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Day 197: Be_Longing | BACKCHAT Dimension of the Mind Construct #3

ART by Kelly Posey

I am continuing from

I realize that any and all backchat is about measuring and weighing out VALUE – which is what our participation in ENERGY is based on, whether that energy is about money, love, affection, attention, validation, winning, being liked, you name it – it’s about the ‘more’, the ‘better than’, the ‘superior’, the ‘success’ from a starting-point of self-interest –

hence an existence of constant competition, failing to practically consider the interest of LIFE as a whole.

I see, realize and understand that all backchat /internal conversations are about VALUE – wherein the ego as the mind consciousness persona weighs out how to ‘win’ and how to get to the satisfactions of one’s (conditioned!) wants, needs, desires and to the avoidance of one’s (respectively conditioned!) fears – within this in fact compromising self as life and giving-up the self-directive principle self can exist within/as through self-awareness and self-honesty in every moment of breath.

Therefore I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself to self-realize life as the only real, actual value, through stopping the mind polarity within myself and aligning myself to the equality and oneness of life, within and through a participation in life that is in all possible ways ‘best for all’.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to participate in backchat, trying to find or establish or gain ‘my value’ – as I realize that such participation in the mind would make me equal to and one with this world system of a dysfunctional consciousness where the value of life has been replaced with fake values to dumb down the human for the continuation of profit for a select few on the top of hierarchy.

I see, realize and understand that we cannot want, wish, demand the end of all hierarchy in the world, when this very system of hierarchy exists within and as our own minds, ‘in secret’. Therefore I commit myself to stopping all polarities, all fake values, all comparison and competition within myself, and to assisting and supporting myself in practically self-realizing life as the only real, actual value.

When and as I see myself thinking and believing and feeling like I don’t belong or that “others” are not valuing me /not valuing me ‘enough’: I stop BEFORE going into back-chatting about it in the mind – because the moment the internal conversations begin – it’s too late, as the directive-principle is already given up to the voice in the head that’s now trying to fight for its survival, its ‘right’ to exist, its ‘right’ to ‘win’.

I see, realize and understand that such personalities (the “I don’t belong” personality for instance) were in fact formed and created THROUGH the repetition of such thoughts, backchat, internal conversations, and thus Stopping self from existing as such personality, I require to stop all levels through which I access and become it.

I commit myself to stopping backchat / internal conversations about my life and my experience of myself, wherein I would within the mind move between the polarities of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ perception –
as I realize that both value-judgments are just that: perceptions, definitions, judgments.

Therefore, instead of basing my life and my self-worth on definitions, I approach my life and myself in self-honesty and practical common sense, to assist and support myself in making informed decisions that are in the interest of life, thus also in my own best interest as who I really am of life.

I commit myself to stop within myself all judgment, ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ – as I realize the practical implication of the words “Judge not lest you be judged”, namely that all judgment reflects self and returns to self.
Thus I commit myself to investigating the judgment existent within me to see and face my acceptances and allowances, and within that take responsibility to re-align the equations of my existence: from the mental polarity consciousness we are trapped within, into and as the oneness and equality of life.

I commit myself to assist and support myself in stopping the abdication of myself to the polarity value-judgments of the mind; as well as stopping the abdication of my self-responsibility to ‘external factors’, wherein I’d either make ‘external factors’ responsible for my ‘fulfilment’ (‘positive’ polarity) or responsible for my ‘discontent’ (‘negative’ polarity) –

because I see the actual consequence that is practically implied within this: namely the abdication of self responsibility and making self subject to ‘external factors’, thus in essence giving-up the point of self-determination and self-directive principle.

Therefore whenever I see myself going into blaming or making others responsible within my mind, I stop, I take a breath, and I realign myself in self-responsibility through bringing all points back to self and taking self-directive to stand in self-determination, as best for life, for all, for me.

I see, realize and understand that all backchat /internal conversations are about VALUE –
wherein the ego as the mind consciousness persona weighs out equations of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’ – thus creating, manifesting, and accepting INEQUALITY – perpetuating consequently the HUMAN RACE which is a competition for ENERGY –
Energy being the “value” we assign to things mentally, in terms of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, within this disregarding and ignoring the ACTUAL VALUE of/as LIFE, as ourselves, each-other, this world, our existence.

Therefore I assist and support myself to, through self-honesty, effective breathing and remaining here within and as the physical reality, stop my participation in ENERGY, which serves me in no way other than dictating to me the ‘ups and downs’ of my existence due to comparison, competition, and value-judgments;
and I commit myself to walking the practical process of stopping the conditioned polarities of the mind consciousness and set myself free from the RACE of survival, to finally LIVE and discover what life really is/can be.

