Samstag, 10. November 2012

Day 202: Be_Longing | REACTION Dimension of the Mind Construct #3

by Kelly Posey

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I am here moving through the REACTIONS dimension, and I had pin-pointed the following reactions:
Depression – self-victimization
Feeling restricted /done wrong unto
Anger – Rage
Spite – Grudge

What becomes very easy to see after having walked the first two points of the Reactions dimension – which in a way include the point of ‘feeling restricted’ / ‘being done wrong unto’ because as long as one victimize oneself and blame others or make others responsible while oneself goes into a ‘depression’ to avoid responsibility: one will definitely ‘feel restricted’, as one is in fact restricting oneself –
is how any and all reactions TOWARDS "others" or TOWARDS a point within self or one's reality indicate self-separation and thus indicate how self has made self subject TO such points which one then makes responsibile for who and how one is.

Anger then, or rage, would be the outburst of blame and the frustration upon the fact that no solution is coming forth – when self has not in fact yet taken any actual steps in self-responsibility. Thus the anger and rage is directed outwards and project onto "others" but is in essence emerging within and towards self, because self is separating self from the responsibility FOR that point, and is thus missing the directive-principle to move, to change, to bring forth a solution into beingness.

If one then still holds on to the blame and abdication of responsibility that is being projected onto “others” somewhere ‘out there’, then there will also be a reaction of spitefulness or one will tend to hold a grudge, which indicates that one is still making others responsible and expecting “them” to change, to bring forth a solution, to relieve the situation –
when in fact the only real relief can only come from self living the change within and as self: in self-responsibility and self-directive principled living.

I will continue in my next Blog post with self-forgiveness and corrective statements on the above, and will also look further into the interplays and interrelations of the different reactions that constitute this particular pattern.

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