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Day 205: The Engineering of Motion through Notion | Reaction Dimension of the Mind Construct #6

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I am continuing specifically from Day 204: The Engineering of Consent through Conditioning | Reaction Dimension of the Mind Construct #5
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In reference to the following context, from my previous post:

What one will also be able to notice, through self-honesty, is that as long as one is caught within the trap of polarity, which is a trap of consciousness, one will find that one is in constant inner conflict. And so the system profit by having individuals exist split within themselves, with no directive-principle other than the consciousness implanted through the influence of the world system, to which each life born into this world is submitted to.

No self-movement exists unless it is profit-driven, and as such it is no longer self moving, it is no longer life moving – it is self being moved by profit. No actual self motivation exists, because that is very early suppressed through the ‘education’ of life into the rules of the system – the rules of polarity, which is the rules of ‘winning’ and ‘losing, ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, ‘friend’ and ‘enemy’, which result into a world of Haves and Have-Nots and a human race in constant competition at all levels of consciousness.

I commit myself to investigating within myself what it is that moves me, what is my motivation, what ideas, definitions or even feelings/emotions motivate my decisions –
because I realize that as long as who I am and how I am is motivated and thus moved by: ideas, definitions, emotions and feelings: I am in the hand of a conditioned consciousness that is built upon self-interest and given the knowledge of separation, of polarity, ands the rules of the game of ‘winning’ and ‘losing’, and thus in constant competition, comparison, chasing fake power and fake happiness.

I commit myself to investigating how I make my decisions in life, as I realize that decisions in life must be something that is the result, the conclusion, of the understanding of the equation it presents within the context of cause and effect; decisions must be something met with integrity, not with inner conflict – because a decision is about who I am.

I commit myself to investigating what determines who I am – what I have accepted and allowed to determine who I am.

Within this, what I’ve realized through self-forgiveness in self-honesty is that everything of consciousness is built upon definitions.

Definitions determine things.

Thoughts are definitions, words are definitions, feelings are definitions and emotions are definitions, moods are definitions and attitudes are definitions, behaviour is definition and personalities is definition.

The question would then be: what are we defining?

Are we trying to define ourselves?

We are for some peculiar reason defining worth. More than that, we are defining self-interest, we are defining the ‘religion of self’ and as that, the prison we find ourselves within. We are trying to define life.
Through a peculiar filter: perception.

But what creates perception?


In reference to the following context, from my previous post:

One could say that any reaction is always a projection, and in fact, if one take the point one projects outwards ‘back to self’ one is in self-honesty able to see how that point relates to self and how it actually originates from self. One will also find that, by projecting blame and responsibility outwards, one is abdicating one’s own power – the power to change, to move, to direct – and one is in a way keeping oneself Waiting for the ‘external factors’ one holds responsible to change, to transform, to bring forth solutions, rather than taking self-responsibility for change, for transformation, for the living of solutions.
And that is the trap of our reactive existence, which is based in consciousness, which is based on mental separation and polarity and is an endless race to no-where, which unless we stop will most certainly lead to self-destruction, individually and collectively.

Therefore I commit myself to stop within myself any and all points where I project blame or responsibility outside of myself, as I realize that I am within that abdicating my own power – the power to change, to move, to direct.

When and as I see myself ‘waiting’, for ‘external factors’ to change – I stop myself from holding “others” responsible, from waiting of “others” to change, to transform, to bring forth solutions; and I instead direct ME to taking the responsibility for change, for transformation, for the practical living of solutions.

I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself to learn to MOVE MYSELF, to Will Myself – to not allow my will to be determined by the system, as the system, that I have become within the recycling patterns of consciousness based in fake values, separation and polarity.

I assist and support myself in practicing MOVING MYSELF through self-will in self-responsibility, in consideration of the totality of a moment/situation/point, instead of reacting like a robot to external stimuli and making external factors responsible for who and how I am.

I commit myself to assist and support myself with a breath-by-breath application to be fully here in self-awareness as life, to slow myself down to the breath, and earth myself here in the physical reality, as I realize that the mind tends to rush into reacting, in its need to be ‘in control’.

I assist and support myself through breathing and slowing myself down to be Here in every moment, not waiting or hoping, not wanting to be ‘more than’ who I am yet not accepting anything less than life and what’s best for all, willing to see things for what they are without judgment. Within such starting-point of oneness and equality I give myself the opportunity to at any moment/situation stand in equality and oneness and be able to ‘do the math’, see ‘direct’, move ‘direct’, and thus make a direct and actual impact in my life, as best for all.

I assist and support myself in practicing self-determination and integral decision-making in self-movement.

At this point I can’t emphasize enough the support which the tool of writing has been – self-writing / self-righting, in self-honesty, self-forgiveness, and practical common sense – as well as the opportunity to walk this process as a group, sharing, cross-referencing, assisting and supporting.

Walking this process, I get to face myself and my creation, which is something everyone inevitably face, and all of us equally must face: our world, OUR creation.

It is vital to investigate CAUSE and EFFECT, to see, realize and understand consequence, because within this: we are then able to change consequence / change the outflow / change the design, / change the equation – into a way of life and living that is in fact of life-support.

Educate yourself in common sense to start understanding the consequences of our existence within and without, because the effect we see in the world: we are the cause of – and we cannot get out of this unless we understand cause and effect and how we have created our existence through consent, through acceptance and allowance and abdication of responsibility.

We as humanity, as beings of SOCIETY, have throughout time more and more abdicated our right to life, because we have abdicated ourselves as life, we have abdicated the value of life in the name of fake values and definitions of ‘power’.

Yes we have the power to destroy: ourselves. We have devolved to merely systems within a system, existing for the system, on the principle of profit (in the bigger picture / corporate world) in self-interest (in the smaller picture of the individual / mind existence).

Reclaiming our right to life is something that cannot be fought for or bought – it is something each one must realize within self and give to self – through self-honesty, self-forgiveness, and self-willed change, a transformation of our nature from self-interest and separation into life in the interest of life – as all, as one, as equals.

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