Sonntag, 4. November 2012

Day 196: Human Resources | The Human as a System Slave

Today I watched the documentary Human Resources, which I suggest everyone must watch as it gives a history of the fabrication of consent and the creation of a society able to be controlled and manipulated through impulses, feelings, emotionsfear and desire.

That fear and desire can be fabricated, raises many questions on human nature and reveals how much we take for granted.
The Desteni research is thus far the only research I have come across that dares to question everything we as humanity have taken for granted and get to the understanding of the mechanics of consciousness by studying the cause and effect from a starting-point of responsibility and respect for LIFE.

The documentary shows that there is one thing we as humanity definitely LACK – and that is respect for life. We all know that this world system is made for profit and is exploiting life for profit, but somehow we manage to suppress this knowledge and just get on with our lives.

The mere terminology – “Human Resources” – reveals that the human is degraded to be merely the slave that keeps the system running while entertained through consumerism and made to believe that the conditioned ‘happiness’, ‘satisfaction’ or ‘success’ is real or relevant, in a world where in truth a child dies every couple of seconds from preventable causes.

We have even made a resource out of our very source – the earth, the atmosphere, the animal kingdom – all used and abuse for resources = money = profit = self-interest.

So, what is this life about? What is this world about? If we look our existence in the eye (I) and see things for what they are, this is what we can see this world system is about:
The fabrication of a manageable society through the fabrication of a self as slave. The enslavement of the masses for the fabrication of profit and power for a select few.

Now –
the only thing that can get us out of this is the actual understanding of how the human consciousness system works in its detail, realizing cause and effect, and thus seeing how we manifest the world as we know it through everything we accept and allow of this polarity system of masters and slaves, of winners and losers, of Haves and Have-Nots –
instead of valuing LIFE and thus establishing dignity and freedom within our Oneness for All, which can only be achieved through equality: valuing all life equally and stopping the power-games of the human race.
Common Sense.

If you agree that common sense is missing in the equation applied by humanity in 'everyday business', study the Desteni research and investigate the equal money system we propose to stop the atrocity we have made out of our existence.

Because as long as we do not comprehend the laws of our existence and the functional mechanics thereof: we will remain but slaves to our own self-interest, be it 'positive' or 'negative', based on conditioned belief - never getting to a solution for existence that is truly Best for All as LIFE.

The human does not have to remain an organic robot.

The key out of the prison of perception, perception being the individually and collectively conditioned view of the world and of self that one comes to believe is real –
the key out of such perceptual reality where all is a matter of opinion and thus war is 'justified', the key to the actuality of reality as the existence we all share:
the key is in self-responsibility and self-realization AS LIFE; thus in the transcendence of self-interest which is in essence ego, which is based in fear that only perpetuates the separation we exist in, into the interest of LIFE.

But fear is also used as an excuse to not have to abandon the comfort-zones of perceived 'power' or 'success' or 'satisfaction' within which the conditioned self becomes 'comfortably numb' – the perfect condition for the creation of an obedient slave.

As long as we hide behind fear, behind self-interest and our conditioned wants and desires: we are gullible and able to be controlled and manipulated, which is what is happening through the consumerism system in this world.

We want to consume, to have, to get – but we are getting no-where, and are in the end only consuming ourselves, life, this planet, and everything that sustains us.
It's time to STOP.

So what is this life about? We will see. Because it's what we make it, with ever breath – within and through who each one is and how one participates in one’s world: equal to life or not? That is the question.

We say that this life is about Stopping this creation that evidently has atrocious results for all life. To stop any point from repeating itself, it is imperative to understand its creation from beginning to end, cause and effect in all its dimensions and facets, and therefore inevitably to take responsibility for one’s own role within it all – because the mere fact that we are here makes us responsible for What is Here, because What is Here is the result of the interplays among all that is Here.

So – equal responsibility is a first step to change. Understanding of our role within the context of the whole is a further vital step. Understanding the laws of consciousness, the power-games, the fears and desires and how these work and function: a further step to disentangling ourselves from the chains of self-interest, of ego, of everything that is fake, fabricated, conditioned.

Who will we be as LIFE?
That is yet to be seen. There is much to be understood, and much to be walked, realized, forgiven, let go of, understood and acknowledged, before the human can stand in self-dignity as LIFE and help restore the value of LIFE, for all, as one, as equals.

This is the Journey to Life, and Desteni is the vehicle, the platform where we get together to work together and to show that we no longer accept this condition to be the ‘normality’ of life on earth, we no longer accept the limitation, the enslavement, the exploitation of life.

We stand-up in the name of life, to stop everything that has been created in the name of profit.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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