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Day 217: Faith & BeLIEf as Intel Agents of Mind Control

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

I am continuing in the context of my previous Blog posts Wake Up, You have been Brainwashed!
and Intel Inside – Where does Intelligence come from?

So I just watched the documentary Derren Brown – Messiah and it is really amazing how easy it is to Make BeLIEve and to manipulate people based on their fears and desires as well as emotional attachments and expectations!
Please also read the Blog MESSIAH by Bernard Poolman, also critically reviewing the mentioned documentary and its practical implications!

It’s fascinating how the lack of our communication with the actuality of reality and the people in our world leaves us with desires, such as the desire to hear from others, to say something we failed saying, to make-up for broken relationships, to apologize or accept an apology, and stuff like that. I mean, if we REALLY had an effective communication with All that Is Here in the actuality of reality in every moment, such desires would not exist in the first place and the new age industry would probably be a science fiction category in the book store or something like that.

What is interesting in this documentary is how this guy manages to make all new age ‘experts’ believe he has the abilities he claims to have, with the ‘experts’ ending-up suggesting he joins their training courses to become an ‘expert’ himself, inviting him to gatherings and conferences and promising to give him credentials in their cycle of ‘experts’.
What is also interesting is how much power we give to belief and how effective we are in deluding ourselves through belief, and faith, which as such requires belief in the first place.

This documentary basically confirms what the Desteni group has been sharing for years now, namely that we have created whole knowledge systems, scientific models and even political systems based on belief, hell even our own personal opinions and ideas about ourselves and others in our world are based on belief-systems – a belief-system being like a reference framework through which one then observe everything else in one’s world. Does that ring a bell? Is that perhaps the reason humanity cannot get to COMMON SENSE and effectively deal with and communicate with What Is Here for-real, as the actuality of our reality, including nature, the earth, the animal-kingdom!

We have been duped by our Intel Agent – the “intelligence” inside, which is nothing but a systematic knowledge and information transfer, meaning that our intelligence is based on and functions through the principles of the system: separation, polarity, self-interest/survival. I have discussed this point in my previous bog post where I shared my concern about humans believing themselves to be the ‘evolved species’, yet at the same time cause atrocious consequences not only for humanity as such, but also everything that sustains us, our environment, our home planet.

How can intelligence not go hand-in-hand with dignity and respect for LIFE?

How can intelligence be so exclusive that it will leave 2/3 of the population to starve, suffer and struggle in atrocious conditions, with no chance for a better life, since it is the intelligentsia of this world that dictates the money flow! So, while we have a ‘positive’ value-judgment for “intelligence” in this world, the consequences of how intelligence is being lived and applied are rather evil.

Please investigate the research at Desteni and look into the Equal Money solution if you can see that we are facing a problem as humanity, and this problem is not more and no less than ourselves, the accepted ‘human nature’, the accepted beLIEfs promoted by the intelligentsia of the world which we have based our entire existence upon.

Dare to question your own beliefs and debunk the desires, fears, and self-interest behind them – because any belief is essential formed to ‘justify’ a way of living, but as we can see in our world, our way of living is causing great harm to ALL that is here. There is no way to justify what has become of humanity, what has become of earth, of human beings, of our existence. You do not require any belief or faith to work with What is Here, Face What is Here, and Sort out What is Here in a way that will restore the value of life – the only actual value, and the one we ALL share.

It’s time for practical COMMON SENSE on earth – Wake up, Earthlings! We are Here, let’s take responsibility for What is Here as our existence, our creation, ourselves and each-other, as equals of LIFE.

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