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424 | Self-Movement : Stepping Out of the CONvenience and into Real Change (part 3)

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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So – based on the realizations I shared in the previous blog posts, you see I’ve been walking my process of moving myself beyond my limitations and beyond my preprogrammed, conditioned and accepted design that dictates my abilities and my options in life.

A point I am currently facing is a new job opportunity, where I would have much more income than I am used to, along with far greater responsibilities. It was interesting for me to observe how my ‘mind set’ would bring up all kinds of fears and especially resistance, simply because this does not seem to be my predesigned ‘path’ based on what I had accepted about my life, my abilities, and especially in relation to making money and having an influence in this world.

At the same time it is clear: 
Unless we do everything in our power to have an influence in this world that will impact reality towards a change that is best for all, towards a transformation of our systems so that all systems of human existence can in fact support life, and not only the profit of a select few; unless we, the people, dare to stand in positions of influence, each one according to their own talents and abilities, expanding these to a level of excellence and practical common sense, to be able to stand as an example and show what is possible, show what there is much to learn and to consider; unless we MOVE ourselves –

nothing is gonna move, nothing is gonna change for the better, and instead the world will keep on following its path of self-destruction, as we have programmed it through our consumerism existence wherein we consume this world, this earth, ourselves and each-other, all according to what we are consumed by within our minds/consciousness, with all kinds of fears, wants and desires – a pre-programmed design that has so ‘nicely’ been accentuated by all kinds of propaganda, brainwashing and mind control in a process of establishing capitalism as consumerism under the dictatorship of a corporate elite. 

That System wants you to 'feel convenient', and it wants you to remain 'convenient'. It only serves the System, not Life.

From my previous post (Part 2):

...Whenever you are facing a challenge, something you are not used to, or something unexpected: it feels like something inside you kinda pulls you back and tells you to remain within what you already know or within what you feel ‘safe’, and it even gives you all kind of reasons, excuses and justifications as to why it is ‘better’ to just ‘stick to what you know’... it will do everything to get its way – then you say I’ll do it “my way”.

...What is that, really? I mean how come we never even wonder and ask ourselves wtf it is that is talking to us within our heads, what it is that drives our decisions and makes our choices –  interestingly enough based on particular designs, to be precise: polarity designs, all of which boil down to interesting polarity: fear and desire, or gain and loss.

...What is this fear of loss really?

There is a simple answer to this question and it is: CONVENIENCE.

And it’s interesting because one can call it ‘my way’, or ‘habit’, or the ‘safety’ of one’s comfort-zone, or laziness, one can call it all kinds of stuff, but all of that is in essence one simple point: convenience.

So – 
the best way to start in this process of Moving ourselves into Real Change, so that we can also Move our World into Real Change, is to investigate where and how we exist in ‘convenience’, as well as where and how one has a resistance or a fear towards moving out of one’s comfort-zone.

This introspective self-reflection requires some self-honesty, yet at the same time it will greatly assist one in expanding one’s self-honesty.

Now –

The moments one experience that resistance, the moments one is about to move and eg. a fear comes-up:

THAT is where self-drive can be found – and THAT is what then self-movement would be: the moment you see within yourself that you’re busy pulling yourself back and making yourself ‘comfortable’ within your preprogrammed convenience, you take a breath and you move yourself through the resistance, through the ‘fear’ or ‘anxiety’, through whatever it is you are experiencing – because all that is is your own preprogrammed design that tells you “noooo don’t move, stay here, it’s convenient” – yep, that’s the CON; and so you Move yourself in that moment, not accepting or allowing yourself to submit to the limitation, and you do what it is you require to do / study / apply / take care of.

Obviously here there will be many mental and emotional reactions that one is able to walk the self-forgiveness for and script self-corrective statements for oneself to live and apply in those moments.

One will have to investigate one’s justifications and excuses, because those justifications and excuses is how one sabotages oneself within and as the mind, through/as consciousness, into remaining within one’s ‘convenience’.

And within such process, one will also reveal to oneself what it is that one has placed value into, what it is that one doesn’t want to give-up. But as you re-evaluate and assess and examine these things in self-honesty, you’ll inevitably realize that all you’re hanging-onto is basically constituting your own limitation. Giving it up is basically to give up nothing for everything. Because within that, you are giving yourself the freedom to explore everything and expand yourself.

So you’ll find that this point is inevitable: re-evaluating and assessing and examining whether that which you have placed value in (eg. convenience, certain beliefs, certain emotions/feelings, the perceived ‘safety’ of one’s consciousness design, one’s comfort-zone) is indeed worth valuing, or whether your expression and expansion as life is more valuable, even if it means you have to make the effort and drive yourself, move yourself, push yourself to step beyond your accepted limitations.

The limitations WE are facing are all in our minds/consciousness. (And I say WE because all those that starve and suffer in this world are facing real, actual limitations due to our existence of self-interest whereby we fail to provide all life with the requirements for a life in dignity, even though it is factually and logistically possible. What we miss is simply the will to do it, because there is in fact a way. On this one please check out the links at the bottom!) 

It seems indeed that the only real enemy, the only real obstacle that keeps us from expanding, expressing, and become an effective human being that has an effect in this world that is Best for Life, is inside – it is that ‘inner me’, that conditioned Consciousness that is trained on self-interest and that fails to see cause and effect and realize its responsibility for What Is Here as our world, our existence, this one physical reality we all share.

It even sounds similar: ‘inner-me’ / ‘enemy’.

I mean, ask yourself why this world isn’t changing. It is because the human being isn’t changing – human nature isn’t changing.

Not only it isn’t changing, but it’s compounding, it’s becoming worse. Have a look at the ‘small’ local news, people are going crazy. Especially now with the implosion of the system and everything falling apart, yet still remaining seemingly as it’s always been, the fears are becoming more extensive, the desires are becoming more extensive, in other words self-interest is becoming more extensive and it’s like, everyone is just trying to hold-on to what they believe they have/own/possess, and in most cases you’ll see, those things are linked to convenience in one way or another.

So, let’s move out of the comfort-zone of how things have always been, of how this system/self has always been, and let’s express and expand in the name of life. There are support platforms for this, forums and courses with buddy support, even a free lite course with all the basic support tools to get ourselves to self-honesty and practical common sense.

ART by Ann van den Broeck

Here the links I referred to in terms of providing all life with the requirements for a life in dignity. It is factually and logistically possible, and there is in fact a way. Investigate: 

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ART by Marlen Vargas

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