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423 | Self-Movement : Stepping Out of the CONvenience and into Real Change (part 2)

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From my previous post:
...Funny how – instead of using the mind as a tool to manage ourselves and our physical reality best, it seems that the mind is using us; just like the system uses human resources to keep the system running, it’s like the mind/consciousness uses the Self to keep itself as a system and its programs  running.
...The separation is evident, and yet it’s not that we can now just blame the mind or blame the system and just see ourselves as victims, that would be plain stupid. I mean, the system, the consciousness – does not exist without our acceptance and permission. The patterns we exist within, that habits that inhabit us, do not exist without our doing, without our acceptance and allowance.
Self-interest has in fact become our nature. Human nature is the nature of a system of abuse. It is obvious common sense, one only has to take a self-honest look at the world and investigate the ‘terms and conditions’ under which everything functions.
...The problem lies within just accepting this in blatant fatalism, without investigating how we got here, how human nature is formed, what creation really is, and thus how we can change things – ourselves and our world – to be best for life, for-real.

So - 
this Consciousness we become, it’s like it’s got a ‘life’ on its own, it definitely has its own agenda: it’s the instructions of the program so to speak.
And we have in the previous blog post within the example of the student seen that there is an inner conflict, or let’s say a conflict of interests within self. That in itself should be rather concerning, isn’t it? I mean what does that imply? And how is that possible?

The thing with this consciousness existence is that it becomes rather addictive. It’s all about consuming it seems, I mean in the bigger picture this is easy to see; in the smaller picture, the individual, one requires self-honesty to see and realize that the range of patterns one exists within is quite limited, and that one is in fact consuming all the time, because one is acting from the starting point of “What can I get?” – and whether it’s entertainment, or money, or sex, or fame, or a ‘good feeling’, or ‘recognition’, or status and power, it’s all about getting more, and more, and more (which reminds me of my previous blog posts about the serial killer and how he explained in his final interview that his ‘disorder’ was created through a process of accumulation, whereby he the desire for ‘more’ became stronger and stronger the more he fed it).

But back to the original question: What is Self-Movement really?

If everything we do, choose, decide is driven by the conditioned consciousness programs based on mental and emotional reactions, triggered by stimuli to which we have learned to respond – then where is the Self?
Where is the authority that makes clear and definitive decisions and choices by which one can stand and for which one can account in the certainty that those choices and decisions were best?
That Self is suppressed. The ‘reptilian mind’ of self-interest overrides common sense, fear overrides courage, habit overrides exploration (unless it comes to exploring one’s conditioned desires...) and one tends to keep oneself within the bounds of what one is used to, what one feels ‘safe’ within, what one knows, what one has accepted about oneself and the world.

So if for instance a student has accepted that they are a ‘bad student’, they will make all their choices and decisions out of that acceptance as starting-point, they will limit their choices and options based on that acceptance, and they will find it difficult to ‘think bigger’, let alone to think outside the box that is their own mind.

So within this, what can be seen is an interesting thing: the only thing that stands in our way of expressing, exploring and expanding ourselves as life, to our full potential, is our own minds.

Obviously within the current system there are people that do not even have the minimum requirements for a life in dignity and cannot even conceive of the idea of expression, expansion, exploration; and neither would you if you were existing at the brink of starvation, in hunger and poverty.
So this is a main issue to address in our world and find sustainable solutions for, but even for that (to understand the problems and find and implement solutions) it seems we have to move beyond our accepted limitations and certainly beyond our self-interest!

This world is proof enough for the limitation and cowardice of what has become ‘human nature’, all linked to how we exist in self-interest in separation from life – otherwise this world would have been a better place, a place where all life is respected and supported, where one would give as one would like to receive. be continued

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