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Day 214: Be_Longing | PHYSICAL Dimension of the Mind Construct #5

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This is in conclusion to my previous blog posts on the physical dimension / physical consequences of the mind construct that I’ve been looking into from Day 186: Name the Game - Laying out the Mind CONstruct
Day 187: Be_Longing | The Absurdity of Longing to Belong
Day 188: Be_Longing | The Trap of Infinity
Day 199: Be_Longing | Life or System?
which you can read for further context and background understanding.

In this post I am specifically continuing from


Look at how through and as the physical it is clear that we all belong here on Earth together, that we are all interconnected as life. We belong to life, as life. This is our Oneness. This is our Home.

In the mental however, we have separated ourselves from this oneness, where we could live in harmony as equals of life, and have created ideas and concepts of ‘belonging’ defined through the mind in separation from our actual oneness as life.

We attach “value” to such ideas and concepts and start comparing and competing, seeing friends and enemies, ‘us’ and ‘them’, and for what? We end up in an existence that is trapped in a value-system that’s based on fake “values”, disregarding the value of life; within that creating separation, inequality, abuse.

So we’ve given the MENTAL the authority to determine and define the physical.

We make war in the name of religion, in the name of profit, in the name of justice, in the name of love
but all are mental concepts merely utilized to try and ‘justify’ the crimes against life we commit in lack of common sense, while possessed in a state of self-interest, in the pursuit of profit, refusing to see that, while in the mental anyone can create any logic to seemingly ‘justify’ anything, in the actuality of reality there is no justification, there is no justice through war, there is no forgiveness, there is no winners –

LIFE as a whole is at stake, and we have already caused tremendous harm, we’ve almost lost everything, look around, there is not much left of nature, of animals, of bugs and insects, of the equilibrium of this living planet that sustains us.

Life on earth would be a different existence if we would all realize our INTERCONNECTEDNESS as Earthlings, and LIVE by it, practically, in all possible ways.

Investigate the Equal Money solution – it is based on the value of LIFE and practically honors our interconnectedness, in the realization that to harm or exploit even one part of life causes harm and deterioration to LIFE as a whole.

We have to stop placing profit before life – and this is something that must start on an individual level, to stop self-interest and inequality within ourselves, through actual education, self-honesty, self-forgiveness, practical common sense. Investigate the Desteni I Process LITE – a free course providing the basic tools for self-support in self-responsibility.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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