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Day 203: Be_Longing | REACTION Dimension of the Mind Construct #4

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I am continuing here with the REACTIONS dimension, where I had pin-pointed the following reactions:
Depression – self-victimization
Feeling restricted /done wrong unto
Anger – Rage
Spite – Grudge

What I saw in my previous writings in relation to the experience of ‘feeling restricted’ / ‘being done wrong unto’, is that as long as I victimize myself and blame “others” or hold others responsible while I go into a ‘depression’ to avoid responsibility: I will definitely ‘feel restricted’, as I am in fact restricting myself.

Anger, or rage, would be the outburst of blame and the frustration upon the fact that no solution is coming forth – when self has not in fact yet taken any actual steps in self-responsibility. Thus the anger and rage is in essence directed towards self, because self is missing the directive-principle to move, to change, to bring forth a solution into beingness.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to restrict and limit myself, and to then be ‘depressed’ and project my experience onto ‘external factors’ or “others”, when in fact I was the one restricting myself in the first place.

When and as I see myself going into an experience of ‘feeling restricted’, I stop, I breathe, and I look in self-honesty to see HOW I CREATE this experience – what points of blame exist within me, what points do I hold “others” responsible for, what do I feel ‘depressed’ about, where did I miss taking self-directive principle =

as I understand that the self-honest answers to these questions will assist and support me in taking the point ‘back to self’ and taking self-responsibility for who and how I am, for my experience and my participation, to no longer accept or allow myself to make myself seemingly ‘powerless’, because that is the consequence of abdicating our responsibility: we make ourselves ‘powerless’.

Within this, I commit myself to showing how within the world system we claim we are ‘powerless’ when in fact we simply refuse to take responsibility for What is Here, and instead we blame “others”, the system, the world, society, governments, but WE are the ones ‘voting’ for the system, either directly or indirectly through the choices we make, what we buy, how we think and how we literally submit to the system through the very act of blame, which in itself is a projection, a giving-away.

Within this it is to see that giving-away our responsibility is equal to giving-away our power.

Then to claim ‘powerlessness’ is merely a petty ‘justification’, an ‘excuse’ used to not have to stand-up, to not have to be the one to take responsibility, the one to change – which obviously is unacceptable in the face of life.

Whenever I see myself going into anger and blame, where I project a point in my life that is not working to my satisfaction onto “others”/’external factors’, I stop, I breathe, and I bring myself back Here, I bring the point Here, and I realize my responsibility, and thus also my power to direct the point/myself and to change the point/myself.

If one then still holds on to the blame and abdication of responsibility that is being projected onto “others” somewhere ‘out there’, then there will also be a reaction of spitefulness or one will tend to hold a grudge, which indicates that one is still making others responsible and expecting “them” to change, to bring forth a solution, to relieve the situation –
when in fact the only real relief can only come from self living the change within and as self: in self-responsibility and self-directive principled living.

I forgive myself that I’ve ever accepted and allowed myself to ‘hold a grudge’ on another, instead of communicating the point directly, after I’ve looked at MY responsibility within it.

I forgive myself that I’ve ever accepted and allowed myself to be spiteful towards another simply out of the belief that “they” are responsible for MY experience, when clearly this is not true, but I had created that belief through projecting blame onto “them” without looking within myself to see, realize and understand what MY responsibility is within the creation of that point /experience /event.

When and as I see myself going into spitefulness or a grudge, I stop myself immediately and I direct myself to breathe and remain here, to not go further into the mind and follow the blame until it becomes a belief. I stop, and I direct myself to forgive my reaction, let go of the grudge or spitefulness, and look at MY responsibility within it all, so that I may direct a correction / change / solution that will be best for all.

Within this thus, I also assist and support myself to stop within myself the existence of competition and power-games, as I no longer accept or allow myself to participate in reality from a starting-point of self-righteousness / winning, which is the character of the system, but instead from the starting-point of life, as what’s best for life/all and thus in fact supporting all participants (starting with myself) to realize self-responsibility and take responsibility for our participation, in the realization that who and how we are in every breath has consequences, has outflows, has outcomes, which do not affect only oneself because no man is an island.

Within this, I commit myself to assisting and support myself and my world to practically realize the interconnectedness of life as life, so that we may stop our ‘evil ways’ through which we’ve been creating / accepting / allowing / perpetuating the SYSTEM, a system that exploits life for profit;
so that we may be able to transform and transcend the system within and as ourselves, through stopping ourselves from exploiting life for profit (= self-interest) which is what is served whenever we go into projections of anger, blame, spitefulness towards “others”, instead of realizing SELF-responsibility and understanding How Creation functions to in fact take responsibility for What is Here –

because What is Here – we are all part of – and thus equally responsible.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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