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Day 204: The Engineering of Consent through Conditioning | REACTION Dimension of the Mind Construct #5

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Concluding here from my previous writings on the REACTIONS dimension, what is interesting to see is how the same action-reaction power-games that we see and witness in our world take place within self;
Self within such a system of polarity (the conditioned consciousness system within just as the world system without) being merely a ‘robotic reactor’ that has barely an authentic expression or directive principle.

Watch the Power Principle, a documentary by, to understand the engineering of consent, and then look within yourself to see what and how you give your consent to. And this is done through an interplay of reactions based on predetermined parameters, indoctrinated by an elite profit-drive system that has no regard for the human life, not to mention life as such.

What one will also be able to notice, through self-honesty, is that as long as one is caught within the trap of polarity, which is a trap of consciousness, one will find that one is in constant inner conflict. And so the system profit by having individuals exist split within themselves, with no directive-principle other than the consciousness implanted through the influence of the world system, to which each life born into this world is submitted to.

No self-movement exists unless it is profit-driven, and as such it is no longer self moving, it is no longer life moving – it is self being moved by profit. No actual self motivation exists, because that is very early suppressed through the ‘education’ of life into the rules of the system – the rules of polarity, which is the rules of ‘winning’ and ‘losing, ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, ‘friend’ and ‘enemy’, which result into a world of Haves and Have-Nots and a human race in constant competition at all levels of consciousness.

So, specifically when looking at self’s reactions towards others and/or the world in general, one main characteristic one will find, if one look in self-honesty, is that of blame and the abdication of responsibility.

By holding others / ‘external factors’ responsible, one in fact gives away one’s power to those very ‘external factors’. The very fact of reacting towards something or someone, implies that that something or someone has the power to make you react, to move you, to influence you. And you gave them that power, through and within your mind to begin with, and consequently through the words you’ll use and the (re-)actions you’ll take based on that.

At some level we must all know this, but we refuse to see and acknowledge this fact, and perhaps that is why the “revenge of the ego” is where one will start going into all kinds of ‘justifications’, ‘excuses’, and ‘reasons’, as to why “others” are to blame and to be held responsible for who and how one is, lives, exists.

So one could say that a reaction (and here a reaction be defined as an action that is not self-directed in consideration of cause and effect, ergo consideration of consequence; but a reaction acted-out more or less automatically as response to stimuli) – one could say that a reaction and such reactive existence is always a point of separation, as it only takes into consideration the one view that the pattern of stimuli-response has been conditioned through.

Imagine every citizen on earth having their own opinion about how life on earth should be and then each one being self-righteous about it, trying to ‘win’ and dominate all other opinions and ‘win’.

The question here would be: What is an opinion? An opinion in that context would be the rationalized irrationality of ‘fuzzy logic’, and here an example would be how the american military would apply anti-soviet propaganda in the years of the cold war simply to instigate fear by defining an threat, an enemy, to engineer consent within society to support the industry of war, with the purpose of dominion and domination of anything in the world that promises profit for ‘our own’.

The cold war is something that exists within each one. It is where we divide the world in ‘friends’ and ‘enemies’ and are satisfied with only protecting ‘our own’, mostly not even looking at what cost.

Back to the REACTION dimension of and within mind constructs – mind constructs being mental opinionated patterns based on conditioning that then form our actual behaviours and determine our participation in our world – the point to emphasize would be that of Projection.

One could say that any reaction is always a projection, and in fact, if one take the point one projects outwards ‘back to self’ one is in self-honesty able to see how that point relates to self and how it actually originates from self. One will also find that, by projecting blame and responsibility outwards, one is abdicating one’s own power – the power to change, to move, to direct – and one is in a way keeping oneself Waiting for the ‘external factors’ one holds responsible to change, to transform, to bring forth solutions, rather than taking self-responsibility for change, for transformation, for the living of solutions.

And that is the trap of our reactive existence, which is based in consciousness, which is based on mental separation and polarity and is an endless race to no-where, which unless we stop will most certainly lead to self-destruction, individually and collectively.

Study Desteni and Equal Money and educate yourself to start understanding the consequences of our existence within and without, because the effect we see in the world: we are the cause of – and we cannot get out of this unless we understand cause and effect and how we have created our existence through consent, through acceptance and allowance and abdication of responsibility.

We as humanity, as human beings, have throughout time abdicated our right to life, because we have abdicated ourselves as life, and have devolved to merely systems within a system, existing for the system, on the principle of profit (in the bigger picture / corporate world) as self-interest (in the smaller picture of the individual / mind existence).

Reclaiming our right to life is something that cannot be fought for or bought – it is something each one must realize within self and give to self – through self-honesty, self-forgiveness, and self-wiled change, a transformation of out nature from self-interest in separation, into life in the interest of life – as all, as one, as equals.

Let’s restore the VALUE of LIFE that has been suppressed through the fake values of ‘power’ – once and for all.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

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