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402 | Self-Fulfillment – Live! And Fill your cup with Life

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in the context of

Back to the point of Self-Fulfillment as Life, which is fulfillment in the context of life/living, and not in the context of CONsumerism.

An interesting point to see and realize here, is that fulfillment is not and cannot be a mental or emotional concept, as that would only lead one further away from oneself and further away from reality.

Fulfillment is always in relation to the context one exists in – in our case, this world, this system, the present moment in this space and time.

Thus far (and here please see my previous posts for context) I had scripted a re-definition of Fulfillment / Self-Fulfillment, as follows:

Actual self-fulfillment is not something ‘profound’ but simply and practically it’s about who I am within every moment, with every breath, and whether I live every moment to the fullest; whether I fulfill every moment by participating in every moment from the starting point of life – living and applying what’s truly best for me and thus best for life – or whether I fill myself up with bullshit and distractions that only make me ‘feel’ ‘full’ and thus actually make me a fool because such things only have ‘value’ in the mind but no actual practical value of life support.

Thus – stopping the fake ‘values’ of/as the mind, and walking in awareness as breath, meaning Being Here present in every moment and not attached to, not influenced by, not defined by energetic experiences (‘positive’ / ‘negative’). Then one is in fact LIVING, one is Giving; one is not looking / seeking / waiting / hoping to Get.
That would be actual self-fulfillment.
Who one is and How one lives and participates in every moment with every breath is how one fulfill oneself, fulfill one´s life, one´s time and space – thus making oneself and one´s life meaningful, Giving as one would like to receive.

And at this point I’d like to add to this definition the dimension of space and time, which is the context of where self is, because without it, no self exists. Therefore this context must be considered within scripting a new definition of/as Fulfillment.

For instance let’s have a look at the question, How can I be fulfilled / how can I fulfill myself when the context I exist in is not fulfilling and/or is not supporting/enabling self-fulfillment?
I can’t. Some here will say “yes you can, focus on the positive, it’s all about how you feel, can’t you feel the love of the universe?”
So it’s the ‘love of the universe’ that allows for 20,000 children to DIE daily from preventable causes? Or is it the ‘love’ of man that is the cause for this atrocity, a ‘love’ that is not equal to life, but only equal to delusion.

Because see, by manifesting ‘fulfillment’ in one’s inner reality only (which would be the mind/consciousness and thus merely a delusional illusion), without caring for fulfillment in one’s outer reality which would include everyone and everything else – one would in fact be separating oneself from the Whole; 

which is paradoxically enough what all the ‘love & light’ followers are busy doing – promulgating Oneness, but not seeing that the oneness they’re creating is for each one a mental Bubble that has no impact whatsoever on Life as a Whole. On the contrary, one can become so hypnotized by such mental constructs and the desire to ‘experience’ Oneness, and that one will lose touch with reality completely, one will forget about all the suffering that is happening every moment everywhere in the world, and one will miss the point entirely:

Namely that Oneness without Equality is deception. Because Oneness by definition implies equality: equal regard for all life, equal consideration, equal care, equal access, equal power, equal life.

Oneness is not and cannot be an ‘experience’ only – it must be a Living expression of who we are, visible within practical application, within how we live and co-exist in every moment, with every breath.

The same with fulfillment: Real Fulfillment is and can only be in the context of practical living, it cannot just be an ‘experience’, a ‘feeling’ – it must be a Living expression of who we are, visible within practical application, within how we live and co-exist in every moment, with every breath.

From that perspective, living the word fulfillment / self-fulfillment would common-sensically include participating in changing this world into a place where every new life, every new child that is born here has an equal opportunity to LIVE a fulfilling LIFE, without fear, without struggle, without limitation in the inner or the outer reality.

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Self-commitment statements and the practical corrective applications that emerge from my process of re-defining Fulfillment / Self-Fulfillment will follow – Stay tuned.

At this point I’d like to share with you a perspective on JOY by Bernard Poolman which I see is relevant in this context and will assist in understanding the difference between reality and illusion, indicating also the necessity to align our definition of Fulfillment to be in the context of LIFE, thus to support Life, and not illusion.

"When you say – I am joy – and you experience it as a feeling of joy. I would ask you – WTF – on which planet are you? Your own? How dare you separate yourself into a state of self created fantasy while the world is in a mess? Joy as energy and feeling is always self created and happens in total isolation on the terms that requires you to accept the world the way it is without question and action.

When you take joy into physical action as the living word, it is no longer joy as a mental masturbation feeling. It is enjoy, the physical experience that involves two or more beings, whether it is a human, an animal, a plant or a rock. You cannot enjoy yourself alone – you can create an illusion in the mind and call it joy, and even get others to agree with you that you are full of joy, but it is not real and it will allow suffering to become accepted as it did since the first so-called master came up with the idea of joy to make sure you never live in a world where everyone can enjoy what is given by what is here as the sun and earth.

Ask yourself what allows you to sit in meditation to create a state of joy as energy and you will see  that foundation of this is always money – You need money in some way to separate yourself from the real world so that you can sit in a self created illusion that takes you far away from here to a projected reality which exist only for you on your terms. It is a form of self interested dictatorship where you deliberately disregard the equality of all life so that you can be in a state that you like and that makes you feel great all alone and then there are some masters that claim that everyone must do this, sit and create joy – take away their food, and home and money and you will see how quickly their joy turns to sorrow. And those who have already had their joy turned into sorrow do not speak up because those still in joy will attack them and claim that they are losers and did not do it right – you should speak up and stop the abuse you still allow as sorrow is the partner of joy –you are still in a state of joy, just the flip side of the coin.

In life there is no joy – yet you can enjoy yourself
For instance

I enjoy the food
I enjoy the touch
I enjoy the dog
I enjoy planting and watering the garden
I enjoy the conversation
I enjoy the company

There are many things to enjoy and this enjoyment should not be without the dedication to create a world where everyone have equal access to enjoy themselves. This enjoyment happens in the present awareness as breath. The moment you think, the enjoyment is no longer as you have moved into the alternate reality where only you exist and where everything else must follow your dictatorship.
Joy only exists in consciousness and not in life. Consciousness is just energy – something produce by life –it is not life—it is a by-product that return to its source to be available again in some form to enjoy by life. Consciousness made it the exclusive realm of self deception. In consciousness joy is the ability to separate yourself so completely from life here that you can deny all the guilt and shame for what has been allowed on earth. Watch out for the ones that teach joy, they also teach prosperity and only want your money. With an equal money system, there will no longer exist the need to deceive another for money and survival as all will have access to enjoy themselves.

The world is given to all to enjoy, but some have conquered it made it the exclusive realm of money and the mind. With equal money we will create a world where all can and will enjoy themselves. Then the world will be a pace of enjoy. Not as feeling, but a place where enjoyment is a living – the living word."

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