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Day 194: Be_Longing | BACKCHAT Dimension of the Mind Construct

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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What I notice in relation to backchat is that it always presents a separation of self from “others”, which is seen in ´positive´ backchat /internal conversations on the one hand about points/people towards which/whom one projects admiration, desire, etc., hence mostly also trying to possess them, have them, keep them; and ´negative´ backchat /internal conversations on the other hand about points/people towards which/whom one projects blame, anger, hatred, etc., hence mostly also trying to for instance take revenge or have them be responsible for whatever it is one projects the blame for.

Another aspect I looked at and realized in relation to backchat /internal conversations is that, if you take one point /person /situation from your life and look at the backchat /internal conversations about it: it´s gonna be mostly both ´positive´ and ´negative´, and within that there will be an inner conflict within oneself in relation to that point /person /situation.

And last but not least, what is common to all backchat /internal conversations is the point of self-righteousness, as any backchat /internal conversation is always about “restoring one´s value” as Ego, as ´winning´, as being ´right´ and ´rightful´ and thus climbing above it all in one´s mind to stand there as the ultimate ´winner´, making up scenarios of ´victory´ and ´success´, ´revenge´ or ´glory´, whatever fits the conditioned ´individual´ consciousness design.

Further in relation to backchat,what I realizedspecifically after writing on Day 193 and seeing the polarity design of Thought and Imagination, is that backchat /internal conversations is all about measuring and weighing things out, it´s all about VALUE and VALUE-JUDGMENTS, and within that it´s all about how one will try and make self ´feel good´ or get self to a sort of ´zero point´ perceived-balance, based on and according to how one sets one´s perception of things/points/people/situations within one´s mind.

This implies that one´s value, which would be the point of self-worth, is always subject to how one will perceive and define “others”; which further implies that one exists in constant comparison and an application of ´balancing-out´ mental concepts of value in terms of ´superiority´ / ´inferiority´, ´winning´/ ´losing´ and the like.

This further implies that one becomes subject to and in essence victim to one´s own value-judgments, as it is obvious common sense that the ´fuzzy logic´ that is applied to judge “others” in terms of ´positive´ and ´negative´ will also be applied for self. Hence the extent of self-judgment from which most human beings suffer, whether consciously or unconsciously.

So – what does this all mean?

It is ridiculous, outrageous – but what can be seen within all this, is how we have accepted and allowed our mind consciousness to become this huge machine, like a constant calculator, continuously weighing out the ´pluses´ and the ´minuses´ and based on that generating ´feelings´ and ´emotions´, the respective energetic reactions generated according to the perceived VALUE one is receiving through this automated computer.

Within this all further becomes obvious, that we have totally disregarded and forgotten about our VALUE as LIFE, which is the only actual value, and the one value we all have in common, here on this one planet, in this one reality we all share.

All “value” within and of this world is existent only through DEFINITION;
And all definition within our global consciousness system is always based on POLARITY;
A MENTAL polarity…
It does not take a genius to do the 1 + 1 equation and see: there´s a problem here.

I will continue on this in my next blog post.

ART by Kelly Posey

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