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Day 218: Intelligentsia

by Desteni Artists

I am continuing in the context of my previous Blog posts:

Wake Up, You have been Brainwashed!

in·tel·li·gent·si·a   /inˌteliˈjentsēə/


- The most intelligent, intellectual, or highly educated members of a society or community, especially those who are interested in the arts, literature, philosophy, and politics, and/or have political influence.
- The intellectual elite of a society.

Already within the above definitions one can see the separatism that emerged through the formation of an intelligentsia, wherein a form of ‘superiority’-‘inferiority’ is defined by the mere fact of placing ‘more’ value in things like culture and literacy, which, as such, is not ‘bad’, however to use that in a way that emphasizes the separation, the ‘superiority’-‘inferiority’ relationship is not really of support. The same is happening today, have a look at how much pressure young people are under in terms of studying, getting a degree, getting the next degree, getting a PhD, getting this, getting that, and the higher the better, or so it is promulgated, but the question is: who profits from all this? The young people are hardly able to get satisfying jobs, are often overqualified, and on the other hand those that do not have the means to study to the ‘top’ of the degree-hierarchy are considered under-qualified, but the whole situation does beg the question whether the jobs simply go to those with Friends in High Places, and another question would be: is Anyone really qualified to practically enter the working field which, in most cases, is like a battle field.

A general, yet practical question that arises in this context is:
If some people find that they are somehow more intelligent than others, for whatever reasons, then wouldn’t it be best for all if those ‘more intelligent’ ones would assist in uplifting the rest of the world to that level as well, so that all together may form an effective society and a living culture that is able to cooperate and bring forth real progress for mankind, for humanity as a whole?

Investigate the Equal Money solution, a practical model that entails equal rights, equal power, equal access, equal participation and responsibility for ALL.

How can we re-define "intelligence" to be a living word that supports life?

"...Intelligence we should rename to ‘IntelliSense’ - where it implies: what we Intellectually place into action, should make Sense as it Produce, Commonsensically, that which is Best for All Life Forms - thus making Intelligence an actual step of Evolutionary Advancement.
But currently - Intelligence only justify the greatest possible negativity, both in economics and religion. But on the flip side - it can get all the Intelligent life forms that evolved around this negative sin / debt approach to Create a New Positive Pole based in Pure Illusion just to keep the Intelligent slaves in a state of perpetual ‘happiness’."
- Bernard Poolman in Intelligence and God

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