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404 | Self-Fulfillment All-One ... In the name of Life

Within the next posts I will again be looking into Living Words – meaning, investigating what the words we live have become, as conditioned and programmed through the world system and the human consciousness of separation and self-interest, and I'll be re-defining the words so that they can be lived in the interest of life as who we really are.

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It’s fascinating that these last couple of days I have been writing out the word Fulfillment and looking into my experience of the word as well as re-defining it. Now, finding the past posts I did on Living Words, I see that one of the posts included the word fulfillment, and so I take it from there to also have a look at the word Fulfillment in the context of Self: SELF-Fulfillment, thus also looking into the word ALONE.

From my post on Day 170, on Fulfillment:

In this world, we are conditioned to SEARCH for fulfillment outside of self.
Further, what everyone can see if one looks in self-honesty, is that we tend to always want and expect something ‘more’, something ‘better’, based on ideas and concepts of ‘happiness’ that the system presents us with – which also means that our wants and desires that we are trying to fulfill are not even our own.
By definition, as we ‘search’: we place fulfillment in separation from ourselves and abdicate the authority for our fulfillment to others/external factors.
What also can be seen, is that in a world where everyone is pursuing ‘personal happiness’ based on conditioned patterns of wants, needs, fears, desires – we end up MANIPULATING our world, our reality, our relationships in the name of fulfilling self-interest, which we disregard the interest of life which would be what is based for ALL life in all ways;
hence our existence of Survival instead of Living, struggling within and as a human RACE where we exist within and through mental concepts of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’ and thus in constant comparison and competition – instead of self-realizing LIFE as oneness and equality, as the Earthlings we all are.

If one look at one’s Life as a glass and one’s Living as the water that is poured into the glass, filling the glass – then it is obvious that one’s life becomes that which one lives in every moment of breath.
Self-fulfillment would be Living in self-honesty, thus living in a way that, when the glass is full, one can be satisfied that one has lived in alignment to who one really is and that there is no taste of shame or regret in the water – and that one could without any hesitation drink the water from that glass or even offer it to any brother or sister of Life to drink, certain that it would cause no harm but rather give Life, as it is made of Life/Living.

Now – 
let’s look at the word Alone: it’s like All-One.

What is fascinating in this world, and that is also an outflow from and a consequence of parenting/education, is that there is a conditioned fear of Aloneness. 

We are to such an extent conditioned to define ourselves through others / through relationships / through the feedback our environment gives us, that we do not even consider teaching our children tools and ways of getting to know oneself, intimately, for real. 
This could not be done for the simplistic reason that the adult in this world system does not know oneself. How can we teach something we have no access to or understanding of? Even the ‘science’ of psychology today is based more on assumptions and interpretations rather than actual to-the-core understanding of how human consciousness functions, let alone how it is formed. By the time a psychological approach is considered, the formative years of a child are past, and so it is that in this world we work with consequences instead of focusing on prevention, which would be a real educational process – but, that would demand understanding and know-how, which unfortunately does not exist. The adult is in most cases overwhelmed with their own experiences and reactions in the context of having a child / children.

So let’s look at the word: Aloneness.

Why fear of or resistance towards 'Aloneness'?

Does that mean a fear of All-One-Is because if one would be aware of all of oneself one would inevitably have to take responsibility? 
Or is it that within All-One-Is is entailed the realization that All-Is-One and thus one would even realize responsibility for All life?

Here an excerpt from a group discussion with an interesting perspective on the word Aloneness:

Aloneness: ALL-ONE-MESS – Initially in the process one walk, one will be with aloneness – a self-internalization where one realise that one is only with self, that only self is dependent on self to see self through this process, self is the only ONE in ALL of self as Mind/Consciousness within self that can direct, stop, change and transform the MESS of consequence as accepted and allowed separation from self that has become the mind/consciousness. In this, as each walk for/with/as themselves, we realise individually and together we’re all in this one mess as this earth/existence, and from this mess within and without, as each walk their self-responsibility, we stand as ALL-ONE-NESS: all as ONEs standing up and standing together for self as all. In this, we still remain alone as the responsibility remains with each ONE alone for themselves as for all. This is the process of the equality equation 1 + 1 + 1… The ONE stand alone, as ONEs stand alone, yet TOGETHER.

So, it's interesting to bring the word Self-Fulfillment into this context of Aloneness - wherein each one is responsible to sort oneself out, to fulfill oneself and move self beyond the limitations of consciousness as which one is separated from oneself and each-other, from life itself. 

And while each fulfill self, we stand together and walk together to fulfill a future where life is no longer in separation, where self-interest is no longer a system of competition, greed, fears and desires, but where self-interest is aligned to the interest of life, and while each one as individual is unique, we honor our equality as life, and thus manifest a Oneness as Life that is based on the Value of Life – the only real value, and the one that we all have in common.

What is further interesting, is that both within the word Fulfillment / Self-Fulillment and in the word Alone / Aloneness there is a key entailed: the key is SELF-RESPONSIBILITY. 

To realize self-responsibility, self-honesty is required. 
To get to self-honesty, a process of 'Man Know Thyself' is required, which entails lifting the veils of brainwashing and mind-control, which are the control buttons of the System, of Consciousness, of Energy – the buttons which, when pushed, one reacts, most often than not not even realizing or understanding why one is reacting and how such reaction-patterns ware formed and developed or what a reaction implies about who one is accepting/allowing oneself to be in terms of self-definition and self-interest.

So – yes, this is a 'vast' process, as it entails everything of oneself. We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to our world, we owe it to the children to come: to sort ourselves out, to sort our world out, to sort out this mess of a system that exploits life in the name of profit, where human beings are no longer humane but rather just systematic robots with only self-interest in mind, hence a world in complete paranoia without common sense, without integrity, where what we call ‘life’ has devolved into an atrocity with no dignity whatsoever.

It’s time to Change. 

Anyone that tells you human nature cannot change cannot be trusted – they are in a position where they can manipulate, they only want to keep their ‘superiority’, they don’t want the world to change because they are for a moment winning in the world casino and they don’t want to lose their profit, regardless the cost.

Rather learn to trust yourself, and dare to discover real fulfillment, where Life is the value. Dare to care – for yourself as Life to begin with, that is the starting-point from which real Care for Life as All emerge; not as an ideology, not as ‘positive thinking’, not as a state of mind or an emotional experience, but as a Living Word, as the flesh that we are, within how we live and co-exist in every moment, with every breath. 

So if you are seeking for the Truth - it's not 'out there', it is here: in every moment, with every breath, in this world, within and without: that is our Truth. It’s not a pretty picture, but it is Our creation, and in SELF-RESPONSIBILITY as life we can change what we call life to be something truly worthy of life, something we’d happily expose any new-born life to, without fear, without concern.
That would be a world I’d like to be born into.

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