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Day 209: The Engineering of Belief through Feeling ... & of Feeling through Belief | REACTION Dimension #10

ART by Matti Freeman

I am continuing with the Reaction dimension of a pattern that I started looking into from

This is specifically continuing from

Here I am also looking at how for instance the capitalism/consumerism system sells you FEELINGS, and how we BUY into ‘feelings’ because we are ‘educated’ to WANT ‘feelings’.

At the same time we can observe how ‘feelings’ is something subjective, something that always only exists in the mind of the observer;
because if we would ACTUALLY FEEL for real, we would be aware of the abuse we cause to our nature, our physical bodies, the body of the earth; we would be aware of each child that dies in this world every couple of seconds, we would be aware of the violence and exploitation that takes place in our existence – we would be in Fact AWARE at a physical level, with the entirety of our beingness, to the core, and it would be painful.

Instead, however, we choose to follow the lie of the ‘feelings’ promoted to us by the system, which is in essence always about a ‘feel-good’ energetic experience that is non-lasting, non-substantial, non-supportive.

The ‘feelings’ of/as the system exist only through and within their polarity-relationship to the ‘emotions’ they hide – every ‘positive’ definition has a ‘negative’ side to it, and they do not exist separate:

have a look at how love only exists through the existence of hate, peace through war, freedom through slavery. If love, peace, and freedom were LIVED for-real, as a living-expression of who we are and not as an energetic-experience through the mental: this existence would be an entirely different place, a place where life is honoured as the only actual value, the one that we all share – but this is not the case in our existence.

We have been conned, as we con ourselves into a separate state of being that is a state of mind, where each one seek ‘personal fulfilment’ in a pursuit of ‘happiness’ that does not include all life –
on the contrary: love, peace, freedom exists only as an ‘exclusive’ privilege in this world. WHY do we allow this? For the fear of not being privileged?

It is vital to investigate HOW self-interest exists, because that is the starting-point from which this entire world is manifested, as a mirror reflection of our inner-true nature.

It is important to understand the MOTIVES behind our thoughts, words and deeds – is everything we think, say or do really our self-directed choice, or are we moved from the inside-out by forces we do not understand – and why are we still allowing this?

Quoting from a previous blog post:

Isn’t it clear, that emotions and feelings are what moves self – without self even understanding where they come from, how they are created /formed /developed /defined?

Isn’t it clear that emotions and feelings are reactions, that in turn generate further reactions, hence an existence where we are but acting-out character roles like in a movie, where it’s all about ‘winning’ and getting to ‘feel-good’ and being ‘valued’?

And that’s become this automated system of ‘life-definition’ (how ironic) that is so ‘individual’ and so ‘unique’ as the feelings and emotions that take place within the bubble of one’s own consciousness, formed through the individual experiences and combination of influences, yet so universal at the same time:

everybody just wants to ‘feel-good’, no regard for consequences, no regard for the freedom, dignity, and integrity of others. This is the mirror reflection that our world reveals to us: of who we are and what we have become.

Therefore –

I commit myself to sharing and living the common sense realization that we have to change ourselves as the accepted human-nature, if we are to change our existence, change the world – which is what everyone in essence wishes and desires.

I commit myself to investigating and understanding the origin of ’my feelings’ and ‘my emotions’, as I realize that such bipolar energetic experiences are constructs conditioned into me through my acceptance and allowance of the world system, of value-judgments, of the separation each child is submitted to in this reality –

an acceptance and allowance through which I in turn give permission for a bipolar system to prevail in this world, within as without. Therefore I stand in the determination that THIS MUST STOP, because the only obvious outcome/consequence of such existence is war, abuse, deception, manipulation, the exploitation of life for profit.

I realize that in order to stop and change the system without, we must stop and change the system within – therefore each one of us is individually responsible for what manifests in this world, yes in fact: we are all equally responsible by the very fact that we are HERE, participating in this system reality as is, as if there were no other way to exist.

I commit myself to investigating what I have conditioned myself to ‘feel-good’ with and through, because I realize that the ‘feel-good’ habit that we entertain in this world only serves the distraction of ourselves from the actuality of reality –
wherein we use our ‘free will’ in choosing to focus on the ‘positive’ to not have to face and take responsibility for the ‘negative’ that exists within ourselves and our world; where it’s always “others” to blame, or the system, or society, yet we refuse to see that WE are the ones that constitute society, WE are the ones that manifest the system: take the human out and there is no society, take out consciousness and there is no system on earth.

I commit myself to investigating and purifying within myself any and all character roles –
roles that I have consciously or unconsciously taken on and accepted as “me” just in order to fit into this world system and ‘survive’ by ‘playing the game’ of ‘winning’ and ‘losing’, of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, a game that we pay for with our lives and the lives of others, a game based on fake values that disregard the value of life.

I commit myself to investigating what moves me from the inside out, to within that take back the directive-principle that I’ve abdicated to the conditioned constructs of emotions and feelings – to stop looking at reality through the filters of polarity as value-judgments, and instead to assist and support myself in seeing things for what they are, understanding cause and effect, and taking responsibility for the consequences of my creation.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense realization of the importance of self-responsibility, based on the fact that this existence is the result of OUR creation, individually and through the relationships and relations we form – all of which together forms the greater picture with all the interrelations;

the power-games of the world-system reflecting the power-games that we accept and allow within self based on mental polarity-concepts of ‘superiority’ / ‘inferiority’, ‘winning’ and ‘losing, ‘have’ and ‘have-not’ – hence the constant comparison and competition we exist within in this human RACE.

I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself in learning to FEEL for-real, not through the mind, but through the entirety of my existence, as I realize that LIFE is interconnectedness and that even one single part of life suffering has an impact on the whole.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense realization that Oneness by definitions implies Equality, and that without equality, oneness is deception, it is but a mental idea that just ‘sounds good’ and makes you ‘feel-good’ because it sounds like profound and spiritual and divine, when in fact our practical living application in this reality is far from divine.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense realization that the only real spirit is the spirit of LIFE, shared in the physical by ALL that is here equally, as the air we BREATHE, the breath that sustains us, of which we do not know when it will be the last.

Therefore true spirituality would be to live and coexist in a way that honors the spirit of life and supports the breath of life for ALL parts of life equally – then we would have real Oneness, heaven on earth, a place where all life is equal, thus equally free to express and expand.

Educate yourself through common sense to start understanding the consequences of our existence within and without, because the EFFECT we see in the world, in our lives: we are the CAUSE of.

And we cannot get out of this unless we understand cause and effect and how we have created our existence through acceptance and allowance and abdication of responsibility, due to self-interest, fear, greed;
unless we understand how we have become trigger-happy robots in total separation from life, unless we understand the mechanics of what MOVES us while we have the illusion of making our decisions – we stand no change of bringing forth CHANGE in this world, in our lives, in our existence as a whole.

Study the Blog series Creation’s Journey to Life to support self with common sense in one’s process of self-honesty, the journey to life, to real oneness as integrity, to real equality as life, individually /within, and collectively /without.

Study the Equal Money solution and Desteni, and investigate the possibility of a life on earth that is about really getting to know and care for ourselves, each-other and our home planet the way it should’ve been from the beginning.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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