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Day 215: Wake Up, You Have been Brainwashed!

ART by Damian Ledesma

The fact the many people exist in fear of being brainwashed indicates one thing: that one is not aware of the fact that one is already brainwashed into a consumer, a willing servant of money as profit, a fearful subordinate of the system – a system that dictates survival and makes a struggle out of life/living.

Haven’t you ever wondered how come there are so many groups, so many religions, so many groupings talking bad about each-other in this world, the ones blaming the others, pointing fingers, hating, fearing – where did this all start? And why do we believe we have to keep accepting it?

When I was a child, I remember having these questions, and not understanding why such fear and hatred was ruling the hearts of men.
When I grew up, I was attracted to spirituality because I existed in the hope that there must be something ‘good’ somewhere, so I believed in waking the ‘good’ in the human, so that the human may awaken to a better existence on earth.

What I had not considered is that the bad I was witnessing, as for instance fear, control, manipulation, abuse, could only exist through the human. Take the human out of the equation, and the system of abuse stops.

What I had further not considered is how it is vital to understand Why and How the bad exists, to understand its creation and functioning in all its mechanisms, as that is the only way to stop it – taking responsibility for Who we are and How we are. After all, that IS what creates the world, the system, our existence.

When I came across the Desteni forums and discussions I was quick to realize that I had missed a point – the point of responsibility, which cannot be taken on without first stopping the denial and suppression one had allowed in one’s hope for something good, something better; which is where I was at.

So I do understand why people can’t hear – You can’t, if you are so desperately busy denying your responsibility, denying the fact that you, just like everyone else, is brainwashed into acceptance and allowance, brainwashed into wanting, needing, desiring, fearing, and making THAT more important and more valuable than Life itself, not just for others/all but for oneself too.

Unless we STOP our DENIAL - we cannot really move, evolve, and change this world through responsibility and self-realization as life, as creators.

In a world of such separatism, where every grouping is in fact a cult, exclusive to its 'own', and never all-inclusive of LIFE as a whole –
to call the Desteni movement a cult can only come from people that have not looked into what it is we are actually presenting.

I implore the reader to make sure one investigate what Desteni stands for before making assumptions that only reflect one’s own fears and limitations of mind.

We invite ALL to join together to create a new desteni for humanity, because if we don’t, if we expect from the current politics and economics and the systems that govern us to do what’s best for all, we’ll be hoping and waiting forever.

It's time we Realize the collective responsibility we all equally share for What Is Here within and as our existence.

It's time we Realize that What Is Here is here through our acceptance and allowance, through the permission we give by submitting to the system without question as long as it promises a ‘better life’ for our ‘own’.
But how can we not care for the children of “others” – they could’ve been your own, you don’t choose where, how, under what conditions you are born into! Thus, is it not our responsibility to make sure that the conditions for life are dignified and supportive for ALL life equally, no matter where and when?

It's time we see and realize that unless LIFE stands as one group, on this one planet we share, and bring forth an existence where all life is equally supported, we cannot stop this profit-driven, life-exploiting system and put an end to the atrocious abuse that's being allowed.

It's time to Stop and re-evaluate everything we have accepted in this world.

The question is:
why do we cultivate separation, instead of cultivating a culture of life that is in fact best for ALL as life?

Is it because we are brainwashed into separatism? Is it because we are brainwashed into fear? Is it because we are brainwashed into ‘justifying’ the existence of fear and separation, as if there were no other way to LIVE and co-exist here?

As long as fear governs our world – no one is free.

And no one is really free, until ALL life is free.

Because Life is interdependent, interconnected, One.

And unless all parts of Life self-realize their interconnectedness which implies their EQUALITY AS LIFE, there can be no peace, no freedom, no life in fact – as there will be conflict, competition, abuse, struggle for survival.
And the Intel Inside will be used to manipulate and control – the tool of evil, evil being the ill will of man that decides to follow the fear, follow the separation, accept the abuse in the name of ‘love’ for ‘my OWN’ –
instead of the Intel Inside being used as the tool to get to Know Thyself and the accepted ‘human nature’ so that we may get to a point where we can in fact purify ourselves, our nature, stop the brainwashing and mind-control that drives us through fear, and use the tools we have to in fact improve ourselves and our existence – thus utilizing intelligence for actual evolution, in awareness as life, in awareness of our responsibility for life.

If the human claims to be the ‘higher species’ – haven’t you wondered why it is that we are not standing as Custodians on Earth, to make sure that our creation, our environment, our biotope, our natural habitat is cared for, supported, honoured?

At Desteni we see and realize that unless LIFE stands as one group, on this one planet we share, and bring forth an existence where all life is equally supported, we cannot stop our fate as humanity, which is evidently self-destruction.

It is time to Stop this profit-driven, life-exploiting system and put an end to the atrocious abuse that's being allowed.

It is time to Know Thyself and get to understand How the Intel Inside functions and what the mechanics thereof reveal to us about the accepted 'human nature' and our existence as a whole.

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