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Day 210: Be_Longing | PHYSICAL Dimension of the Mind Construct

by Sylvie Jacobs

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I am sitting in my room at my keyboard and typing this next blog post. It’s been quite a journey thus far, and it’s sometimes good to sit back and look at your life as a whole, do a life review.
I did some Ranting & Raving these days (= writing it all out as it, literally ranting and raving) and I really enjoyed this application, enjoyed communicating with myself like this.
When you look at yourself – you sometimes have to be blunt. It’s easy to try and speak things nice or good and even create whole stories of justifications about why one is who and how one is. Or one can accept oneself, and embark on journey of looking into whatever comes up, whatever is here within and as self at any given moment – to get to know who one is in the actual interaction with one’s world: what moves one, where is value placed, what are the value-judgments, what is one trying to prove?

Today I’d like to refer to the physical consequence dimension of the mind construct I had taken on some two weeks ago, and what I see when I look at it from a ‘distance’, where I was as I said sitting and writing / ranting and raving and kind of like doing a life review – I mean really: who have I been, if I die this very moment? That’s a very vital question, yet weirdly enough it is not addressed in this world, at all.

I will be walking the physical dimension of the pattern for myself as a point of priority, combined with the practical living of self-care and self-acceptance, in other words also, self-forgiveness, a letting go, stopping the judgment, and giving me back to me, giving life to myself, birthing myself as life from the physical.

When I look at the physical systems and behaviour dimension / manifestation of the mind construct, I see that it is governed by judgment, comparison, competition, self-righteousness, self-abuse.
What this also implies is that we use the mental to identify with and we abuse the physical for the self-interest of the mental. This in itself is sick.

No wonder we are not at ease, we are in dis-ease as human beings, as what we have accepted and allowed to become of ‘human nature’.

Obviously there is no other way out but stopping, forgiving, letting go, bringing all points of projected blame, fear, desire, want, need, expectation, hope, faith: back to SELF – to take responsibility for and stop the separation of life once and for all.

The transformation of the world that we all wish for, starts with the transformation of individuals self-realizing life, as it is OUR accepted nature that manifests into and as our creation, presenting the truth of ourselves here on earth for all to see.

It’s interesting that within spirituality people are satisfied to hear that decisions have been made in previous lives for instance and that life on earth is but a test to see whether one can find ‘back to the light’ or ‘remain in the light’ (of the mind) and not be influenced by what’s going-on on earth – which is one of the many ways of how starvation, war, hunger, abuse in this world is talked into justification.

But what if it’s the other way around: earth is the place where actual decisions are made, or not. The place where you SHOW who you are through all actions and inactions, yet one is mostly too blind to SEE and face: oneself.
It is quite clear why it is said that “earth is the eye of the needle”, and it’s quite an ironic situation we find ourselves within as humanity. Now if there is a god out there sitting and laughing at humanity, i’d say this is proof that evil exists and that man is surely in the image and likeness of such god.

So –
Practical common sense and brutal self-honesty, brutal meaning: not taking shit from myself, not taking shit from the pictures, definitions, symbols I get presented with in my mind, not taking shit from anyone that is not willing to face their responsibility equally and investigate the cause-and-effect mechanisms of our existence instead of projecting blame and responsibility ‘out there’.

I’ll be moving place soon, end of the year around, and it’s quite an interesting ‘timing’ with my whole process of ‘looking for a home’ and working on the mind construct of ‘belonging’, with all these issues of family history and dna experiences like war, fleeing, being refuges, growing up without actual communication or trust-stability relationships, deaths in the family, the death of my father, my moving away from ‘home’, basically running away from ‘the unbearable’ which however until then had become my life, had become me, was becoming more and more “me”. And that resonance has haunted me in many ways or has haunted others in my family that were not able to speak about it or share it or write it out and ‘name the game’, to look at what the fuck is going on, what patterns are playing out here, what am I participating in, how am I presenting myself, what roles am I playing, what am I trying to prove, what do I seek out of it all.

What I’m saying is: the physical systems / behaviour dimension of the mind construct is the manifestation of it within and as who we are in our practical living application in every moment, within, how we interact and participate, who we are alone, etc. –
the mind construct literally DEFINES, FORMS and MOVES our physical (see how in various schools and methods like for instance kinesiology the PHYSICAL (behaviour, illness, manifestation) is placed in relation to the UNCONSCIOUS MIND. For more detail on this see the Quantum Mind series at eqafe!)

The interesting question would be: is the Unconscious Mind as such unconscious, or is it simply that WE within our frame of reference, the sphere of our awareness, are not aware OF it, AS it.
I mean, it fuckin’ exists within us, and literally AS us, if it even defines, forms and moves our physical bahavior, our physical reactions, the tensions, contractions, postures, positions, movements, up to decisions – WTF.

An exciting journey begins, once again –
it’s interesting how within writing one gets a sense of how ‘time’ exists like folded, as if in capsules, or patterned and re-cycling, like in multi-dimensions.
So after walking that one point, that one mind construct for a couple of weeks now, concluding with this blog post on the point of physical systems / behaviour dimension of the point – I realize a new beginning is here, a new dimension to look at, to go full circle, to bring it back to its origin and purify it as self.

I will continue on this.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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