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Day 199: Be_Longing | Life or System?

ART by Bastian Neumann

This is a short interlude to the series I am currently sharing in the context of deconstructing the mind construct around the word "belonging", to share some considerations in relation to the word "belonging" especially from the perspective of where such definition comes from and whether such definitions as defined in the current polarity system of this world can only stand in polarity.
Meaning, if in this world we would exist and participate as LIFE, in oneness and equality, then we would all naturally belong to LIFE, as life, and thus the issue of "where I belong" would not even be raised.

Same with 'human rights' or any rights in the current system: the issue is only raised due to the violation of rights.

Or take war and peace. Currently in this world, peace is just the opposite of war. Love is the opposite of hate. We have a serious problem, don't you see?

Let's get back to the issue of "Belonging":

Belonging in LIFE implies oneness, equality, interconnectedness, inclusion.

Belonging in the System implies separation, exclusion.

Hence the different groupings, religions, political systems, cultures, groups of interests in this world system, in spite of the oneness; Manifesting a world where the defined “values” of those groupings/systems are placed before the value of life. And then it’s all about My group is better than yours, no we are stronger, no you always want this and that for yourselves, but wait we’re gonna show you, no you’ll see you can’t win this, oh yes we are gonna win, we are gonna clean up the world from your kind – you hear all kinds of schizophrenic claims when it comes to “Us” and “Them”!

Already the parenting system, the education system – all systems of our world – teach us exactly that: Separation.

Our self-definition is not of life, it is of the system, equal and one as the system.
So fighting the system is fighting against self. What is operative here is understanding the system and the consequences of our accepted and allowed separation.

Through all that ‘education’ of separation, we grow up seeking to ‘belong’ to something, failing however to see, realize and understand that we are in fact missing ourselves, missing Life, because through our accepted and allowed definitions of polarity we defined ‘belonging’ within the energetic experience of the system: exclusive, special, unique.
And so as we grow up we find a group, a religion, a cause, an obsession, a career, a relationship, anything to make us 'FEEL' we are exclusive, special, unique, make us 'FEEL' we are VALUED, wanted and needed and appreciated, that we have a purpose, a meaning.

But to place self in the interest of life? To walk this life in the interest of life? Takes guts; it takes everything you’ve got and everything you’ve defined yourself through and as.

Belonging to life implies a self-realization as life.

Belonging to life implies I am life.

Belonging to life, as life – this is not an energetic experience, a positive feeling, or a heroic enlightenment.

It is a humble realization that is also useless unless it is LIVED practically, not only for self, but so as to bring forth this realization for others equally, until we no longer see each-other as rivals, but embrace each-other as One, as Equals, as Life.

Just like the cells in the body work in equality and oneness, otherwise you have dis-ease, misalignments, discomfort, pain.

There is ONE organism in existence, one body – the body of life.
In the current world system manifestation, we have made out of it a body of lies in a world where each individual body born into this world cannot have the certainty to be cared for and taken care for in terms of the basic survival requirements we all share on this earth.
Why do we live in such utmost-fear?
Why do we pretend there is no other way, do we prefer to live in fear?
Or is fear but the justification for the fact that we prefer to ‘keep what we got’ because it just makes one ‘feel good’? Well you know what, the pathological rapist or murderer also ‘feel good’ after the rape or murder. Does that justify the crimes we allow against life in OUR name? Through OUR acceptance and allowance, OUR permission?

I forgive myself
That I’ve accepted and allowed

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself
To exist
As the entirety of myself

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist as “myself”

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to define myself through the world consciousness system, in spite of the fact that to exist within such system in ‘harmony’ you have to separate yourself to 'friends' and 'enemies', you have to include some and exclude others, you ahve to lie, manipulate, play hide and seek, disregard the equality of life and obey to the laws of the ‘free market’, this called ‘freedom’.

I commit myself to exposing the common sense realization that the only ‘freedom’ existent in the current system is the ‘freedom’ to abuse, to exploit life in the name of profit, to place blood (bloodlines) before water (life), to manipulate the innocence of a child into a consumer controlled by fears and desires, to sell beautiful lies for people to buy into, so that the system is kept running and feeding only those who have the most.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as a stairway to heaven, as the stairway to the illusion, that is actually the down-way to hell
as we can see manifested within and as this world system and who we are as systems individually, where, in spite of everyone following their stairway to heaven and personal happiness, we have in fact hell on earth for the vast majority of its inhabitants.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as self-abuse.

Within this I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to use the ‘positive’ to suppress and deny the ‘negative’; and when in the ‘negative’ hoping/generating the ‘positive’ to hide behind –
instead of facing the negative for-real to transform and change that which is not supportive of life into an actual-positive solution, meaning a solution that is best-for-all and practically liveable in respect of life.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to keep the door to life obstructed with layers of systems, all originating from self-interest within and as what I have accepted and allowed myself to become within and as consciousness, within and as this world system.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not see that the door to life is within me, and the obstruction of the door to life, the obstruction of life, is also taking place within me.

This makes me absolutely responsible for me. And at the same time it makes me equally responsible for all life.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to not see that the door to life is HERE, as life is here, and that I am here, and whatever is taking place within my participation is here.

So the question is:

Is my participation in all ways equal to life, all-inclusive, or equal to the system, exclusive and separatist?
Is my participation supportive or obstructive to life?
Do I stand as the WILL of LIFE?
Or the will of the system?
And what is Self Will?
Who decides?
What is being accepted and allowed to determine this?
Or is Self Here, in self determination?
What is equality and oneness really?
Why is it said that equality and oneness begins within self?
Are we – each one within self – one?
Are we – each one within self – equal?

End the wars within – to End the WAR without.

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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