that we really cannot allow this existence to continue as is, and that we are not powerless. But we have to take responsibility in fact, as therein is the power to in fact CHANGE things for-real.

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