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Day 219: Our Intellectual Desteni

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

I am continuing in the context of my previous Blog posts:

Wake Up, You have been Brainwashed!

Within some practical considerations that I shared in my previous blog posts on “intelligence”, I also looked at the design of the word “intellectual”, and here’s an interesting observation:

intel – lect – u – al

intel: inherent design, program, code/rules

lect: lector, lecture, script, determination

u: as in You

al: as in All

So what we have here within and as the design of “intellectual” is where a preordained design or code scripts or determines the reality of all and everything.
What does that mean? If we look at what knowledge is, common-sensically it is an accumulation of accepted pre-sumptions that move into the present from the past, being ‘evolved’ into a future without however in fact examining, understanding, and purifying the past.

The more you ‘know’, i.e. the more ‘knowledge’ you have accumulated, the ‘better’ you ‘feel’ about yourself in terms of your position in the world system – as we have equated knowledge to ‘power’, without however really investigating and understanding where and how a point of knowledge began, whether it’s based on physical observation and common sense or rather assumption and interpretation...

It’s interesting that the word “intellectual” has a ‘positive’ charge to it, meaning: we have in this world placed value in being “intellectual”, where an intellectual is seen as ‘more than’ in comparison to someone that is not considered intellectual. And yet at the same time, it is the knowledge of this world that binds us, that keeps history repeating; it is the knowledge of this world that we hold onto and refer to whenever we seek revenge, or justice, or progress. But the knowledge of this world is the same knowledge that separate the Haves from the Have-Nots, it is the same knowledge that defines a human being by its race, gender, nationality, culture, religion; it is thus the same knowledge that leads to war, in the name of god, in the name of love, in the name of any you-name-it point of self-definition – definitions of the mental / of knowledge, upon which we’ve placed more value than on LIFE itself.

So, that’s quite a problem.

At Desteni you’ll find that we approach knowledge from a practical perspective.

Investigate the Desteni research material – and dare to question the accepted script of this world’s knowledge, in the realization that unless we investigate all things and keep only what is good=best for all life, we cannot progress as humanity in a way that we make ourselves worthy of our own definition as: Humanity.

Investigate the Equal Money solution – and dare to see that unless we stand together as One group, as Life, as Humanity, and make sure that all parts of life are equally supported, we will meet our fate in self-destruction, which is what the knowledge of this world reveals if one look at it in common sense applying the equality equation of 1+1=2, input = output, cause = effect.

Consider that in order to manifest a new future for humanity, for life on earth, we have to first understand the design of the old knowledge, that has been a script of separation, of polarity, of war, of inequality.
And then we have to practically script and design a new future from a new starting point – thus it is vital to understand and apply/live self-honesty, self-forgiveness, self-responsibility as life;
to let go of our ‘evil ways’, stop the fear and the mind-control, stop the beliefs that separate life, and stand-up to bring forth a reformed existence, within and without – an existence where LIFE is in fact the value we base our practical living on, in all possible ways, in the realization that LIFE is the only actual value in existence.

Is that perhaps the reason why the human cannot see beyond ‘life and death’? Because we have disregarded and exploited the value of life, and have placed ‘false gods’ = fake “values” before Life itself?
There is much that is being taken for granted in our way of life, everywhere in the world. There is a system of consumption that governs the flow of resources, a system in the image and likeness of man as consumer;

and yet, can’t we see, it is ourselves and each-other that we are consuming, it is this planet, it is the life in everything... and for what? For fake “values” of the mind, based in separation, polarity, inequality –
hence the human RACE, in constant competition, in constant comparison, a struggle for ‘survival’, when we could ALL in fact LIVE and discover what Live and Living really is!

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