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412 | Planet Earth: There is No Plan(et) B – We are Consuming the very Foundation of Life

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Continuing from
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Day 409 | Planet Earth: Why do we See the Problems but not the Solutions
Day 408 | Planet Earth: How to make Everybody in the World Happy

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"Humans are over-consuming natural resources at an unsustainable rate. 
Around 3.5 planets Earth would be needed to sustain a global population achieving the current lifestyle 
of the average European or North American."


It’s fascinating, or in fact rather concerning, that we human beings act as if we are unable to understand consequence. All the while consequence is something that can be mathematically calculated based on simple 1+1 equations and common sense.
We are currently facing the consequences of the history of mankind, in all conceivable aspects. Are we just so dumb that we seem to not be learning from history, or what is exactly the problem here?

And is it a coincidence that the majority of people leave school hating maths and politics? Or is there a consent being manufactured that creates world citizens unable to focus on the facts of the matter? Or is it the brainwashing of a profit system that places profit before life?
Because I mean, one really just needs to put the facts together and see – we cannot go on like this forever, in fact we shouldn’t be going on like this for even just another day. But – every day is “business as usual” in a world where the “show must go on” and “the winner takes it all”. Have we become addicts in this ‘game’ called ‘life’? Where we just gamble on, “oh just another round”, and “maybe next round I’ll hit the jackpot” and “the devil may care”?

The most fascinating thing within this all is that – and this is being shown in great simplicity in the Blogs published daily in the Journey-to-Life series by people like you and me from around the world – the solutions that CAN be applied to stop the madness, put an end to starvation and suffering, and change the course of our planet which is currently deterioration (don’t get me wrong, the planet would survive us, but don’t we want a decent world for our children and the children to come...?) are Simplistic.

Everything is here, it is all a matter of (re)distribution and flow.

Why can’t we live on Earth like neighbours?
Why haven’t the Christians done everything in there power to establish the principle of Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself and Do Unto Another as You would Like to have Done Unto You?
Is it the fear?
Is it the desire for Profit?
There’s many questions each one of us should be asking.

But no, we have to overcomplicate things, we have to defend our fears and defend our limitations, we have to ‘protect’ what’s ‘our OWN’, never considering that without the earth, without clear water, fresh air and a sustainable economy – which after all should be the Law of our Home, the Earth (ECO-NOMY, from Greek home + law; which we have rather ‘evolved’ into something that is ECO-NO-ME) – without the ground we stand on and the substance that sustains us, we simply fall. Do you own the air you breathe? And yet without it, you are nothing.

And there we have it – “the fall of man” – the truth of mankind, right in front of our noses, and yet we don’t see, as we are blinded by the shiny lights of profit and driven by fears and desires we do not even entirely comprehend. The truth of mankind is here, no need to go ‘out there’ and search for it truth-seekers, it’s right here – the reason we don’t see it is because we’re in it; Stuck within and as our own doom, the accepted human nature, claiming it cannot change, when all the facts (if one would see) and even documentaries like The Century of the SelfPsyWar, Human Resources – Social Engineering in the 20th Century, The Story of Your Enslavement, Blind Spot show that human nature is programmable, and what human nature is today has been deliberately engineered.

So yes in fact we are all brainwashed to never look beyond our own fears and desires, fears and desires that were created and served by the system to make out of human beings systems of consciousness that cannot see beyond self-interest. Otherwise we’d have the tools (common sense, 1+1 practical thinking, self-honesty, consideration and regard for life) to see solutions.

But, as anyone may observe, we all tend to only see the problems, and we can spend hours and hours discussing problems, pointing fingers, getting angry about the world, blaming ‘the others’, blaming the system – when in fact each ONE of us is part of the world, “us” and “them” are the same, just standing at different angles of this one system; each ONE of us is part of the building-blocks that build this system as we know it, I mean try take the poor out of the equation and you’ll see there’s no one left to do the ‘dirty work’ and the system will fall. Take the human factor out, and there is no system. And there we have it, we are in fact all “just another brick in the wall”, a wall that divides, a wall that hides, a wall that fuels the fear, a wall that ‘justifies’, a wall that ‘protects’ only the system and keeps us human beings limited, inferior (which is: in-Fear) and weak.

So –
Fact is, time is running out
Fact is, we need to get ourselves to common sense and self-honesty, we need to stop seeing just our fears and desires and start seeing what is here, because as was said before, when we really SEE and understand the problems – how the problems were created, how they function, how they are kept in place, what are the mechanisms that keep the problems repeating – then we can directly also SEE the solutions.
Obviously, to SEE all that and get the big picture, one has to support oneself to break through the accepted brainwashing and mind control. To do that, one obviously first has to admit that one is brainwashed, that one is inferior, that one is accepting less than what one can be as life, and within that one is also accepting less than what LIFE can be for ALL of us Here on Earth.

We are currently CONsuming the very ground we stand on, we are destroying the very foundation of life - all in the name of profit, and based on a CON lifestyle, CONned by belief-systems set out to 'divide and conquer'.
What we need is an Equal Life Foundation - in the name of LIFE.

As you may have noticed, the discussion on BIG [Basic Income Grant] is becoming BIGGER, especially in Europe. Study the following Blogs to have a look at how the BIG concept can be implemented most effectively and how that will in fact benefit all, including our Planet! Yes, there can in fact exist a WIN-WIN scenario for our Planet, our existence, our Home here on Earth. In fact we have no choice. 
There is no Plan(et)B.

Basic Income can Save Capitalism


"for you that are Ready for Approaching these Issues and to look at How to Implement it in your Particular Countries, Translate These Proposals [see links above on Basic Income] into your Language, do Blogs about it and get Involved in your Political Parties, see Who is Willing to Embrace a Basic Income Grant, and If they are Not: Start a Political Party. The Way Forward is Political."

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Educate yourself on the problem of Human Consciousness - you will notice we extensively lack Understanding:

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ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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