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Day 211: Be_Longing | PHYSICAL Dimension of the Mind Construct #2

ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

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In relation to the physical manifestation of mind constructs, an interesting memory popped up that demonstrates the power of mind constructs as conditioned realities - and ironically that is OUR power that we abdicate to such mind constructs.

This memory is from around 5 or 6 years ago, and I was visiting my friend G., a male friend that I´ve known for many years. This friend or the friendship ´evoked´ within me the construct / concept / idea of "belonging", which, as I am realizing more and more, entails also the point (construct / concept / idea ) of ´being taken care of´, probably originating from family experiences, but that is not of primary concern for the moment.

I notice how, as I was at his house, I more and more had thoughts of the nature of "things that he could/should be doing" to ´satisfy´ my concept of "belonging". As the time was passing there, I began to get sick, with headache and tension and also a sort of heaviness that was more and more coming over me literally, me within that becoming more and more powerless.

When I realized that I wasn´t gonna GET what I was hoping for, I asked that he drive me home, and here comes the fascinating part of the story: once I was at home alone and had accepted that he was not gonna ´save me´, I suddenly, really in one moment, was okay again, it was a physical change, I was no more heavy and my head was free.
I called him some days later to share my experience and my realization.

So what is interesting to note here, is how we give the mind the power to determine, define, form and move the physical - the physical has literally become the externalization of the mind. The ´sickness´ had come over me in one moment, accumulating more and more as I continued participating in the thoughts pertaining to the mind construct, and the moment I saw what the whole story was about and how I had allowed myself to become powerless by abdicating my responsibility and thus my power onto an ´external factor´ and the moment I accepted that this is not okay, that I have to stand on my feet and stop wanting / needing / expecting / hoping for my idea / concept / mind-construct to be satisfied: in that one moment the physical possession was exorcised.

It is clear how - through our self-abdication to the mind as the conditioned consciousness patterns we accept, adopt, develop, become - we allow the mind to have authority and to literally possess the physical, manifesting consequence: dis-ease, illness, depression (because if you really look at it depression is a physical manifestation), rage, etc.

Therefore it is also clear that it is imperative to investigate and understand the mind constructs we accept, adopt, develop, entertain, become - because it is only through understanding the mechanisms that drive us that we are able to set ourselves free and take back the power we abdicate to consciousness patterns, take self-responsibility and stand as the directive principle of self, to really in clarity and self-honesty determine who we are, and what is acceptable for life, as life, and what not.

So if I look at this play-out as I described it above, clearly such physical behavior is not acceptable for life, as life - because within and through such behavior I was making another responsible for me, for who I am , how I am, how I experience myself, and this obviously also affects the other, making them for instance feel powerless or confused or moving them to think and believe they are failing or whatever reaction it is that another would have towards such experience; thus clearly, such behavior supports only the mind within/as self and others, it does not support life, it does not support self-empowerment as life.

So what I am saying here, is that as long we ´support´ and ´entertain´ the conditioned mind consciousness within self, this is equally what we´ll be supporting within another. Which is why life-support and self-realization as life begins with self, as only when we are able and willing to support ourselves as life: will our presence, behavior and participation support life within others as well.

So what I am seeing and sharing here, is how all our physical behaviors, experiences and expressions are determined by and through the mind: our experiences are always according to how we define things, and that definition: we are responsible for.

Regardless whether it´s about definitions that we determined and formulated ourselves, or definitions that we adopted through others -
it is our ACCEPTANCE of a definition that ALLOWS it to define self, to determine self, to move self;

and within this it is clear that self has abdicated self to the mental, to definitions of this polarity consciousness that governs this existence, a consciousness that is always about ´survival´, hence the ´Human Race´, and for what: trapped within constant competition in the game of ´winning´ and ´losing´, of ´superiority´ and ´inferiority´, all mental constructs that we have placed value into and have allowed to supersede the actual value of life, wherein and as which we are all equal.

To be continued.

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