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Day 213: Be_Longing | PHYSICAL Dimension of the Mind Construct #4

ART by Matti Freeman and Kelly Posey

This is in conclusion to my previous blog posts on the physical dimension / physical consequences of the mind construct that I’ve been looking into from Day 186: Name the Game - Laying out the Mind CONstruct
Day 187: Be_Longing | The Absurdity of Longing to Belong
Day 188: Be_Longing | The Trap of Infinity
Day 199: Be_Longing | Life or System?
which you can read for further context and background understanding.

In this post I am specifically continuing from

You know how as a child you’d swear that you’re not gonna be like your parents when you grow up? And then you put much effort into becoming something different, something better, a person of your own? Well I dare you to write down everything you used to hate about your parents, everything that bothered you about them, everything you didn’t like or took personally or blamed them for, and have a look within yourself:

if you look in self-honesty you’ll find that most of it also pertains to YOUR life, YOUR living experience, YOUR thoughts, YOUR relationships, in one way or another. And you can try and deny it or suppress or ignore it, but the PHYSICAL manifestation of patterns is something that, once solidified, the conscious mind (which is where the awareness or the will, if you wanna call it that, of a person, is currently situated) has no directive-principle over. (!Read the Blog series Creation's Journey to Life from Day 1 - within that the Quantum Mind and the Quantum Physical is explained and how children in this world 'learn' and absorb like sponges what is presented to them, the resonances, the patterns, the personalities...!)

The question is why – and within the research and material of Desteni it is found that the reason for our ‘powerlessness’ when it comes to change, self-movement, self-transformation, is due to our separation from the entirety of ourselves (conscious, subconscious, unconscious, physical, to name but a few dimensions of what ‘self’ is emerging from). Which is why the solution is the living principle of equality and oneness, which implies not only the end of separation, but also the end of judgment and polarity.

This separation is where we in a way restrict ourselves to a small part of the mind where we identify with personality, which is ego, creating character roles, which is the masks we use when taking part in this world that has become nothing more and nothing less but a power-game. Funnily enough we feel ‘safe’ within and as that limited part of ourselves that is a product of the system, we have the illusion of control regardless the fact that any breath could be our last. From and as the mind we attempt to control our reality so that it ‘validates’ our opinion of ourselves, others, the world.

When we consider change, we look at it from a starting-point of separation as well – where we’ll judge that which we want to change and then we’ll try and impose or force change through the mental (the little part within which we confine ourselves and identify with), without making the effort to even understand the creation of that which we judge, fear, or simply see as unacceptable.

But how can we change any point, if we do not understand its creation? How can we have influence on anything, if we are separate from it?

Back to the point I am referring to: how the physical does not lie. Regardless how hard we try to change this world, regardless of the many movements, ideas, concepts and beliefs of and about change, our physical existence as humanity is showing us one thing very clearly. There is no change in existence in fact. Our evolution has been one of the mind only, one of separation, a mutation of sorts – and things are getting worse in the world.

We are simply fooling ourselves, making ourselves believe, through the mind, that somehow we are making a difference, that somehow we are changing the world, or that the world is changing – as if through belief –

but have a look: it’s always ever been a belief, an idea, a dream, a wish, a hope.

Spirituality and religion are the points where one can see this reality very clearly. Thousands of years of spirituality and religion have brought what: nothing but conflict, war, oppression, delusion, and even more delusion; No actual real change, let alone a change that would include ALL life as equals.

So, it is obvious that we are facing a problem within our existence. And it is obvious that this problem consists of the mental realms we hold so dear and base our idea of ‘evolution’ upon. It’s interesting because ... why would we hold the mental so dear? Is it because we can mould it to our liking? Think what we want? Pretend and make believe? Make promises and tell lies? Yep, you got it. Listen to the interview "Consciousness is a System of Government" – quite a revealing perspective, yet one that everyone should have been able to see and realize, as common sense.

At Desteni we suggest investigating all things and keeping what is Best for Life, for ALL as equals, as One world. We suggest that one should question everything, because the acceptance of one single point of illusion consequentially has one buying into the entire system of illusion as it currently exists as this world.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that this world is an illusion. But the “values” we base our existence upon, are illusionary. The games we play and call ‘life’, are delusional. How we see ourselves and each-other, that is not real, it is made-up, it is defined within a limited system of polarity in the mental. Look at how we manage our relationships, look at how we manage the world system, it is atrocious. And yet it is accepted, and that is how it is made real, kept real, at the cost of life, at the cost of who we all really are as life.

Our acceptance and allowance makes us responsible.

The PHYSICAL does not lie. What is Here on Earth is the TRUTH of ourselves, right in our faces, right under our noses, for everyone to see. Fascinating that the human would try and hide behind its own shadow...

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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