I assist and support myself to question WHAT it is that’s back-chatting /having internal conversations within MY mind WITHOUT my directive instruction – because I see that throughout my life I have merely followed the ‘voices in my head’, because apparently they ‘explain’ to me my ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’.

I see, realize and understand that such ‘fuzzy logic’ exists to serve self-interest, while I in fact did not know or understand where the feelings and emotions came from, how they were formed, and where the thoughts in my mind come up from when I did not put them there myself.

I see, realize and understand that backchat /internal conversation exist to create the (fuzzy!) logic that is set to ‘validate’ the ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’ that come-up through the friction in one’s world related to the wants, needs and desires of the ego mind consciousness one exists as –
when in fact such ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’ are products of conditioning and the result of accepted self-definitions created through value-judgment and comparison in a world where the value of life is disregarded and exploited in the name of profit / self-interest.

When I look at the backchat in my mind directly, in self-honesty and common sense, I see that all ‘explanation’ comes-up in a way that abdicates by responsibility and creates JUSTIFICATIONS and ‘excuses’ as to why for instance the inner conflict is valid or why for instance blaming another/’external factors’ is valid –
when clearly it is not, because how can blame and abdication of self-responsibility be valid when we can see all around us throughout the history of mankind that blame has gotten us no-where and FEAR is used as an excuse to not have to take responsibility for What is Here;

after all – What is Here: WE have created / accepted / allowed / given permission for to exist.

Therefore I commit myself to understand my conditioned feelings and emotions and acknowledge the limitation and consequences of self-definitions of polarity, so that I may stop the mind-control from the inside out and discover what it really means to FEEL life, as life.

Because obviously, in a world where a child dies every couple of seconds everywhere around us, from preventable cause, while we feel NOTHING but the mental bubbles of definitions we are trapped within: indicates that we have no awareness of life, but only an awareness of consciousness, and that not even to the fullest so that we may direct our consciousness in self-responsibility.

Therefore I continue walking my process, with the support of the tools and facilitators at the Desteni I Process, where we in fact get to know the totality of ourselves to regain our power and responsibility for all aspects of the consciousness that we have become –
as that is the only way of changing / transforming our existence through self-directive will, to manifest a world where there is no more slaves and masters, but all are able to get to self-mastery through a process of Man Know Thyself – thus an existence where all beings have equal power, equal responsibility, equal rights, equal access and participation in life.

I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself to stop trusting what comes-up in the mind automatically, habitually, repeatedly, re-cycling again and again WITHOUT any constructive, supportive result whatsoever – because clearly what comes-up in the mind are bipolar patterns of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ thoughts, memories, definitions, from which accordingly emerge the respective ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’.

I see, realize and understand that as long as we are busy in the MIND, we cannot be Here as Life, because in the mind each one is busy defending and justifying Self-Interest –
Self-Interest being the ONE Ring that Binds Us All, the ‘Ring of Power’, the polarity cycle, the snake biting its own tail, the never-ending system of self-delusion as Energy.

I commit myself to investigate and stop all inner conflict – as I realize that inner conflict is always the result of self-dishonesty, when self accepts and allows within self the bipolar condition of back-chatting /internal conversations of and as value-judgments.

Therefore, I rather look at things/self in self-honesty and common sense to in fact see direct, see what is here, see things for what they are and thus assist and support myself in understanding cause and effect and taking responsibility for all consequence/outflows of ‘who one is’ in every moment.

I see, realize and understand that all backchat /internal conversations are but an INTERPRETATION of reality according to the individual self-interest – and that to SEE reality for what it is, one has to let go of self-interest, let go of fear which is but an excuse, let go of the conditioned wants/needs/desires of the ego mind consciousness, and self-realize LIFE within and as the interconnectedness of this physical reality we all share, this physical world that is currently constantly at WAR due to the RAW nature of Self-Interest we accept and allow ourselves to exist within and as.

I commit myself to assisting and supporting myself and my world in STOPPING ALL WAR within and without, and I walk this until it’s done and Life is again ONE, within a oneness where ALL participants are EQUAL as LIFE.

That is why I support an equal money system, because it will assist and support humanity in letting go of the fake values we desperately hold onto, and restore the value of life in all aspects of practical living, so that no part of life needs to suffer or struggle like it is currently the case in the accepted world system where life is exploited for profit.

Check out the Equal Money System
a solution that can be established in this lifetime to end the disaster of a profit driven system.

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ART by Kelly Posey

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