Samstag, 24. November 2012

Day 216: Intel Inside – Where does Intelligence come from?

by Anna Brix Thomsen

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Suggested reading the following for background context: Intelligence and God by Bernard Poolman.


So here I am looking at this point of “intelligence” – intel-agents, the intel inside, the C.I.A. of consciousness and the consequences for existence – in quest of investigating what it will take to in fact change our existence into a place where LIFE is supported.

Because if we honestly look at our existence, we can see that “intelligence” is based in fear and survival – otherwise why would the elite make sure that only their OWN remain fit for pro-fit, only their OWN are intelligent enough to make it in this world system?

Intelligence is not currently something that supports life; rather, it is designed to support self-interest and protect the “me” against the rest of the world. If intelligence was promoted from a starting-point of WE, with the objective to make this world a place of actual progress, actual evolution, actual expression and expansion: this world would be an entirely different place, a place where we could all LIVE in freedom and dignity, and not where we fight for survival making a strife out of life.

Another point that concerns me is: if we are so intelligent, how come no one is exposing the brainwashing we are submitted to in this world system? The answer is simple: because once you take on the system, you are likely to lose any and all support, even be attacked and ostracized for daring to question the ‘natural order’ of things. This can be seen throughout the last 5 years, since the Desteni group went online and started sharing the questions everyone should have been asking, the question that allow one to question the accepted equations of the world system and the allowed abuse and exploitation in the name of profit.

If we are so intelligent, how come we have no clue how thoughts, feelings and emotions are created? How come we have no clue where we come from and where we go after death?
How come our science is based on assumptions?
How come we do not understand the technology of consciousness in spite of all the technological advancement?
How come we do not first sort out life on earth before we embark on exploring the outer space?
How come we do not put 2 and 2 together to see the fraud of the current money-system that tells you that for some to HAVE, others must NOT-HAVE?
How come we educate our children in FEAR?
How come we don’t see that who we are and how we exist and interact is what creates this world, this existence as we know it?

Unless our intelligence encompass the creation of life, which after all we are responsible for by bringing children into this world, unless we expand our intelligence to understanding What is Here and How What Is Here was created, unless we realize Cause and Effect of our existence, individually and collectively, and practically move ourselves to stop the abuse and exploitation of life and restore the VALUE of LIFE for ALL that is Here Equally, including the animals, nature, the planet – we really are far from being intelligent beings.

The question is:
Why do we use our “intelligence” to cultivate separation, instead of cultivating a culture of life that is in fact best for ALL as life?

Is it perhaps because our “intelligence” is developed by and within a system of separatism and fear?

How come we use our “intelligence to ‘justify’ the existence of fear and separation, as if there were no other way to LIVE and co-exist here?

As long as fear governs our world – no one is free.

And no one is really free, until ALL life is free.

Because Life is interdependent, interconnected, One.

And unless all parts of Life self-realize their interconnectedness which implies their EQUALITY AS LIFE, there can be no peace, no freedom, no life in fact – as there will be conflict, competition, abuse, struggle for survival;
and the Intel Inside will be used to manipulate and control – the tool of evil, evil being the ill will of man that decides to follow the fear, follow the separation, accept the abuse in the name of ‘love’ for ‘my OWN’ –
instead of the Intel Inside being used as a tool to get to Know Thyself and understand the accepted ‘human nature’, so that we may get to a point where we can in fact purify ourselves, purify our nature, and stop the brainwashing and mind-control that drives us through fear.

At Desteni we utilize the tools we have available to in fact understand ourselves and our creation in detail, to in fact improve ourselves and our existence – thus utilizing intelligence for actual evolution, in awareness as life, in awareness of our responsibility for life.

If the human claims to be the ‘higher species’ due to “intelligence” – haven’t you wondered why it is that we are not standing as Custodians on Earth, making sure that our creation, our environment, our biotope, our natural habitat and all its inhabitants are cared for, supported, honoured?

At Desteni we see and realize that unless LIFE stands as one group, on this one planet we share, and work together to bring forth an existence where all life is equally supported, we cannot stop our fate as humanity, which is evidently self-destruction.

It is time to Stop this profit-driven, life-exploiting system and put an end to the atrocious abuse that's being allowed.

It is time to Know Thyself and get to understand How the Intel Inside functions and what the mechanics thereof reveal to us about the accepted 'human nature' and our existence as a whole.

by Sylvie Jacobs

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