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Day 222: Puppet Masters and Fabricated Identity

by Anna Brix Thomsen

Within the last 100 years of the history of mankind, we can observe the evolution of the system at a rapid pace, and here it is suggested to watch the documentaries The Century of Self, PsyWar, Human Resources, The Power Principle, to understand that the system and those that have been born into positions supported by the system, do understand the mechanics of human nature, yet:

instead of sharing the knowledge and empowering everyone to improve themselves and improve society, this knowledge is utilized to control and manipulate the masses into delusion, into an existence between fear and desire, driven by consumerism, hence the human race of constant competition, existing in separation from life, from each-other, from everything that is real, chasing a DREAM served on a golden platter by the system, to keep the human enslaved, nothing but an organic robot that serves the system in the hope for some ‘reward’.

It’s fascinating to observe how everything of the system functions through something called ‘promise’. Whether it is the money-system, religions, sex, relationships, career – everything works through ‘promises’, and by buying into the promises the system gives, one is in fact buying into the system and abdicating one’s power, remaining in hope, waiting, for something ‘more’, for something ‘better’, for something ‘greater’, without ever questioning the system, without ever making the effort to investigate what it will take to in fact CHANGE this existence into something that is always best for all life.

While the system has been evolving, in a way that the control it holds upon the human is solidifying more and more, the human itself has not actually evolved. No actual understanding exists in this world about what the human consciousness is, how it is formed and developed, how it works and functions, what drives it, how it can be manipulated, and how one can take responsibility to develop one’s mind into a tool of support, a tool to get to know oneself and one’s reality.

The human in fact has been devolving, because all attention is being directed to the things that keep the human enslaved: the fears and desires of the mind, which, generation upon generation are passed on and continued, hence an existence of endless war, seeking revenge, seeking justice, yet never considering stopping the blame and taking responsibility to find a solution that is truly Best for All – so that we may stop the vicious cycles of history repeating, stop the endless pointing of fingers in blame, stop the separation of life, and start realizing that LIFE is the only actual value, thus also examining how we can in fact LIVE by that principle.

Why do we not see ourselves as life? Why do we follow and accept fabricated identities based on the past, based on the religions, cultures, traditions of separation, based on our differences? If we would in fact live as life, realizing that all that is here is equally part of life and thus must equally be respected and supported as such, we would simply express our individual differences and learn from each-other, without having the need to define ourselves by our differences as if they were something worth fighting for, worth dying for, worth killing for. They are not. But we have placed our differences before life. We have placed self-interest before the interest of life. It is no wonder that our world is at war; because we are at war with each-other, constantly, continuously, in thought, word and deed.

Hell we are even at war with ourselves – observe in self-honesty and you will see the ups and downs in the mind, the constant swings of moods between polarities, the inability to make clear decisions, we are a mess. And we have equally made a mess of our existence.

All these fabricated identities we accept, adopt and become within and through the system, makes us equal to the system. We exist AS the system. Take the human out, and there is no more system. So who profits from the fabrication of identities? Who profits from a human that is so split within itself in multiple personalities, playing character roles in power-games, trying to win all the time against everyone else? We are like puppets on strings, and the puppet masters care not for the lives of individual beings – they care only for the system itself, because the system is ‘god’, is that which allows the puppet masters to have ‘heaven on earth’ for themselves and their OWN only, while 2/3 of the world population are left to experience hell on earth, in poverty, hunger, starvation, a life that is a struggle in every breath.

At Desteni we are stepping out of the fabricated identities and forgive the fakeness we have accepted and become. IN this journey to life, we explore and investigate what it practically means to place LIFE as the highest value, the value we all equally share, as we all breathe the same air.
We are stopping ourselves from being subject to puppet masters within and without, and we train ourselves in self-honesty, self-responsibility, self-awareness as life.
Because as long as we are subject to the system, within or without, any attempts of change are useless; as long as we follow instead of leading ourselves in self-honesty, we remain slaves. How can we lead our world to freedom if we are not free? And how can we be free as long as we are subject to the systematic patterns of the past, the patterns that evidently cause only struggle, conflict, war? How can we be free as long as we exist in fear?

To be continued.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.” – Lao Tzu

“Having enough is to have what is best for all equally from birth to death. To be rich while others are poor by implication is evidence that one do not know yourself and have not mastered yourself. Why should those that have no self mastery have any say in how life on earth is lived?” – Bernard Poolman

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