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Day 206: The Engineering of Motion through Emotion | REACTION Dimension #7

ART by Matti Freeman

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If we look at REACTIONS, what characterizes them: they are of feeling-/emotional nature.

The only reference or AWARENESS we have thereof are ‘inner movements’ within the solar plexus area, ‘movements’ we have no clue where they come from or how they are triggered.

Then we THINK about emotions and feelings.

And the polarity values and value-judgements we assign to feelings and emotions as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ refer mostly, interestingly enough, to an aspect a bit underestimated by humanity – WORTH, which is VALUE.

And that reference or relation to worth or value is what a whole life revolves around – when the actual worth and value of life are disregarded.

Already as small children we start becoming aware of the nature of COMPETITION that characterizes the society of this world.

We define our world and assign ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ value or charge to “others” according to what it is ‘worth’ to self, that again is based on how much ‘value’ that gives to self according to one’s own perception. Does that not already indicate that self has abdicated its own worth and value as life?

Within such considerations of ‘worth’ and ‘value’ (‘innocently’ being shoved into the gullible minds of children through stories and fairy-tales and everything and anything they are exposed to in this world) – within such consideration which interestingly enough start taking place more and more within the ‘secret mind’ of the child or even at the subconscious/ unconscious level, self-interest emerges and once that self-interest becomes ‘enlightened’ as consciousness, as “I AM”, as ego, as personality, it feeds more and more on life in the pursuit of its (conditioned and indoctrinated) dream of ‘happiness’, which will given it ‘worth’, ‘value’.

How sad.

So what MOVES the self within this world? What is it that keeps you in motion? Is it not the pursuit of your ‘individual fulfilment’ towards a FEEL-GOOD experience?

And what is it that keeps you from moving? Is it not the FEAR and all the definitions you consciously or unconsciously accept about yourself and the world, loaded with EMOTIONAL charges?

Or maybe for you it’s the other way around – it doesn’t matter really, it’s always an Up & Down, always a friction, and that friction generates movement with mathematical certainty, but it’s not self moving self in full awareness, and self can’t do the math either. This is a serious problem, and somehow it is ‘cleverly’ being bypassed in this world and society, in spirituality, even in science.

Isn’t it clear, that emotions and feelings are what moves self – without self even understanding where they come from, how they are created /formed /developed /defined?

Isn’t it clear that emotions and feelings are reactions, that in turn generate further reactions, hence an existence where we are but acting-out character roles like in a movie, where it’s all about ‘winning’ and getting to ‘feel-good’ and being ‘valued’?

And that’s become this automated system of ‘life-definition’ (how ironic) that is so ‘ individual’ and so ‘unique’ as the feelings and emotions that take place within the bubble of one’s own consciousness, formed through the individual experiences and combination of influences, yet so universal at the same time:

everybody just wants to ‘feel-good’, no regard for consequences, no regard for the freedom, dignity, and integrity of others. This is the mirror reflection that our world reveals to us: of who we are and what we have become.

The way out of this is not grasped, and when grasped it is not so easily brought into practical living application, because it is absolutely simplistic. It is to be here in integrity, to move ‘direct’, to see ‘direct’, to see things for what they are without judgment, and in so doing to see cause and effect, beginning and end, seeing the actual creation process of that one point, understanding the consequence it bears, as what the point is facing, the result of its starting-point, its actual value in the context of existence, value meaning practically its part and actual contribution within existence as a whole.

It is about realizing the interconnectedness of life in FACT, because then the words of Jesus can no longer be denied and it will be crystal clear that unless we live by the principles of Jesus – “Do unto another as you would like to be Done unto you”, “Give as you would like to Receive” and “Love thy Neighbour as Thyself” – there will always be inequality, abuse, war, friction, delusion, and there can be no heaven on earth, or anywhere else.

Haven’t you noticed that anywhere you go, you always take with you who you are? How can anyone expect to be suddenly ‘more’, ‘better’, ‘higher’, ‘ascended’ or ‘enlightened’ in any other reality?

One man one vote is democracy, and currently our democracy is being lived in a way that manifests the atrocity of this world in all its aspects.
And I am not talking about the political system only, even though it’s important to note that the political economic system is a direct outflow, an externalized manifestation thereof: I am talking about the vote each one gives in every moment through and as who one is, with every thought, word and deed in every breath, that is the vote that forms the actual EXPERIENCE of life on earth.

So there is a problem.

And we are it. Our creation is. Our world is – who we are and have become. It is vital to understand the How of this Becoming.

We require to educate ourselves in common sense and develop self-honesty to start understanding the consequences of our existence within and without, because the EFFECT we see in the world, in our lives: we are the CAUSE of.
And we cannot get out of this unless we understand cause and effect and how we have created our existence through consent, through acceptance and allowance and abdication of responsibility, due to self-interest, fear, greed; unless we understand how we have become trigger-happy robots in total separation from life, unless we understand the mechanics of what MOVES us while we have the illusion of making choices – we stand no chance of bring forth CHANGE in this world, in our lives.

Study the Blog series Creation’s Journey to Life to support self with common sense in one’s process of self-honesty, the journey to life, to real oneness as integrity, to real equality as life, individually /within, and collectively /without.

Study the Equal Money solution and Desteni, and investigate the possibility of a life on earth that is about really getting to know and care for ourselves, each-other and our home planet the way it should’ve been from the beginning.

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