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Day 221: The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

ART by Ann van den Broeck

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ― Lao Tzu

“This is the journey of self correction and to find the truth of what man became as the mind – thus, the journey is step by step - breath by breath - till it is done. Nothing more can be done but what is done in one breath at a time - to keep walking till self is in fact one and equal as life and the illusion of consciousness is no more. Where to begin is irrelevant as the step right here, the breath right here is the beginning of the Journey to Life.” – Bernard Poolman

It is more than 200 days now since I started walking my daily writing in the context of the journey to life.
Why writing is so important is vital to understand. What I have realized throughout the years of writing myself out, is that within and through writing, the true nature of self reveals itself, that is, if one is actually allowing oneself to write and express what is here, without censoring or changing the words to suit one’s self-image.

Within and through writing in self-honesty, one is able to look at and investigate what it is that one’s words reveal about oneself – what hidden thoughts, beliefs, equations, conclusions, fears, desires, what ideas are given power to govern and determine who one is while one follows whatever comes up in the mind;
all the while, what comes up is always a result of what had been imprinted: input equals output, and obviously, we are each the result of a programming that takes place throughout our ‘education’ within this world, an education that is based in the principles of the system: fear, survival, competition, comparison – the polarity spectrum of perception.

Therefore through writing, one can observe and become aware of the systematic patterns one has adopted and become, one can deconstruct thought patterns as well as emotional and feeling-patterns to see how they are created and how self in fact perpetuates one’s own patterned-existence through blindly following the mind and believing that all the characters and personalities one has developed are who one really is, when it is not: our mental-emotional reality is a fabricated reality – and it is fabricated through the system, with our acceptance and allowance.

I will in my next blog post look into this point of fabricated identity.

What I can suggest to anyone that wants to start writing and start walking the process of self-discovery, but are facing resistances, is to simply take a breath and begin. Begin with what is here, and work with what is here, in the moment.
There is no need to look for or search for “something”, because the process is always about self. Ultimately it’s about all as self, all as life, all as the one existence that has been separated and splattered into pieces, unable to find peace, because it’s missing pieces of itself.
Through writing, each one is able to bring the pieces of oneself back together, to look at the puzzle that is the mind and understand what one has become and how. As that is the only way to re-form, re-assemble, re-create oneself through self-will in self-responsibility as life.

At Desteni there is support, and a free course has been launched where one can step by step begin with writing yourself to freedom and taking the step towards self-responsibility.

There is so much more to this existence than meets the I...

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