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419 | Bullying, Pornography & Serial Killers - or: Paranoia is an Accumulation Process of 1+1 - Part 2

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I am continuing from part 1 on this subject to elaborate more on the second part of the title: Paranoia is an accumulation process of 1+1.

I realize that this may be clear for me, as I have been working with mind constructs for some years now and have gained an understanding of how the mind works and how we create ourselves as consciousness in this world – this I have done with the tools provided through the Desteni research material as well as the online courses offered (for links see bottom of this post).

So if you have watched the interview with serial killer Ted Bundy that I have placed within part 1, you will have noticed he didn´t just become a serial killer because he was a bad person or wanted to do harm, but because there were certain triggers that he responded to within his mind and from then on he started feeding and fueling these triggers by giving them attention mentally and emotionally, until the point became an obsession and he finally became possessed by it to such an extent that he was completely driven by the consciousness processes he had formed and eventually become.

Asked to explain how this happened, how/why did he at some point feel compelled to act-out on that which was going on in his mind, fed by the attention he was giving it, he said that all those images (pornography) and feelings/emotions he had were compounding with time, the more he involved himself within it all, the stronger the thoughts, the images and the emotions/feelings became, and he always needed more, and more, and more, until at some point something `snapped´ within him and he had to act-out, as he wasn´t getting the `satisfaction´ he was looking for anymore by looking at images and imagining stuff.

In previous blogs I have written on the point of Paranoia - you can find the links to all my posts on Paranoia thus far here. (You'll find the links at the top; Scroll down to the links at the bottom for further insightful articles) -  

and I have used the example or parallel of a filling a cup with water, and placed the question “What am I filling my cup?” – to demonstrate that this is how our minds work, and all the thoughts and emotional/feeling reactions we have are like drops of water, our body and entire self being the cup, thus whatever we fill into ourselves as thoughts, emotions, feelings, judgments, fears, desires, beliefs: we become.

Now you can imagine that a cup can only take so much before it overflows; which is what ´happened´ to Ted Bundy the moment he snapped = his cup did overflow and was no longer able to contain the water he was filling it with.

And I deliberately say `happened to him´ within inverted commas, because in fact: he did it to himself, and obviously what he did to himself had devastating consequences not only for himself (he was sentenced to death) but also to the people he harmed and killed and their families.

"I was a normal person" – he says, and explains that pornography and alcohol as well played a major role in creating the serial killer that he became.

Fascinatingly enough he says that the most common interest among serial killers (he met many during his time in jail) is hard-core pornography, and also explains how his ‘state of mind’ began changing through his interest in pornographic material, with which he became obsessed, fueled even more through alcohol consumption.

“Paranoia is the process of 'losing touch with reality' as you entertain the para-normal / paraNOISE of/as the Mind, and then use that to define reality, which really misconstrues reality COMPLETELY.”

This becomes a problem sooner or later, because there is a tendency to try and impose what one will imagine in one´s mind onto physical reality. This happens especially in the context of sex and relationships, which is why so many people are having troubles with sex and relationships as clearly the things one would imagine in one´s mind are not always applicable in the actuality of this physical reality, not without compromising oneself and others, not without harm.

So, even though we are used to defining paranoia as a pathological condition only when it becomes extreme / only when there are extreme consequences, it is worth realizing that this PATHO-LOGICAL condition is / has become in fact part of what we have accepted as `human nature´ -

from the perspective that instead of Sticking to what is Real and dealing with or sorting out our physical reality, we have separated ourselves into and as our minds to such an extent, that we have lost all common sense and have abused the mind (which should simply be a tool to help us navigate and manage our physical reality in a way that is best) in a patho-logical way = whereby we form a fuzzy `logic´ to `justify´ what we are accepting and allowing to exist within our minds, where (in the mind) everything is about ME, Myself and I.

In self-honesty, everyone is able to observe: this is what we do in our minds. This is the nature of consciousness.

So one could in fact say that human consciousness has become a PATHO-LOGICAL condition in itself – and this can be seen in our reflection = the world as we know it;

Where we are so preoccupied within our minds, with what we think, `feel´ and perceive – that we fail to see things for what they are and no longer FEEL anything for-real, otherwise we would have a direct connection to all the harm, abuse and exploitation that is going on in this world, not only with regards to human-beings (starvation, hunger, poverty, disease) but also with regards to the animal kingdom, nature, our planet, which is in fact our substance. We would also have a direct connection to ourselves and would in fact FEEL the harm we are doing unto ourselves through all the thinking-obsessing processes in our minds!

Just a little bit of common sense would be sufficient for us to realize that we have completely separated ourselves from life – life as who we are, life as each-other, life as a whole.

We have separated ourselves into alternate-reality bubbles in our minds, where we only `feel´ whatever we induce through the mind – through thoughts, judgments, mental- and emotional-reactions; and it´s all about Me, Myself and I, this `I´ being the `Eye´ of consciousness that only sees itself and whatever it projects outside of itself. 

In other words, we do not see reality for what it is, we only see what we think and believe – we only ever see ourselves, and not even the entirety of ourselves, but mostly only the conscious part, the consciousness, that which we have identified with as if it were all that we are.

So, you can see, we are facing a huge challenge in this process of evolution. We can in fact at this point see and realize that, despite all technological advancement, we have not evolved. Our evolution has not been something that we have in awareness moved ourselves towards and as; it has rather been something we have merely followed, per design, just like a system that executes a program per command, without any awareness of ourselves in the context of life.

Here you can watch especially the documentary The Century of the Self, and also documentaries like The Power Principle, Human Resource, The Trap, Manufacturing Consent, The Story of Your Enslavement, Blind Spot, and you will see how `human nature´ was in fact engineered, designed, conditioned, and in self-honesty one will realize that we have become nothing but organic robots, driven by the fears and desires of many,many generations before us, bound to the rules of systems that have no regard for life as a whole, but only for profit in self-interest, in separation from life.

Ironically enough, one's self-interest is not even what is best for who really is, ever. It is only `best´ for the `I´ of consciousness.

So, this is a serious task ahead for human-beings, if we wanna`deserve´ to be called HUMANITY, if we really wanna get to what´s best for ourselves as life and life as a whole:
To get to self-honesty and get to common sense; to see/realize the harm we do unto LIFE through our consciousness of separation and our systematic existence of polarity; and Stop – Change – Transform our existence within and without into something that is truly worthy of Life and thus truly honors Life as who we all really are. 

A paramount in education should be a process of Man Know Thyself. Education should include and be based on our Self-Realization in the context of LIFE as a whole, so that every child, every living being can acknowledge our interconnectedness as life and thus live and express in a way that brings no harm and that honors Human Rights which is the Right to LIFE - for oneself and every other living being equally. 

Obviously, in a system that places Profit before Life we have a long way to go in changing our 'evil ways'. 

Investigate the Equal Money movement and the Equal Life Foundation where we have scripted a Bill of Rights as a paradigm of how to consider and practically honor the Right to LIFE, based on the principle Prevention is the Best Cure. Thank you.

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