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Day 208: The Engineering of Delusion | REACTION Dimension #9

I am continuing with the Reaction dimension of a pattern that I started looking into from

This is specifically continuing from

Quoting from a previous blog post:

So what MOVES the self within this world? What is it that keeps you in motion? Is it not the pursuit of your ‘individual fulfilment’ towards a FEEL-GOOD experience?

And what is it that keeps you from moving? Is it not the FEAR and all the definitions you consciously or unconsciously accept about yourself and the world, loaded with EMOTIONAL charges?

Or maybe for you it’s the other way around – it doesn’t matter really, it’s always an up and down, always a friction, and that friction generates movement with mathematical certainty, so it’s not self moving self in full awareness, and self can’t do the math either. This is a serious problem, and somehow it is ‘cleverly’ being bypassed in this world and society, even in science.

Therefore –

I commit myself to investigating any and all points of ‘motivation’ which as I have accepted as ‘worthy’ to ‘drive’ me, as I realize that only a conditioned system-robot requires motivation from outside self and that within the capitalism/consumerism system we are indoctrinated to chase after ‘feel-good’ experiences to generate profit for the system, a system that prefers to keep us distracted and consumed because if we were to self-realize – the system as is would stand no chance.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to make myself and my self-movement subject to the polarity of ‘feel-good’ and ‘feel-no-good’ which indicates that I can be manipulated and moved and controlled from points outside of myself to which I assign ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ value based on value-judgments, within this in fact implying that such points have power over me – the power to change me, to move me, to make my decisions for me.

I commit myself to investigating and stopping any and all points of energetic ‘motivation’, as I realize that even a ‘positive’ motivation which apparently would bring to that which I desire :is merely existent through its opposite-polarity as the ‘negative’ side of the coin that I fear.

Within this I commit myself to investigating and re-directing back to self-equality and oneness to take responsibility for: all points of fear and desire that exist within myself, so that I may set myself free from the trap of energetic belief-systems and live life in self-honesty and practical common sense, in full responsibility for myself, as who and how I am and the decisions I make in life.

I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself with the tools of writing, self-forgiveness, self-honesty and the walking/working through mind constructs and the detailed deconstruction of timelines and definitions as they exist within my mind, reveal to myself the equations, conclusions, value-judgments, polarity constructs and mind components that constitute the ‘prison of me’ as consciousness, so that I may set myself free from the lie of consciousness wherein we exist trapped inbetween trying to be ‘more than’ yet in fact accepting ‘less than’ who we really are as LIFE.

I commit myself to investigating what MOVES me, and to take all points ‘back to self’ which means to take responsibility for and stop the separation I have created / accepted / allowed within myself by projecting myself ‘out there’ from within and as the mind. So that I stop myself from following conditioned instructions, equations and definitions which is in fact the mind-control of the system working from the inside out; to within this stop myself from existing within a reactive mode as consciousness walking through life on auto-pilot, and instead take directive-principle to start Moving Me, equal and one, based on self-clarity, self-honesty, and common sense –
to within this LIVE self-responsibility and be the determining factor of who and how I am.

I see, realize and understand that friction generates ‘movement’, and THAT ‘movement’ is always about easing the friction and finding a ‘balance’ – and that’s quite insane because it’s like war and peace in the world, where peace is nothing real and substantial but always only a momentary ease of friction, a short moment of balance, before again the friction begins.

I see, realize and understand that within the evolution of consciousness, we have merely been creating friction, fusion, and within that: our own delusion – wherein we’ve believed that we’ve been ‘fighting for the good’ yet at the same time we’ve been in fact ignoring, suppressing, denying the ‘bad’ within ourselves and our world – yet not seeing that we are fusing both ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ into a oneness where we show and see the ‘positive’ or the ‘profit’ while we hide and suppress and don’t wanna see the ‘negative’, the ‘loss’, the debt we are creating at the cost of life.

And the constant struggle within self is something that cannot be ignored forever; The friction and fusion of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ without ever coming to an actual substantial stability: that is the trap we are in as consciousness, trapped in the mental, trapped in the physical, in total separation from everything that is here, ignoring the actual reality of this world and indulging in the mental delusions of self-created ‘enlightenment’ simply to ‘feel-good’ for a moment and to not have to take responsibility for What Is Here in fact.

Within this it’s clear: we have obviously missed a substantial point in this whole struggle between ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, the struggle within our ‘pursuit of happiness’, where we in fact only seek and yearn for the ‘positive’ to not have to face the ‘negative’, within this existing in constant inner struggle, fighting against ourselves really, as we try to sell a ‘good face’ to the world and to do that, we must believe the lie as well – instead of facing the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ and take responsibility for the ENTIRETY of our creation, that is ourselves, and this world.

What is interesting is that, both the ‘negative’ and the ‘positive’ within the MIND are illusions, mere concepts, ideas, mental constructs, beliefs – and no amount of ‘good vibes’ and ‘positive vibrations’ has brought any relief to the actual world situation for eons of time; yet interestingly enough we are in fact only creating an actual negative experience of life on earth for all.
So again – we have missed something very substantial on this entire evolution trip we’re on as humanity, and it is vital to see, realize and understand what that point is.

Investigate Desteni and Equal Money – and get to understand the principle of EQUALITY & ONENESS.

(to be continued)

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